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Jeans or Blue Jeans?
2013.04.04 - 15:21:17

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain the origin of such a simple and practical item as a pair of jeans. Once, a Jewish man from the German state of Bavaria immigrated to the United States seeking for fortune, and he settled down in San Francisco in 1850. His name was Levi Strauss. ... more >>
A toast you must enjoy all the way
2013.04.01 - 14:50:52

Claudio José Domingo Brindis de Salas was one of the most famous Cuban violinists of all time (Havana 1852-Argentina 1911). His father, a famous musician, was the violinist and bandleader Claudio Brindis de Salas. ... more >>
Presidents of Cuba in Arms
2013.03.25 - 14:36:05

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes del Castillo (lawyer). He granted freedom to his slaves on October 10, 1868 and thus the well known ‘‘War of the Ten years’’ or ‘‘the Great War’’ initiated. ... more >>
Can you imitate the sound animals emit?
2013.03.22 - 09:51:04

Apparently, this is an easy question to answer, but it isn’t. Let’s see. ... more >>
The naked Captain General
2013.02.25 - 14:00:41

Marshal Francisco Riaño y Gamboa was appointed Captain General of Cuba by Spain since they considered he was the right person to stop the public indecency and the high rate of corruption that prevailed in Cuba at the time ... more >>
Alma Mater
2013.02.21 - 16:13:30

Alma Mater, (Mother Nutricia) is considered a Knowledge goddess, a sort of Minerva, the Greek goddess of wisdom. The Alma Mater, which is located at the main entrance of Havana University, was created by Yugoslavian or Czech sculptor Mario Karbel. ... more >>
Origins of Cuban people
2013.02.17 - 20:52:00

The issue of the exclusive Hispanic and African origin of Cuban people has been widely discussed, which is historically false. Now, I’m reporting to you the dissimilar human traces that took part, more or less, in our national mixture, which is not just musical. ... more >>
How did Cecilia Valdes look like?
2013.02.15 - 13:24:21

“She looked like those virgins who posed for the most famous painters at the time. By the way, she had a long forehead with well detailed features. She had black, heavy and wavy hair, and a straight nose that started in the middle of her brows. Her arched eyebrows displayed a darker color to her black and almond-shaped eyes that moved like fire. ... more >>
Who gave our country the name of Cuba?
2013.02.07 - 14:43:09

The word “Cuba” has been displayed over the five centuries of our language existence by means of an interesting story. The first who registered and changed its name was our ¨discoverer¨ Cristóbal Colón. ... more >>
Women aboard
2013.02.06 - 00:16:37

The adventures and misdeeds of corsairs, pirates and buccaneers, came to be famous in the names of Henry Morgan, Jacques de Sores, Francis Drake and others, who became legendary figures of piracy. ... more >>
Musical mix IV
2013.01.31 - 11:01:30

During the 18th century, according to Radamés Giró, there was a movement of stage popular songs in Cuba, coming from Spain. Likewise, French opera was introduced in Santiago de Cuba by Haitian singers and some Italian artists who used to stop over here on their way to Mexico or United States. ... more >>
The Cuban Pirate
2013.01.17 - 15:36:43

The horrible world of plunder and piracy was full of criminals and adventurers from all over the world. Urban murderers and thieves from France, England, Holland, Portugal, Italy, among other countries, invaded the sea, and preferred the Caribbean Sea to execute their attacks and misdeeds. ... more >>

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