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The first woman doctor of Cuba
2018.01.03 - 15:38:29

Laura Martínez de Carvajal, who was born on August 27, 1869, was the first woman to graduate as a doctor in Cuba on July 15, 1889. It was an exceptional and, undoubtedly, unique case that a girl of well-off economic position, a daughter of Spaniards established in a relaxed social environment and with access to the most exclusive circles, endowed with beauty, interested in a profession in which they only expected hard sacrifices and permanent discrimination, as a result of the prejudices of the time. ... more >>
Strolling through Havana II
2017.12.27 - 15:44:49

Curious and interesting stories encourage the origin of Havana streets like those of any city in the world. We return with other explanations to continue walking around Havana: ... more >>
Strolling through Havana
2017.12.20 - 12:29:00

As in many parts of the world, the origin of street names almost always brings a story. Here we present the origin of some streets of the Cuban capital that are interesting, curious and surprising. ... more >>
The heroic word mambí
2017.12.11 - 13:05:54

Where did the word mambí come from? It is used to denominate the insurgent who fought heroically against the Spanish domination. ... more >>
Name of Havana streets
2017.12.06 - 19:13:09

Considering that many Havana streets were and still have names of nefarious characters in the history of Cuba; in 1928, and subsequently, it was agreed to replace them by those of personalities or facts that would have contributed, in the political, scientific, cultural, exalting values that would serve as examples for the future generations. ... more >>
A naked battle
2017.11.17 - 16:42:25

History keeps hundreds of surprising anecdotes, and this is one of them by Colonel José Payán, a conscientious tactician, perhaps the most remarkable organizer of the Villaclara forces in the central zone of Cuba, as the facts of his model creation prove: the famous infantry that trained busily in Camagüey territory, and that in the open countryside fought and held twenty-eight combats during the apprenticeship period. ... more >>
Cuban Aborigines
2017.11.06 - 15:49:49

The Cuban aborigines are the result of various migratory waves that came to Cuba from different parts of continental America and have been called in three types: Guanahatabeyes, Siboneyes and Taínos. ... more >>
The Camagüeyan Amalia Simoni
2017.10.27 - 15:58:52

The beautiful soprano and educator Amalia Simoni Argilagos was one of the Cuban singers, who during the war for the independence of Cuba, knew how to combine her professional vocation with the patriotic sentiments she had. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Camagüey, on June 10, 1842. She studied music in Paris and Rome, as well as English, French and Italian. ... more >>
Cuba, geographical points
2017.10.09 - 16:38:05

In the past, students in Cuba were informed that the geographic extremes were from the Cabo de San Antonio to Punta de Maisí. At the moment it is explained that the ends of the area of the whole Cuban archipelago are the following: to the north Cayo Cruz del Padre; to the east the Punta de Quemados; to the south the Punta del Inglés and to the west the Cabo of Antonio. ... more >>
A Cuban in the Eiffel Tower
2017.09.27 - 16:25:27

In beautiful Paris, a Cuban made history: Guillermo Pérez Dressler, who was born in Guanabacoa in 1860. He was poor but had a great talent for drawing, and he obtained a scholarship to study at the University of the French capital, graduating with honors at age 21. ... more >>
Known phrases
2017.09.15 - 14:53:51

Our Spanish ancestors bequeathed to us many phrases. Thus, the Spanish-speaking people use colloquial expressions that have accompanied us throughout the centuries. This is the case of: before the Flood and watch out! ... more >>
Rest on one’s laurels
2017.09.05 - 16:40:28

To crown oneself with laurels meant the glory and success achieved by their own merits. But if after achieving success, the person stops working or striving, it is said that "he has rested on his laurels." ... more >>

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