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Some Cuban musical genres
2017.01.19 - 13:25:22

The nice word changüí means "dancing", "jumping for joy". It is a variant of son, which was born in the eastern region of Guantánamo, where the changuicera tradition still stands. ... more >>
The pineapple, queen of fruits
2017.01.06 - 15:29:37

The pineapple plant originates from the American continent, specifically in the Upper Paraná Basin, i.e. between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. ... more >>
Tobacco, a puff of history
2016.12.24 - 09:18:34

Tobacco: common name of two plants of the Solanaceae family grown for its leaves that, once cured, are smoked, chewed or insufflated in the form of snuff. ... more >>
Japanese customs
2016.12.14 - 15:19:03

Contrary to Western custom, tipping in Japan is a sign of bad manners, for it is an insult to them, since they consider that the person who gives a tip seems superior. ... more >>
Husbands and wives in ancient times
2016.12.08 - 16:19:55

At the time of the Egyptian empire, the pharaoh was the only male who could have several legitimate spouses. But they had different categories: for example, those of lower rank nourished the harem to the satisfaction of the sovereign. Only a few women, who with all certainty had a family connection to the pharaoh, were real queens, usually they could be buried in small subsidiary pyramids built next to their husband ... more >>
Dancing through La Trocha
2016.10.21 - 15:36:14

We talk about the noisy La Trocha Street in Santiago de Cuba. Its origin seems to go back to the years of the construction of the Punta Blanca Battery, in 1845, which was built on grounds donated by Don Agustín de la Torre. ... more >>
The Himno Invasor (the Invader Anthem)
2016.10.17 - 18:08:28

Sung in times of combat, under its vibrant notes, they fought, died and triumphed, since that November 15 when Enrique Loynaz del Castillo and Holguín musicians, in absolute fusion of art and patriotism, gave us that song to the revolution and the triumph that is the Himno Invasor (the Invader Anthem). ... more >>
The rumba
2016.10.04 - 09:25:34

The rumba is a Cuban musical genre that is sung and danced, and its origin is basically urban. There are three aspects: the yambú of urban source, the columbia, of rural source, and the guaguancó that is also urban. Perhaps the latter is the most popular of all. Its music lacks rituals or religious elements. ... more >>
The forgotten stanzas of the Bayamo Hymn
2016.09.26 - 17:22:41

The original score and lyrics of the National Anthem of Cuba, which was created by Bayamo’s revolutionary Pedro "Perucho" Figueredo, are comprised of six stanzas or quatrains of twenty four verses. ... more >>
The Anthem of Guatemala
2016.08.23 - 15:33:40

Heavy thunderstoms rumbled all through the night in which the Cuban poet and patriot José Joaquín Palma wrote the poem Guatemala feliz, which eventually became the national anthem of that Central American country. ... more >>
The Anthem of Bayamo
2016.08.19 - 17:28:48

The anthem of Bayamo is, together with the Flag and Coat of Arms, the musical symbol of the Republic of Cuba. The melody of its six stanzas were composed by Pedro Figueredo and orchestrated by Manuel Muñoz Cedeño. ... more >>
First Anti-imperialist Songs
2016.07.29 - 17:40:26

The political song in Cuba was born in unison with the first cries for freedom. Since the early nineteenth century, popular folk singers sang décimas (it refers to a ten-line stanza) and quatrains, and improvised verses in which the desire for freedom was present. ... more >>

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