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A great opportunity to revisit Martí’s work
2018.05.25 - 13:41:31

The Oficina Nacional del Programa Martiano donated more than 10,000 volumes of the Apostle to the National Library System. ... more >>
Orishas: We defend good music and Cuban rap
2018.05.25 - 13:34:51

Orishas has been in the hearts of the people, but this show in Cuba has been the door, the beginning of our presence on the stage. To perform in Havana after 18 years is like saying, "at last the moment came to live all that nostalgia in Cuba! ... more >>
Vilma blossoms in the heart of her people
2018.05.17 - 15:27:05

On the occasion of the 88th anniversary of her birth, on April 7, Cuban women and the people all recalled his enormous stature of rebel student, clandestine fighter, guerrilla woman, effective leader, who knew how to devote herself completely to the revolutionary cause. ... more >>
Portraits of a lonely world
2018.05.17 - 15:04:42

An artist who always impresses the public through the subtlety with which he uses the portrait in his compositions is the Santa Clara resident Niels Reyes (1977). The creator returns to the exhibition circuits of Havana with the exhibition Lonely Planet), which is displayed at the Orígenes Gallery of the Alicia Alonso Gran Teatro de La Habana. ... more >>
Master concert by Roberto Fonseca enlightens the city of Mozart
2018.05.10 - 14:43:33

The talent of the Cuban pianist and composer Roberto Fonseca is exceptional. His creations convey the stamp of Cuban identity that is expected of any Cuban performer, but they contain a captivating energy and an extremely personal style that make it unique. ... more >>
Miriam Talavera receives the 2018 National Film Award
2018.05.10 - 14:05:02

She has a Degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Havana and worked at the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television from 1962 to 1970 as editor of short films for television. She started working at ICAIC in 1970 as editor of fiction documentaries and feature films. ... more >>
The utility of poetry
2018.04.30 - 14:11:37

As every year this March 21 the World Day of Poetry is celebrated and the international community invites us to reflect on the power of poetic language and the development of the creative abilities of each person. ... more >>
The centenary of Argeliers León: the maestro of contemporary Cuban musicology
2018.04.30 - 14:01:11

When commemorating May 7, the centenary of such an illustrious intellectual who was born in Havana in 1918, we recall the words of Miguel Barnet, who is the president of the Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and the Fernando Ortiz Foundation, who claims to be eternally grateful to be his guide and teach him the mysteries "of the intricate and magical sounds of musical instruments of African origin", while putting him in the wake of learning and the closeness of Fernando Ortiz. ... more >>
Marcelo Pogolotti: art in all its dimensions
2018.04.28 - 13:06:48

After three decades of the death of the painter, the institution proposes to present to the public 41 of his works, of them 27 oils, 3 mixed techniques and 11 drawings. ... more >>
Leandro Soto: to live to create
2018.04.28 - 13:01:46

Open to the public from this Friday until May 14 in the Transitory Room of the Cuban Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition transgresses the canons of a purely decorative work and intends to interact with the viewer to reinterpret itself. ... more >>
Piano and fantasy, in the style of Fábrica de Arte
2018.04.15 - 12:20:06

Good work always surprises, but if the execution is daring, then the artist falls in love. You rarely attend a classical music concert with the conviction of attending a contemporary show as happened on Thursday night in Nave 4 of Fábrica de Arte Cubano. ... more >>
The death of an inclaudicable patriot
2018.04.15 - 11:55:44

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was the first to raise the Homeland on that memorable October 10, 1868 at La Demajagua, when he called brothers and sisters to the men and women whom he freed from their condition as slaves and made it possible for his own intelligence and courage to reach his place, his positions and ranks in the fight against Spanish colonialism. ... more >>

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