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Leading, listening and taking notes: necessary steps for an effective popular consultation of the Constitution (+ Audio)
2018.10.16 - 15:38:31

Of the wide popular consultation to which the current draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba is submitted, the lawyer and journalist Juan Lesmes Larrosa Durán highlights its unique character in the world. ... more >>
Reading the Constitutional Reform Project (III)
2018.10.12 - 16:23:55

Economic Fundamentals of the Constitutional Reform Project, the starting point is to define that Cuba will continue to be governed by an economic system anchored to the socialist property of all the people on the fundamental means of production. ... more >>
Eight Grammy nominations recognize the musical spirit of Cuba
2018.10.09 - 10:55:05

Incredible and talented, such are the Cuban musicians, with their soul and spirit full of melody, no matter where on the planet they are. It is not surprising then that at the Latin Grammy Awards 2018, eight candidates competing in different categories represent the largest archipelago of the Antilles. ... more >>
Reading the Constitutional Reform Project (II)
2018.10.03 - 20:35:06

The promotion of multipolarity in international relations is another of the principles that Cuba reiterates in the document, which explicitly recognizes that world unipolarity is not an alternative to domination, nor to political, financial and military hegemony that threaten peace, independence and the sovereignty of the people. ... more >>
Music, a protagonist of records
2018.10.01 - 17:05:19

There is always talk of great sales records, spectacular tours or impressive releases, but little is said about the incursion of this wonderful art in the renowned Guinness book. ... more >>
Colibri Productions Sweep in Cubadisco 2018
2018.09.30 - 20:27:56

The label, which celebrates 15 years of creation, won on Saturday the most important awards of the contest, including the Grand Prize for the compact Libre de Pecado, of the renowned singer Beatriz Marquez, who sang 11 songs of the renowned Cuban composer Adolfo Guzman on this ocassion. ... more >>
Reading the Constitutional Reform Project (I)
2018.09.27 - 17:47:08

It is distinguished by a coherent and systematic structure when proposing a reordering of its contents and using a language that corresponds to the terminology that should characterize a constitutional text in accordance with the political, economic and social reality of Cuba. ... more >>
Jimaguayú in Cuban constitutional history
2018.09.24 - 22:08:39

The extensive and rich constitutional history of the largest archipelago of the Antilles stands out for its valuable content, with the intention of organizing a country with a legal status at different crucial moments. ... more >>
The Cuban Revolution and the democratization of culture
2018.09.20 - 10:33:30

The full access to culture in its most diverse manifestations has been one of the priorities of the Cuban Revolution. On the subject, the Ventana Política team exchanged with Abel Prieto Jiménez, then Minister of Culture and the current director of the Oficina del Programa Martiano today. ... more >>
The constitutional reforms in Latin America
2018.09.17 - 22:32:29

The current constitutions of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua are among the most recently reformed in Latin America. They are texts that socially emphasize, above all, the opposition to neoliberalism and globalization. ... more >>
Mama Ina, the musical journey of Gastón Joya
2018.09.17 - 22:22:44

Mama Ina is the greatest musical achievement of the young but prominent contrabassist Gastón Joya, a chameleonic musician like few others, who exerts his talent in the traditional genre, jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz and alternative genres, without abandoning chamber music. ... more >>
Bitácora de cine cubano: A Compass to Understand the Seventh Art
2018.09.13 - 18:20:23

The third of four volumes that make up the encyclopedia of Cuban cinema is now available for lovers of the seventh art. Volume three of the literary encyclopedia Bitácora del cine cubano, Producciones ICAIC (1960-1990) is completed and brings us closer to the film arsenal of the Greater Archipelago of the Antilles. ... more >>

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