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Piercing: a dangerous ornament
2014.02.26 - 16:47:00

Piercings are on fashion among young and old people, some have a stud put in their navels, others on their noses, and even on their tongues. But, be careful, so according to famous odontologists, piercings can cause serious buccal injuries in such a quite delicate area where such important functions, such as mastication, deglutition, sense of taste and language take place. ... more >>
Why Brazil?
2014.02.25 - 14:16:42

The admirers of the ‘‘giant of South’’ have seemingly asked themselves why Brazil, the cradle of Carnival, was called as such. So, its origin comes from the Tupinampa Indians, who started to dye their feathers and garments by using the colouring of the wood of a tree called ibirapitanga, which in Tupi-Guarani language means: Ybyra, red wood, and which was also to name their children. ... more >>
A monument to the dignity of our homeland: Antonio Maceo
2014.01.06 - 16:51:23

It’s been 97 years since the pedestal of the figure of Antonio Maceo was built, a brave and bold Cuban military man, a hero of the wars of Independence against Spain in the 19th Century. ... more >>
The story of the sunken Nazi submarine in Cuban waters
2013.12.18 - 18:40:01

In the past, German submarines destroyed several Cuban merchant ships by causing 70 dead sailors. The story I am telling you began in 1941, when seven young sailor men were sent to the United States to specialize in sonar machines (sound engineer), with the purpose of tracking and hunting submarines; but there were no radars at the time. ... more >>
The unknown Cuban standard-bearers
2013.12.09 - 17:22:15

When the uprising of the patriots from the Cuban province of Villa Clara took place in Cuba on February 7th, 1868, a military ceremony was held in order to swear to the flag of the single star, which was embroidered by young patriot Inés Morillo Sánchez. ... more >>
The interesting capital letter
2013.12.06 - 16:15:01

Letter C is the capital letter of Cuba, as letter M is that of Mexico. But it’s good to know that: there are 24 names of states written in capital letter S, including the independent states of Saint Pierre and Miquelón, Santa Elena and Samoa Americana. ... more >>
The lady of the domino
2013.12.04 - 16:47:43

On this occasion, I’m referring to Juana Martín de Martín, who was a member of a reputable family and a well regarded person in society, so she was the owner of the famous Havana garden ‘‘The Fénix’’. She was fond of games, but particularly of dominoes, so she always found the way to play dominoes every time she could. Thus, the amusing life of Mrs. Juana went by among flowers and dominoes. ... more >>
The lady with the dog
2013.10.30 - 16:39:37

At the amazing Cemetery of Colon, in Cuba, you can easily see the sculpture of a woman in a laying position, and a little dog before her feet. The sculpture, which was made up of stone masonry, was unveiled in 1944 with the blessing of the Archbishop of Havana. But, who was the lady with the dog? ... more >>
The Cuban Standard-bearers
2013.10.28 - 13:41:05

The first woman to marry Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y Del Castillo was his cousin Maria Del Carmen Céspedes y López Del Castillo with whom he had three children, Carlos Manuel, Oscar and Carmen. In 1852, due to the political persecution, he was forced to move to the municipality of Manzanillo in the Cuban province of Granma. The Spanish authorities ordered his detention when he was found next to his wife Maria Del Carmen on her bed, who was gravely sick. When his wife died he moved to the sugar refinery ‘‘La Demajagua’’. ... more >>
The Empire of Silence
2013.10.21 - 17:28:16

The Necropolis of Columbus is a monument that exhibits grandiloquent images. Going all over this marmoreal city entails an approaching to an artistic concept of death, represented on the sculptures and the diverse architecture of its areas… Each pantheon, each tomb has its own story, which might be interesting, extraordinary, unusual and amazing as that of Casimiro Rodriguez Cartas who is buried on a standing position. ... more >>
Islands: fame and curiosity
2013.10.18 - 15:13:03

A sailing island: The mysterious Island of Pascua, with its huge statues, continues to be a novelty, so now, it’s been discovered that it is constantly moving at a speed of 9 centimetres per year. Imagine so, in a million –year period it won’t be located in Chilean waters no more … Where it will be located then? ... more >>
Moustaches: forbidden
2013.10.15 - 14:54:49

Barbers and barbershops, since centuries ago, have been present in people’s lives, and thus it is written in the Egypt’s papyruses. In Rome, barbershops were just places for spare time meetings, and in the Middle Ages, barbers were also surgeons. ... more >>

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