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Islands: fame and curiosity
2013.10.18 - 15:13:03

A sailing island: The mysterious Island of Pascua, with its huge statues, continues to be a novelty, so now, it’s been discovered that it is constantly moving at a speed of 9 centimetres per year. Imagine so, in a million –year period it won’t be located in Chilean waters no more … Where it will be located then? ... more >>
Moustaches: forbidden
2013.10.15 - 14:54:49

Barbers and barbershops, since centuries ago, have been present in people’s lives, and thus it is written in the Egypt’s papyruses. In Rome, barbershops were just places for spare time meetings, and in the Middle Ages, barbers were also surgeons. ... more >>
That man was José Maceo
2013.10.08 - 14:27:20

Those who knew him well tell us that General José was very tall. He used to stammer noticeably when he got upset in the middle of an intense dispute. He used to speak in a low voice. He used to smoke tobacco in a pipe. He showed respect to his fellow men and had a high concept of duty. He was a Mason, a bold, passionate, and an unruly person, but with a great sense of military discipline. He liked cockfighting and he was a terrific horseman. ... more >>
Jose Marti ’s medal
2013.10.04 - 14:27:24

Many times we have seen a picture of José Marti, our National Hero, with a medal hanging on his chest, and we always wonder: why did he wear that medal? The secret was revealed: in 1882, Mrs. Elena Moure, Rafael Casado’s widow, stated during an interview: ‘‘my husband was Rafael Sixto Casado’s grandson, director of St Anacleto School, where Marti studied. My husband was very fond of Marti’’. ... more >>
Silicone: a modern deceptive invention?
2013.09.19 - 14:07:07

Silicone is one of the wonders of modern science. It is really an organic system derived from silicon, which was developed during the World War II, having the physical characteristics of oils, resins, rubber and being extremely useful for its stability when exposing to heat and oxygen than ordinary organic substances. Among other purposes, silicone oils are used in hydraulic systems of aircrafts, also used as insulators, which are quite resistant to heat. ... more >>
Two cocktails of geographical curiosities
2013.09.03 - 14:12:47

The small island of Cuba: First of all, Cuba is not an island. From the historical and geographical point of view, Cuba is an archipelago, which comprises the greater Island of Antilles, called Cuba, the Isle of Pines (current Isle of Youth) and 4000 cays, islets, etc. It comprises an area of 19 km2 (109886 kms). ... more >>
Religions are made for believers
2013.08.30 - 14:18:52

The world of religions, sects and other beliefs is really wide. As my friend Dionisio would say: ‘‘beliefs are made for believers’’. But, the point is that believers from dissimilar religions consider themselves as the absolute holders of truth, so, that’s why they judge others as evil and false ones. ... more >>
A legend comes true
2013.08.23 - 14:05:10

The first discovery of the Amazon River was made by Spanish sailor Francisco de Orellana, who named it as such because he said he had discovered a place populated by warrior women or Amazons, hence its name. ... more >>
Do you like tango?
2013.08.14 - 16:09:31

Many people like listening to Tango music and paying attention to its dance steps. By the way, we always associate Tango with the figure of Carlos Gardel, who has been an icon, and whose legends are still alive. ... more >>
Mr. Money: a powerful gentleman
2013.08.09 - 17:39:14

Francisco de Quevedo was the author of this phrase, which was included on his book ‘‘Frases de poetas ilustres de España’’ (Phrases of Spanish illustrious poets), and which refers to persons who believe that money, as Moliere says: ‘‘it is the key for opening doors’’. ... more >>
Why the Left or the Right?
2013.08.05 - 12:54:08

When French Revolution triumphed, the beautiful principle of ‘‘Freedom, Equality and Fraternity’’ constituted a symbol for the whole world, becoming a flag of combat for all revolutionary men on earth. ... more >>
Why do ballerinas dance on tiptoes?
2013.07.30 - 14:42:07

Is there a human being who has not asked this question to himself when seeing a ballet performance? I had asked it to myself thousand of times, but now that I have the answer, I wanted to share my ‘‘discovery’’ with our readers. ... more >>

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