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China town in Cuba
2013.01.10 - 15:20:35

The first evidence of Chinese settlement in Cuba dates from July, 1847, when Spanish frigate Oquendo, coming from Amoy harbor, anchored in Havana bay carrying 206 Chinese persons. ... more >>
Trinidad: Legends of a tower
2013.01.01 - 08:48:31

As for inhabitants, settlers and descendents of the villages of Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus, Iznaga Tower has always kept mysterious memories. ... more >>
Havana hills
2012.12.26 - 11:13:04

Although Cubans in the eastern region, such as those who live in Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and Granma cities, are proud of having lots of hills in their geography, the most beautiful and famous in the country; people in Havana also have their own, although our hills are not as many, as tall and as famous as theirs, but certainly, they are all located in the same capital city, and the truth is that despite all those things, they are proudly ours. ... more >>
Juan Clemente Zenea and the Naked Lady
2012.12.21 - 15:19:48

Emotion and suspense overcame the audience at Tacón (heel) Theatre, and people in Havana talked about nothing else in the city. ... more >>
Cuba’s longest seat
2012.12.20 - 23:32:01

You can help but notice that whoever meets them, perhaps in Santiago de Cuba, China, or New York and asks them about Havana’s most renowned places, they will always refer to The Malecon as their most beloved memory, among others, such as: The Morro Castle, La Rampa, Old Havana, 23rd Street, and so. ... more >>
Sunken city under Bermuda Triangle found
2012.11.21 - 13:58:15

A group of Canadian scientists affirmed they discovered the ruins of a sunken city under the Bermuda Triangle, which might be the mythical city of Atlantis, which disappeared some 10,000 years ago. ... more >>
Film Marathon in Bolivia Closes with a Tie and a Guinness World Record
2012.11.05 - 14:29:01

The 2nd Marathon of Bolivian Cinema Center concluded with a tie and a Guinness World Record in which two finalist decided to share the prize to be granted on Wednesday, the organizers reported today. ... more >>
How the Christ of Havana was built
2012.10.31 - 13:45:10

The Christ of Havana is a work of Cuban sculptor Jilma Madera, who tells us how this idea originated: ‘‘in the early months of 1956 ‘ The Christ of Havana’ contest was announced , creating thus a Board chaired by Mrs Marta Fernandez de Batista, the wife of the Republic’s dictator at the time’’. ... more >>
The World’s largest human sculpture
2012.10.19 - 14:12:23

An impressive- 400 meters long- feminine figure is the world’s largest human sculpture, located in the city of Cramlington, on the north of England. ... more >>
History of buses in Cuba
2012.10.18 - 14:42:23

Let’s start by saying that the children in Peru, Chile and other Latin-American countries are called “guagua” (bus) or “guagüita” (small bus). ... more >>
World’s first colored motion pictures film footage found
2012.10.08 - 12:48:10

The film produced by the Londoner photographer and inventor Edward Raymond Turner underwent modern digital restoration in order to recover the original colour of the tape, which shows images of some children – possibly Edward’s - a bunch of sunflowers, a colourful fish, a red parrot and a group of soldiers marching through the London’s streets. ... more >>
Flew away like Matias Perez
2012.10.06 - 13:29:27

In 1867, French M. E. Gogard, one of the most famous balloonist of the moment arrived in Havana, who had taken more than two-hundred aerostatic flights, most of them in Cuba in front of the delighted people of Havana. ... more >>

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