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The obsession of an English man for Havana
2014.04.04 - 16:38:38

The interest of Mr. Charles Knowles in conquering Havana arose from the very beginning of his long naval career. ... more >>
Santiago de Cuba Bay
2014.04.02 - 16:53:35

The first City Hall of the new world was built near the surrounding areas of Santiago de Cuba Bay. In spite of rumours about the force of the waves, the alleged disappearance of vessels in their vicinity, the indecipherable tide, as well as the presence and depth of the pit of Bartlett, the relationships between the Santiago people and its beautiful bay are harmonious and enrich their traditions. ... more >>
The war of the two roses
2014.03.14 - 15:41:43

If prostitution has been considered the oldest craft of humanity, war could be considered the most ancient battle in history. From stones and spears to the modern weapons of mass destruction, the destructive power of war has drastically changed not only on its essence but also on its hatred, vengeance and the mourning it brings about. ... more >>
Planet Earth?
2014.03.13 - 17:11:14

If there were a planet made of 70 per cent metal iron, how would you call it? Planet Iron, logically. Now well, if there were beings from other worlds capable of observing us from long distances. How would you call it? Maybe, Planet Sea or Water, but never planet Earth, and that’s because the surface of this celestial body is composed of 71% water. ... more >>
The secrets of pillows
2014.03.12 - 16:36:58

By some mysterious divine plan, man was born without a pillow. A good idea would be if pillows were automatically activated for us when lying down in bed or if we were able to press a button to get it out from any corner of our heads. ... more >>
The Japanese in Cuba
2014.03.11 - 15:43:20

It is amazing to see how Japan, a country that was an accomplice of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy during the atrocities committed during the second World War, and which suffered the terrible impact of two atomic bombs dropped by the United States in two of their defenseless cities, arose among the ashes of defeat and today is considered one of the major economic powers in the world. ... more >>
Witches’ rings
2014.03.10 - 16:19:52

In the South Plains of the Cuban city of Las Tunas, mysterious rings of Bruges are observed, making their appearance in the form of some strange circles of intense green colour, which contrast with the rest of the vegetation. The predominant flora is the so-called Camaguey string. The grass that forms rings, which is in and out of these, is the same that was mentioned. ... more >>
Laughter: an important cure
2014.03.06 - 15:36:59

I am going to talk seriously about laughter, because this is a part of human behaviour controlled by the brain, which is the manifestation of our joy. It helps human beings to explain their intentions in interaction with others and provides a refreshing, emotional context in talks. ... more >>
Piercing: a dangerous ornament
2014.02.26 - 16:47:00

Piercings are on fashion among young and old people, some have a stud put in their navels, others on their noses, and even on their tongues. But, be careful, so according to famous odontologists, piercings can cause serious buccal injuries in such a quite delicate area where such important functions, such as mastication, deglutition, sense of taste and language take place. ... more >>
Why Brazil?
2014.02.25 - 14:16:42

The admirers of the ‘‘giant of South’’ have seemingly asked themselves why Brazil, the cradle of Carnival, was called as such. So, its origin comes from the Tupinampa Indians, who started to dye their feathers and garments by using the colouring of the wood of a tree called ibirapitanga, which in Tupi-Guarani language means: Ybyra, red wood, and which was also to name their children. ... more >>
A monument to the dignity of our homeland: Antonio Maceo
2014.01.06 - 16:51:23

It’s been 97 years since the pedestal of the figure of Antonio Maceo was built, a brave and bold Cuban military man, a hero of the wars of Independence against Spain in the 19th Century. ... more >>
The story of the sunken Nazi submarine in Cuban waters
2013.12.18 - 18:40:01

In the past, German submarines destroyed several Cuban merchant ships by causing 70 dead sailors. The story I am telling you began in 1941, when seven young sailor men were sent to the United States to specialize in sonar machines (sound engineer), with the purpose of tracking and hunting submarines; but there were no radars at the time. ... more >>

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