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The secret agent

Published: 2018.02.13 - 17:32:25   /  /  Juan Blas Rodríguez  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

The secret agentWhen, in 1884, General Máximo Gómez was in the midst of a new plan for the independence of Cuba, he said: "The surest way to win is to know where, when and how the enemy comes to attack us. Let us try to ignore these three circumstances."

To fulfill these maxims, says Colonel René González Barrios, "men of special qualities were needed, because, in the midst of adversity, from the shadows and within the enemy ranks, they had to be forged in the school of anonymous sacrifice, audacity, stoicism, equanimity and cold blood."

On the instructions of José Martí and Máximo Gómez, on January 5, 1895, the Revolutionary General Agency was founded in the city of Havana, a secret organization with the mission of directing the intelligence activity in the coming war.

On January 5, 1895, in a house on Crespo Street, citizen José Pons y Naranjo had summoned nine citizens whom he knew for their personal courage and love for the cause of independence. There he explained the objective of the meeting and the General Revolutionary Agency of Communication and Aid was established, and citizen José Pons Naranjo (general agent Luis) was appointed as president.

The agent Luis organized the revolutionary works of infiltration to the enemy, and mandates of the leadership of the high command of the Liberation Army. For the efficiency of his work throughout the length and breadth of the country, agent Pons used his capacity as general representative of the La Discusión Newspaper, which allowed him to travel freely and frequently throughout Cuba. The efficiency of his work, and that of his men, is demonstrated in these paragraphs of a letter sent to him by Martí: "Your organization work has been perfect from San Antonio to Maisí, how much do you work? How much remains to be done?! When will be the day that I can embrace you in a free and happy homeland ...!"

Colonel René González Barrios, in an article in the Verde Olivo Magazine tells us: "Those nine men prepared with such professionalism the intelligence work against Spain, which still today amazes the degree of technical perfection achieved. They were few, which allowed them to guarantee a greater degree of compartmentalization. They acted according to the plans elaborated by the general agent Luis."

For a long time, these heroes, mostly of humble origin, risked their lives working in the bowels of the enemy. The pseudo-republic, which was established in 1902 in Cuba, never remembered them. Former agent Luis, in the trench of the Patria y Libertad Newspaper, continued his struggle for a dignified homeland, fighting corruption and mismanagement, until his death.


-Source: Verde Olivo Magazine

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