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Fidel en route to Santiago
2016.11.30 - 19:40:15

The journey begins first toward the square, then a city, another, the whole of Cuba... Then begins the infinite cry of “Viva!” and “Glory!” to Fidel, to Alejandro, the man who became a people. ... more >>
The world bids farewell to a giant of world history
2016.11.27 - 11:30:41

From all corners of the planet, recognition of the life and work of one of the great leaders of the 20th century and thus far into the 21st - the guerilla in the Sierra Maestra and international statesman who changed forever the history of Latin America and the peoples of the world: Fidel Castro. ... more >>
The Eleventh Teodoro Ramos Blanco Sculpture Biennial
2016.11.22 - 14:58:45

Once again, culture calls and the art of modeling clay, carving of stone, sculpting a piece of wood, bone or some metals, gathered goldsmiths of the beautiful visual arts at the Eleventh Teodoro Ramos Blanco Sculpture Biennial, which displayed its pieces up until last Sunday 20 in the gallery of the same name in the capital. ... more >>
Fidel at the university
2016.11.21 - 15:50:06

That November 17, 2005, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, recalled at the event for the 60th anniversary of his admission to the university, when many considered him to be a rebel without a cause, "but it seems to me, when I remember, I was a rebel for many reasons, and I thank life to continue being rebellious through all these years." ... more >>
The 2017 National Meeting for the Promotion of Reading to be held in Holguín
2016.11.14 - 17:42:04

The promotion of reading, through various modalities and initiatives, is one of the priority lines of work of the José Martí National Library of Cuba(BNCJM) and the Cuban Association of Librarians (ASCUBI). ... more >>
Radio Enciclopedia celebrates its 54th anniversary
2016.11.14 - 16:43:46

Radio Enciclopedia Popular was born on November 7, 1962, a station with only instrumental music and the velvety voices of women, and a few announcers at that beginning, all of them outstanding for their exquisite diction. ... more >>
I was born in Lawton like Camilo
2016.11.04 - 15:47:28

Lawton was the Cuban neighborhood that Camilo Cienfuegos maybe knew the best, even though he only lived there for 27 years. I was also born there. ... more >>
Why call for an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba?
2016.11.04 - 14:49:02

At the recent report of Cuba on Resolution 70/5 of the United Nations General Assembly, entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba", Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla said that this measure persists and harms the Cuban people. ... more >>
Cuba vs. Blockade: the inexhaustible power of David
2016.11.02 - 12:26:51

The historical link between Cuba and the United States seems marked by the inexhaustible power of David against the powerful and gigantic Goliath, that with the economic, commercial and financial blockade to the nation aimed, over half a century ago, to dismantle the route traced out by the Revolution from its beginnings. ... more >>
Cuban Culture Day on the 115th anniversary of the José Martí National Library
2016.10.28 - 14:32:16

The birth of prestigious institutions converges with Culture Day this October 20. The José Martí National Library of Cuba (BNCJM) which turned 115 years on October 18, The Hermanos Saiz Association with 30 years of support for young artists; The Ministry of Culture, with four decades leading the cultural destiny of the nation, and the National Museum of Music, with 45 Octobers that cherish the musical life of the country. ... more >>
Remembrance and Offering: October 10, 1868
2016.10.21 - 15:42:25

On the 148th anniversary of the Beginning of the Wars of Independence of Cuba, it is time to remember and pay tribute to the forerunners of the liberation wars, for those who did not know the triumph, but in their fall for their country, they also receive in this significant date the recognition, and their names are remembered together with the outstanding Bayamo Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Father of the Motherland and First President of the Republic in Arms. ... more >>
María Muñoz de Quevedo: 130 years of an invaluable choir teacher
2016.10.21 - 15:29:30

María Muñoz de Quevedo can be fairly described as a woman of the avant-garde, and a tireless researcher and educator. Last September 27, we commemorated her 130th birthday. ... more >>

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