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War correspondents
2014.10.27 - 16:30:09

In these times of constant wars in different regions of the world, we can be informed about those terrible events by means of those characters who by risking their lives, are able to give us information of the facts; I am referring to war correspondents. ... more >>
Juan Francisco Manzano: a slave and a poet
2014.10.16 - 17:31:01

Juan Francisco Manzano was born in slavery in 1817, in Havana. He suffered the pains and humiliations which he and his brothers were subjected for years. In 1837, on the initiative of Domingo del Monte and with the contribution of several voluntary contributors, he bought his freedom. ... more >>
The renewable and non-renewable resources
2014.10.14 - 14:45:52

For the maintenance of life, as well as to ensure the improvement of society, science and technique, a large number of resources is required, which can be divided into two groups: renewable and non-renewable. The first among them include soil, plants, animals, water and air. Mainly fuels and minerals are classified as non-renewable resources. ... more >>
Talking about capitals
2014.09.29 - 14:03:02

The most populous capital of the world is Mexico City, with around twenty-two million inhabitants in the metropolitan area and is also, at the same time, the most gigantic city on the planet. ... more >>
The most consumed beverage in the world
2014.09.23 - 13:32:08

Since 4700 years ago approximately, an infusion conquers fans in every corner of the globe. Tea is now the most consumed beverage in the world, which every day reaches a new consumer. ... more >>
Curiosities of the Zoo
2014.09.16 - 14:46:57

It is considered that there are more than one million species of animals. The sponge is not a plant, but an animal without legs, fins, or stomach. It does not move, but it is an animal. A grain of sand that gets into an oyster manages to become a pearl. ... more >>
Origins of ice
2014.08.27 - 11:41:23

The value of snow as food preservation was already known among the Chinese since the 11th century (B.C), as well as among the early Egyptians. Ancient rulers of Greece and Rome sent their slaves to the mountains to bring the snow from there in heavy pots. ... more >>
Cuba and Bolivar
2014.08.22 - 10:02:48

The Cuban patriots foresaw in the wars for the independence of Latin American countries the possibility to begin the struggle for the emancipation from the Spanish colonial yoke on our island. ... more >>
The Sandwich: to be more than 250 years of existence
2014.08.11 - 14:58:15

Who has not been hungry by just hearing the word sandwich? So well, this appetizer was popular in the United Kingdom with regard to the 250 years of its creation. The town of Kent will celebrate this gastronomic specialty on May 12 and 13, supposedly invented there, but which has been spread beyond the borders to rank among the most preferred appetizers in the world. ... more >>
A journey to the Sun
2014.08.05 - 14:48:35

We are obviously speaking of a virtual and imaginary trip to realize that the Sun is not the biggest star that exists. That merit corresponds to the super red giant star Mu Cephei, with a diameter of 3 thousand 3 million km, which is not so bright. Pistol Star is the most resplendent star of the universe, located in the center of the Milky Way. This blue giant star generates brightness of 10 million times more powerful than the Sun. ... more >>
People and odd events
2014.07.29 - 16:33:00

In some ancient cultures living persons used to be buried in the foundations of future constructions, to protect the building from possible misfortune. They say that when the city of Tavoy was built in Southern Burma, an offender was placed into the hole in each post, to ward off evil spirits. This rite was also used in other regions of the world. ... more >>
Weather report
2014.07.17 - 17:31:29

The hurricane: it is a great whirlpool that develops in the tropical atmosphere, usually over the oceans in the summer (sometimes in the subtropics) whose destructive winds extend up to hundreds of kilometers of its central region where the atmospheric pressure is too low, the air is calm and cloudless sky; and it is known as the eye of the hurricane, with a diameter ranging approximately between 10 and 60 km. ... more >>

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