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The Di Celmo family among the most active proponents of the Five
2013.09.06 - 15:59:30

Sixteen years ago, on September 4, 1997, a bomb placed in the Copacabana Hotel by a Salvadoran mercenary hired by Luis Posada Carriles killed Fabio Di Celmo, a young Italian who was kindly saying goodbye to some friends. ... more >>
Cuba Pavilion: one of the most attractive places on this summer
2013.08.21 - 16:15:36

Cuba Pavilion remains one of the most attractive places for the Cuban family during this summer season, so several options are available in its different areas. ... more >>
Verso amigo national tour takes poets and troubadours all over Cuba
2013.08.16 - 16:31:23

More than half a hundred poets and twenty troubadours will go on the national tour ‘‘Verso amigo’’ all over 12 provinces of the country from August 17th to 30th for the first time, as a tribute to the 160th and 150th anniversaries of the births of José Martí and Julián del Casal respectively. ... more >>
Cuba recalls Freddie Mercury 27 years later
2013.08.15 - 15:53:46

Last August 9th, the people of Cuba recalled the prominent singer Freddie Mercury during a splendid ceremony at the Karl Marx theatre of Havana, organized by Lucas project, on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of his last performance along with his rock band called ‘‘Queen’’. ... more >>
An eternal and happy stanza: in homage to Adolfo Alfonso
2013.08.12 - 17:32:52

On Sundays, at 7:00 pm, time just stops running until 8:00 pm at home. It is the time we dedicate just for listening to Cuban country music. "Palmas y cañas" is broadcast on television, a program to enjoy country music in family. ... more >>
Annee Miranda: Life beyond what we see
2013.08.08 - 15:21:32

I confess that entitling this interview was a truly complex exercise because I not only had to introduce the protagonist, but also give a preview of the sensitivity and professionalism of a woman, who during each working day wins the affection of her colleagues and patients from the Ramón Pando Ferrer Cuban Ophthalmology Institute. ... more >>
Aire de Luz (Air of Light) : a decade for poetry
2013.07.23 - 21:03:48

The ¨Aire de Luz¨ (Air of light) Literary Cafe, public cultural space for poetry , has been maintained for a decade, sponsored by the Cuban Book Institute and always coordinated by the writer Basilia Papastamatíu. ... more >>
At the Siboney Farm, where Marti’s doctrines reborn
2013.07.19 - 14:23:12

Visitors get impressed when travelling to the Siboney Farm Museum; it is about an eight and a half miles road from the city of Santiago de Cuba. Twenty monuments are erected on both sides of the road to indicate the path followed by Fidel Castro Ruz and his fellow of the Centennial Generation (1). All these statues carry, as a sign of immortality, the names and jobs of the martyrs of the Moncada barracks assault, on July 26, 1953. ... more >>
Master talk: intimacies with pianist Frank Fernández
2013.07.03 - 15:30:26

Although it came from a delicate woman, the order was clear and precise when granting me the privilege of interviewing Cuban pianist Frank Fernández. I had the mission, along with two colleagues, of going to the house of the maestro and, in addition to updating songs from his authorship; a professional exchange was more than evident to learn about his recent work. ... more >>
Emilia Morales, member of FMC and lover of good music
2013.06.26 - 15:06:41

I have coincided with the prestigious Cuban singer Emilia Morales in dissimilar cultural events where she has displayed her sweet and tender voice and her high proficiency as a teacher in singing competitions where she has served as a juror. ... more >>
José Martí: "Friendship is sure cure for all the sorrows"
2013.06.21 - 12:49:00

Aphorisms are the most valuable treasure of humanity, they mean experience and knowledge. Aphorisms, sayings, proverbs, thoughts, depending on location and / or person, provide lessons of wisdom. In recent when reading about values, family and friendship, I remembered that brief and popular statement: "Your nearest neighbor is your best brother." ... more >>
Mikowsky and the world’s largest piano
2013.06.13 - 16:05:23

When describing it as the world’s largest piano I used a metaphorical ingenuity that helped me to express the colossal idea the renowned Cuban pianist and Professor Salomon Gadles Mikoswky had by gathering in Old Havana important pianists of the world who share the privilege of being instructed by him. ... more >>

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