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Cuban Orchestra Los Van Van intends to delight US capital
2019.06.26 - 10:25:57

The famous Cuban orchestra Los Van Van wants to return to delight the public of the American capital the day after tomorrow, after its presentation here a little over a year ago. ... more >>
Cuban painter Flora Fong opens exhibit in China
2019.06.25 - 18:20:51

Renowned Cuban painter Flora Fong opened an exhibition in the Chinese capital on Monday inspired by her Chinese roots. ... more >>
International musicians to attend Mozart-Havana Festival
2019.06.24 - 10:58:54

Renowned international concertists will reportedly attend the 5th Mozart-Habana Festival 2019, scheduled from October 25 to November 2 ... more >>
National symphony: 60 years defending Cuban music
2019.06.24 - 10:30:18

Celebrating the 60th anniversary with a tour through Spain and great success in all its performances was one of the best gifts that the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba (OSN) recently achieved as a tribute to Cuban music, which it has defended throughout all this time in each performance. ... more >>
The bards are ready for the farmers’ party
2019.06.20 - 15:44:32

The 52nd annual edition of the traditional celebration, which will take place from June 28 to July 1 in the eastern province of Las Tunas, will celebrate not only the 190th anniversary of his birth ... more >>
The man who gave the ballroom conga to the world
2019.06.19 - 18:46:17

Who wouldn’t like to taste a cup of coffee Mama Inés used to make? We can no longer do it, but we can enjoy the anthological music composed by Eliseo Grenet, a renowned Cuban pianist and composer who bequeathed to us, among many other works, the contagious ¡Ay, Mamá Inés! ... more >>
Musical Premiere in Cuba Inspired in the Phantom of the Opera
2019.06.18 - 09:04:26

A Spanish-language version of the musical The Phantom of the Opera currently involves several Cuban cultural institutions and the young Chilean orchestra teacher Ninoska Medel. ... more >>
2019 Musicalia Award pays tribute to the distinguished pedagogue Teresita Junco
2019.06.14 - 21:01:47

Young musicians from different regions of the American continent will show their skills at the 2019 International Piano Music Festival and Competition, to be held in Havana from 17 to 22 June. ... more >>
Hemingway’s Life and Work Brings Writers from Six Countries to Cuba
2019.06.13 - 11:07:46

According to the executive president of the meeting, to be held June 20 to 23, the colloquium will take place, this time dedicated to commemorate the 93rd anniversary of Hemingway’s first publication entitled Fiesta and the 90th of the emblematic Farewell to Arms. ... more >>
Havana sui generis as seen by painter Gisachy Saura
2019.06.13 - 10:57:12

The painter Gisachy Saura Huet will exhibit again, this time to celebrate his 20 years of artistic career and the half millennium of existence of Havana, and he will do so in the gallery of the Community Art Workshop of Professor Gladys Castañeda, in the municipality of Centro Habana. ... more >>
Yalil Guerra’s great challenge to capture the essence of a country
2019.06.11 - 10:42:15

The record Cuba: The Legacy (RYCY Symphonic Series, Vol. I), by Cuban-American composers Aurelio de la Vega and Yalil Guerra, is among those selected this year for the Latin Grammy Awards. ... more >>
Argentine Musicians Join AM-PM Continental Event in Cuba
2019.06.11 - 10:27:36

A delegation of artists from the National Music Institute of Argentina (Inamu) will soon arrive in Cuba to participate in the continental event AM-PM America for its Music, the Argentine embassy in Cuba announces Monday. ... more >>

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