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Discover Paris from the Seine River
2018.08.11 - 11:29:50

Paris, the city and capital of France, is a unique and even magical place, frequented by more than 42 million tourists a year due to its beauty. It is located on both sides of a long meander of the Seine River. The river crosses the city, offering those who visit it a good opportunity to get to know it from the water. ... more >>
The smallest volcano in the world
2018.07.30 - 13:19:39

Its geological condition is disputed between those who consider it as a small volcano and those who believe that it is a big geyser of special condition, because it is possible to descend to it. The truth is that its crater measures eight meters in diameter, is thirteen meters high from ground level and twenty-three meters deep. ... more >>
The wonderful world of bees
2018.07.04 - 17:16:37

Did you know that up to 50 thousand bees could live in a hive? However, they have a breeding female, the queen, which can lay up to 1,000 eggs a day; about 3,000 males, the drones, and the vast majority of workers, which are not fit for reproduction. ... more >>
Leoncio Vidal: tenacious, brave, and disciplined
2018.06.26 - 16:24:56

The mambí Colonel Leoncio Vidal was born on September 12, 1865 in Camajuaní, in the central region of the Antillean archipelago. He was co-owner with his brother José of a mixed store in his hometown, when the bugle sounded calling for the struggle for the independence of the enslaved homeland, he joined the forces of the youngest general of the war for freedom, Juan Bruno Zayas. ... more >>
Lola Rodríguez de Tió, Puerto Rico and Cuba
2018.06.05 - 16:28:55

Lola Rodríguez de Tió lived in Havana as a revolutionary emigrant at various times, from the end of 1888 until her death that occurred on November 10, 1924. ... more >>
Fencing: a sport with edge and point
2018.05.25 - 14:22:30

Fencing is known for the sport of the three weapons: foil, sword and saber. In the female contests, the foil is almost always preferred. According to the story, the first official fencing competitions were only with foil. ... more >>
Slavery in Cuba
2018.05.10 - 13:09:59

Cuba was one of the first colonies to which the African slaves arrived, motivated by the early extinction of the indigenous population at the hands of the Spanish colonizers and the growing need to exploit the new conquered lands. ... more >>
The mambí invasion
2018.04.30 - 14:16:04

The War of Independence had only started a year ago when the high command undertook the venture longed for by the patriots and that the Ten Years War could not realize: The invasion to the West, a strategic backbone of the liberation effort, without which this would be cornered in the eastern provinces, and the colonial power, with its governing head in Havana, could survive. ... more >>
The Casa Insólita in Las Tunas
2018.04.15 - 12:40:50

The Casa Insólita was opened in July 2015 in the Cuban province of Las Tunas. Within the local framework of the Imagen Project, at the beginning of 2013, the architect Domingo Alás managed to popularize his idea until it became a material fact. ... more >>
I give you a bouquet of flowers
2018.04.11 - 16:47:50

Hydrangeas can change their color. They are usually pink, although they may be bluish due to the presence of iron and aluminum in the soil in which they were grown. Many flower growers also associate their change of color with the acidity of the place where they are planted. Each group of flowers can reach 40 cm in width. ... more >>
An exotic hair museum
2018.04.06 - 15:58:53

The village of Avanos, in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, is very famous for its carpets and ceramics, and it houses the Hair Museum created by the potter Chez Galip in the basement of his workshop. ... more >>
The big dream of a Bejucal resident
2018.03.23 - 16:20:35

The invitation is for the friendly and cheerful people of Bejucal and they can meet one of their most illustrious children. ... more >>

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