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On the top of the Romanticism
2015.03.01 - 08:25:10

The poet José Maria Heredia (1803-1839) is the leading figure of the Cuban romanticism. Linked to the first separatist conspiracies, he had to emigrate in 1823. ... more >>
What month are we in?
2015.02.26 - 22:24:03

It′s difficult to find a so distracted person that does not know the current month, but it’s easy to find those who do not know the origin of the name of the months, and we give this research to readers. ... more >>
A redoubtable matter
2015.02.10 - 14:49:43

The first weapons known in the military confrontations were pointed sticks used by European warriors with accuracy and skill. ... more >>
Kings’ life
2015.02.05 - 13:22:20

Buckingham Palace has 600 rooms and three miles of red carpets. Two men check 300 clocks the whole day; about 700 people work in the palace. ... more >>
An organ which was grafted centuries ago
2014.12.10 - 15:58:47

Although wonderful advances of medicine have been achieved, mainly in the field of surgery, nowadays, I would like to tell you that more than five centuries ago the Spanish sculptor Gregorio Berruguete, who died in 1561, performed for the first time an organ transplant. ... more >>
The Greats of History
2014.12.09 - 17:01:41

Whenever we hear about Charlemagne or Carlos the Great, king of the Franks and founder of the Carlist Empire, we think on his great military and political triumphs, his efforts to civilize France and spread Christianity, and above all, the creation of the vast Roman Empire which had no equal in history. ... more >>
War correspondents
2014.10.27 - 16:30:09

In these times of constant wars in different regions of the world, we can be informed about those terrible events by means of those characters who by risking their lives, are able to give us information of the facts; I am referring to war correspondents. ... more >>
Juan Francisco Manzano: a slave and a poet
2014.10.16 - 17:31:01

Juan Francisco Manzano was born in slavery in 1817, in Havana. He suffered the pains and humiliations which he and his brothers were subjected for years. In 1837, on the initiative of Domingo del Monte and with the contribution of several voluntary contributors, he bought his freedom. ... more >>
The renewable and non-renewable resources
2014.10.14 - 14:45:52

For the maintenance of life, as well as to ensure the improvement of society, science and technique, a large number of resources is required, which can be divided into two groups: renewable and non-renewable. The first among them include soil, plants, animals, water and air. Mainly fuels and minerals are classified as non-renewable resources. ... more >>
Talking about capitals
2014.09.29 - 14:03:02

The most populous capital of the world is Mexico City, with around twenty-two million inhabitants in the metropolitan area and is also, at the same time, the most gigantic city on the planet. ... more >>
The most consumed beverage in the world
2014.09.23 - 13:32:08

Since 4700 years ago approximately, an infusion conquers fans in every corner of the globe. Tea is now the most consumed beverage in the world, which every day reaches a new consumer. ... more >>
Curiosities of the Zoo
2014.09.16 - 14:46:57

It is considered that there are more than one million species of animals. The sponge is not a plant, but an animal without legs, fins, or stomach. It does not move, but it is an animal. A grain of sand that gets into an oyster manages to become a pearl. ... more >>

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