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Cuba Wins Latin Grammy with the Music of Septeto Santiaguero
2018.11.16 - 21:40:10

The Septeto Santiaguero, from Cuba, and the Dominican José Alberto, el Canario, today hold the Latin Grammy Award for Best Traditional Tropical Album, category in which the Cuban was also nominated Omara Portuondo. ... more >>
San Cristóbal de la Habana celebrates its 499th anniversary
2018.11.16 - 21:02:40

Havana was the last of the first seven towns founded by Diego Velázquez. Old Havana was founded by the Spaniards on November 16, 1519 in the natural harbor of Habana Bay ... more >>
Cuba: Popular consultation on new constitution ends
2018.11.15 - 16:21:35

The popular consultation on the draft of a new Constitution for Cuba concludes this Thursday, after 14 weeks of meetings in neighborhoods and work and study centers, a process in which thousands of foreign residents also participated. ... more >>
The last mambí constitution was passed in La Yaya
2018.11.14 - 17:47:03

Cuban constitutional life is an expression of the nation’s own history, its social events and political changes. It originated in the middle of a colonizing process that truncated the development of the existing society, and is also the result of the extension to Cuba of some Spanish constitutional regulations, which did not fit that context. ... more >>
Havana’s 500th anniversary will bring restoration of city landmarks
2018.11.13 - 11:14:25

Havana has played an important role in the construction of the national character, in the struggles for independence, and in the battles led by students and workers. This city has an impressive heritage reserve ..., said Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historian of the Cuban capital ... more >>
Cuban youth united for now and for the future
2018.11.12 - 18:57:01

In Cuba, we take into account that youth is one of the most beautiful and emotional stages of life, in which ideals, objectives, personality and important knowledge are acquired, which are put at the service of society, with a lasting effect. ... more >>
Consultation on New Cuban Constitution Enters Last Week
2018.11.12 - 09:28:19

Some of the 15 provinces of the island already reported the closure of a process starting on August 13, with more than 110,000 meetings held in communities, workplaces and schools, in which more than 7,300,000 people participated. ... more >>
Reading the Draft Constitutional Reform (IV)
2018.11.07 - 19:37:15

In Title III, Citizenship, the Draft Constitutional Reform introduces changes for the benefit of citizens’ rights. ... more >>
Bayamo: 505 Years of History
2018.11.05 - 17:16:11

Residents in the eastern city of Bayamo and Cubans in general are celebrating the 505th anniversary of its establishment as the island’s second city was founded by Spanish Conqueror, Diego Velázquez, on November 5, 1513. ... more >>
The 40th Edition of the Film Festival will be taken to a video game
2018.11.05 - 16:51:17

The much-anticipated product will be called Cinema in Cuba and will be presented during the cinematographic event that organizes its edition of 2018, to occupy the cinemas of Havana from December 6 to 16. At first, it can be used by teams with an Android operating system (4.0 +). ... more >>
Some 7 million Cubans have participated in consultations on draft Constitution
2018.11.04 - 07:46:08

Speaking Friday evening on the national TV program Hacemos Cuba, Acosta Alvarez stressed that the massive turn out at work and educational centers, in communities and the online feedback received from Cubans residing abroad are a clear example of participatory and effective democracy. ... more >>
The National Ballet of Cuba, 70 years of a symbol of revolutionary quixotism
2018.11.01 - 22:47:15

The month of October 1948 leaves an indelible mark in the history of dance in Cuba, it is celebrated for the first time in the old Auditorium Theater of Havana, which later would be the Amadeo Roldán, the opening of the Alicia Alonso Ballet, which is the first professional Cuban dance group. ... more >>

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