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The Canaries of Cuba
2014.06.19 - 17:34:44

The Canary Islands emigrants arrived in Cuba since the conquest. The economic crisis and the facilities to immigrate to our land granted by the Spanish Crown, increased the arrival of Canary Island families, traditionally called Islanders, mostly of peasant origin, a fact that encouraged the surge was the construction of railways which was attended by hundreds of them, especially in the Havana - Bejucal stretch. ... more >>
The Mexican Charro hat
2014.06.02 - 17:20:11

The popular Mexican hat, although it constitutes a garment with an authentic origin in the cultural diversity of the mix race society of Mexico, it is considered, however, an emblematic symbol of that nation. ... more >>
Irma: the stigmatized Cuban woman
2014.05.27 - 18:55:32

Irma Izquierdo, a 19 -year- old stigmatized married woman, who had studied at the Catholic school "The Sacred Heart" in Cuba, received since she was a child a well-built religious influence in her education. At the request of the parish priest of her town, Guira de Melena, she performed three times the character of Saint Veronica (drying the sweat and blood of the face of Jesus on the road to Calvary); and as a further detail, since childhood she suffered attacks and had hallucinations, in which she used to see the figure of Christ. ... more >>
The first newcomers in Havana
2014.05.21 - 14:22:10

I have to clarify that not all the inhabitants of the new San Cristóbal de La Habana were considered neighbors as this was a condition of a certain social level, which allowed them choosing the mayors and the Alderman in the elections. ... more >>
Sailing along the Red River
2014.05.09 - 17:14:31

There are many rivers in the world with an impressive width, such as the imposing Red River, a vigorous and fast river which arises through the mountainous Vietnamese province of Yen Bai, where it leaves its fertile sediments and offers its waters to the growers of rice and ancient green tea. ... more >>
Superstition and superstitious people
2014.05.07 - 16:26:52

Superstitions exist in many ways and have different connotations according to the region they are believed. In our hemisphere there are persons who believe that luck will come to their lives if they place a horseshoe behind the front door of their houses or wear a representation of it by means of hanging a gold chain around their necks. ... more >>
The secrets of the Countess of Revilla de Camargo
2014.04.24 - 16:48:34

It was an unusual discovery. It consisted on five paintings dating back to the French romanticism of the 18th-century, which were discovered in the current Museum of Decorative Arts on the corner of 17th and N streets in Vedado. ... more >>
The Vatican is not a country
2014.04.14 - 17:29:11

Definitely, the Vatican is not a country, but it is a state, which official name is Statu Della Città del Vaticano, that is, State of the Vatican City, an independent state under the absolute authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. ... more >>
Man’s best friend
2014.04.08 - 14:49:02

Many readers would have thought in the loyal and friendly dog, but in fact, I am referring to the horse; as the poet said the way of a man to glory is sown with horse bones, let us not forget that the improvement of the most important civilizations has been closely associated with this robust and loyal animal. ... more >>
The obsession of an English man for Havana
2014.04.04 - 16:38:38

The interest of Mr. Charles Knowles in conquering Havana arose from the very beginning of his long naval career. ... more >>
Santiago de Cuba Bay
2014.04.02 - 16:53:35

The first City Hall of the new world was built near the surrounding areas of Santiago de Cuba Bay. In spite of rumours about the force of the waves, the alleged disappearance of vessels in their vicinity, the indecipherable tide, as well as the presence and depth of the pit of Bartlett, the relationships between the Santiago people and its beautiful bay are harmonious and enrich their traditions. ... more >>
The war of the two roses
2014.03.14 - 15:41:43

If prostitution has been considered the oldest craft of humanity, war could be considered the most ancient battle in history. From stones and spears to the modern weapons of mass destruction, the destructive power of war has drastically changed not only on its essence but also on its hatred, vengeance and the mourning it brings about. ... more >>

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