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A station for every moments of life
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The Exceptional Music of the Great Jorge Anckermann

Jorge Anckermann RafartÂ’s life was all about music. His dedication to musical studies and his involvement in various stages made him a man of early recognition in this field. He gave Cuba, with patriotic pride and among his many merits, the creation of the genre known as guajira, which has survived to the present day.

Caring for Wetlands, Saving Life!

World Wetlands Day should be a significant date in the conscience and heart of every human being, an occasion that can be used to water plants, care for animals, use water wisely or simply learn more about it.

The proverbial mastery of Cuban pianist Maria del Henar Navarro

A great human being of infinite kindness, pleasantness, and sympathy; an instrumentalist with great technical and performing skills, a very demanding and a great piano teacher in chamber music, these are some of the qualities of the maestro Maria del Henar Navarro, who celebrated her birthday on January 21.

José Martí, that Cuban of integrity and hope for all times

In his genius José Martí was able to resolve like few others - from his testimony as an honest man - the dichotomy between action and contemplation, for he was a person who did not separate art from life, words from action, thought from deed. That is why, 168 years after his birth, his sap runs through the veins of the American continent, nourishing its children with the paradigm of the new man that he formidably embodied.

Adigio Benítez: that artist of the fabulous and epic everyday life of Cuban life

For this maestro, who was born in Santiago de Cuba on January 26, 1924 - exactly 97 years ago - creation was a vocation defined at an early age, as he recognized that painting is a vital need, like breathing or quenching thirst.

Culture is the cornerstone of Eusebio Leal SpenglerÂ’s work and legacy

For the Havana City Historian, Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, culture was the cornerstone of his work, for he found the most genuine expressions of Cubanness in it, as well as an intelligent and clever way of defending and safeguarding the nation.

Young performer to delve into studies for flute written by Cuban composer Alberto Corrales

The young Cuban flautist Alberto Rosas is currently studying and perfecting the technique of his instrument at home due to the current epidemiological circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kcho s Critical and Loving Look at His HomeKcho s Critical and Loving Look at His Home

The retrospective exhibition En ningun lugar como en casa allows the public to delve into the worldview of an artist who marks milestones in the history of his country s visual arts, in a loving yet critical look at the most pressing issues of Cuban reality and its most pressing problems by looking at them head-on and creating a special exegesis from his homeland.

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