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The first Cuban film
2018.10.22 - 16:55:35

You surely remember the famous cinematograph of the Lumiére brothers; the one that started what is now the cinema. Well, I want you to know that the same cinematograph came to Havana. ... more >>
The Palace of the Captains General
2018.10.09 - 10:56:05

In its beginning, in 1776, the Palace used to chapterhouse cases and the Prison. In 1790, upon arriving in Cuba, the governor Don Luis de las Casas could soon live in the Palace, still unfinished ... more >>
The art of kissing
2018.09.27 - 18:02:40

The technique of kissing has also been very diverse, depending on the time and country. ... more >>
Captain Ana Cruz Agüero
2018.09.20 - 10:22:49

Among the courageous women who have made the history of Cuba is Ana Cruz Agüero. She was born in La Legua (now Bartle), Las Tunas, in the eastern part of Cuba, on July 26, 1840. In October 1888, she began to perform secret missions by providing valuable information to Major General Vicente García. ... more >>
Fontana di Trevi
2018.09.13 - 18:05:30

The Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain) is the most monumental fountain in Rome and one of the most beautiful in the world. ... more >>
They were the first ones
2018.09.06 - 20:46:20

Some will be surprised to learn that the first war correspondent was not a man, but a woman who lived and worked a couple of centuries ago in England. ... more >>
The Bridge of Sighs in Venice: Where is the true romanticism?
2018.08.31 - 22:45:50

Venice is a European city famous for its bridges, without which it would be impossible to get around the canals of that city. ... more >>
Dental caries
2018.08.20 - 18:56:40

In a document with a record of Egyptian medicine, the papyrus of Ebers, the first written references to dental caries appear. ... more >>
My son swore to win or die!
2018.08.15 - 19:18:51

Juan Díaz de Villegas was one of the many Cubans who gave up the comforts of a relaxed life and joined the 1868 insurrection. He was Head of the Division of Cienfuegos and reached the rank of Brigadier General at the end of 1869 and Major General in 1870. He distinguished himself during the war in the territory of Villa Clara. ... more >>
Luna de octubre in Madrid
2018.08.12 - 08:24:54

Last October 21, 2017, the city of Madrid paid tribute to the historical beauty of this capital. Luna de Octubre is a celebration of light, images, music, and creativity; it is a cultural, artistic and sensory festival with the objective of paying homage to the more than three hundred years of history that the Paseo del Prado and the Jardines de El Buen Retiro have dedicated to culture, science, leisure and the enjoyment of citizens, configuring an exceptional cultural landscape that still lives on today and that the city of Madrid wishes to submit it for consideration by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage. ... more >>
Discover Paris from the Seine River
2018.08.11 - 11:29:50

Paris, the city and capital of France, is a unique and even magical place, frequented by more than 42 million tourists a year due to its beauty. It is located on both sides of a long meander of the Seine River. The river crosses the city, offering those who visit it a good opportunity to get to know it from the water. ... more >>
The smallest volcano in the world
2018.07.30 - 13:19:39

Its geological condition is disputed between those who consider it as a small volcano and those who believe that it is a big geyser of special condition, because it is possible to descend to it. The truth is that its crater measures eight meters in diameter, is thirteen meters high from ground level and twenty-three meters deep. ... more >>

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