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The Anthem of Guatemala
2016.08.23 - 15:33:40

Heavy thunderstoms rumbled all through the night in which the Cuban poet and patriot José Joaquín Palma wrote the poem Guatemala feliz, which eventually became the national anthem of that Central American country. ... more >>
The Anthem of Bayamo
2016.08.19 - 17:28:48

The anthem of Bayamo is, together with the Flag and Coat of Arms, the musical symbol of the Republic of Cuba. The melody of its six stanzas were composed by Pedro Figueredo and orchestrated by Manuel Muñoz Cedeño. ... more >>
First Anti-imperialist Songs
2016.07.29 - 17:40:26

The political song in Cuba was born in unison with the first cries for freedom. Since the early nineteenth century, popular folk singers sang décimas (it refers to a ten-line stanza) and quatrains, and improvised verses in which the desire for freedom was present. ... more >>
The Trova
2016.07.12 - 17:12:31

"Since the eighteenth century, Radamés Giro tells us, there was an invasion of performing tunes from the peninsula in Cuba, while the French opera entered Santiago de Cuba through Haiti and some Italian artists, who were in transit to Mexico or the United States, used to stop here." ... more >>
The award of the World Football Cup
2016.06.08 - 11:16:39

The main award of the World Cup is the four-year loan of the FIFA World Cup Trophy. ... more >>
Sleep a bit longer, just a little bit...
2016.06.03 - 12:19:49

People who like to stay in bed to sleep "a bit more" now have a good excuse. According to new scientific research, the "liking for sleeping" is genetic. ... more >>
The Number Zero
2016.05.20 - 15:32:31

For a long time, Roman numerals as well as those of Greek and Jewish, were not the right one to perform mathematical operations because it lacked an essential number for us: the zero ... So how did they carry out operations for adding, subtracting and dividing in those days? Well luckily for humans, around 500 B.C., there was the Roman abacus, whose Chinese analogue was known since time immemorial. ... more >>
The danzón
2016.05.11 - 18:18:44

It is a musical genre that is part of traditional Cuban music. Its name is augmentative and comes from criollo dance that was, as we were told by the renowned Cuban musicologist and journalist Helio Orovio, "it is a collective figure dance. This is made up of pairs that are provided with bows and branches of flowers, which was very usual in the second half of the nineteenth century". ... more >>
A trip to the Zapata Peninsula
2016.03.31 - 17:48:27

In half a million hectares, 900 plant species, 160 birds, 31 reptiles, 12 mammals and diversity of fish, amphibians and insects have their habitat, besides which it is a safe haven par excellence for dozens of migratory species. ... more >>
The Quetzal, a symbol of patriotism
2016.03.12 - 11:37:51

There is a bird in Central America that when taken out of its country, saddens and dies. Tradition has consecrated it as a symbol of patriotism, and it is on the coat of arms and flag of Guatemala. The Quetzal, as it is called, is the sacred bird of the Americas. ... more >>
Butterflies, mystery and beauty
2016.02.04 - 17:45:00

Butterflies with graceful wings are flower lovers and couples of the wind in their dance; they have kept secrets within their small bodies, which they hide both night and day. ... more >>
Pizza, delight and tradition
2016.02.03 - 16:40:24

Pizza is originally from Naples, Italy, where the first specialized pizzeria called Antica Pizzeria was established in 1731. Pizza is considered to be the traditional agricultural food product by the European Union in this country since 2010. ... more >>

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