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Musical Heritage of the Historian’s Office on the Virtual Stage

On the social networks they inaugurated the Observatory of the Musical Heritage space, which consists of daily publications, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m., on the accounts of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and also on the institution’s website,

Moisés Simons: The Manisero Is Still Singing

Moisés Simons, the inspired composer from Havana, weaved the criollo melody, with sweet and inciting accents, and offered the Cuban musical repertoire works of a markedly popular character; some of them are true images of the urban life of the time.

Tania Castellanos, a Creative and Passionate Woman

Cuba remembers with special affection one of its best composers, on the occasion of the centennial of her birth in the small village of Regla, which was well known as Tania Castellanos. She overflowed her creations in the Feeling movement since the 1940s and gave away beautiful melodies that always identify her in the realm of music.

Regino Pedroso Competition: 25 years

In this time of evocation by the half century of the Trabajadores newspaper, it is worth mentioning a valuable initiative of cultural promotion undertaken since 1995, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of that medium, by the head of the Cultural Editorial Office, Jorge Rivas Rodríguez.

Egrem will celebrate Children’s Day with album by Haila María Mompié

The Cuban Musical Recordings and Editing Company (Egrem) has confirmed it will celebrate Children’s Day, on July 19, with an album by popular singer Haila María Mompié.

Unpublished map of Havana Bay found in the General Archive of the West Indies

The General Archive of the West Indies, a historical and cultural institution based in Seville, Spain, found an unpublished map of the Bay of Havana representative of the political context of the late 18th century.

Máximo Gómez, the most capable and brilliant mambí military man

Máximo Gómez Báez had defied death in 235 combats and suffered only two wounds during his 67 years old, when he was suddenly found on his deathbed due to a septicemia, which arose days ago from a small injury to his right hand, the same one with which he raised his machete during the long road of almost three decades of revolutionary struggle on Cuban soil.

Cine Cubano Magazine, the longest running magazine in Latin America

With the creation of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinema Industry (Icaic), on March 24, 1959, through the first law in the cultural field of the rising Revolution, an old collective dream became a reality.

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