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Laughter heals and jokes save us from stress
2016.06.08 - 16:30:08

The therapeutic power of laughter on human health is a current issue because of its effects and relevance in scientific research. In our hands, we have several texts on the subject, its benefits, and the prominence, which is given to treatment or therapy applied in some medical institutions, with emphasis on those related to children and geriatrics. ... more >>
Loipa Araújo or an orchid in the garden of ballet
2016.06.06 - 15:30:56

In the world of women inquiring about age is considered to be almost a capital sin, but the honoree in this article is a dancer who has declared like the Chilean poet: "I confess that I have lived!", and for that reason we celebrate and applaud without any embarrassment the 75 years of Loipa Araújo, who was born on May 27, 1941. ... more >>
Clara Barton is also here
2016.06.03 - 17:42:01

There is a lot of material to novelize and share mesmerized in the annals of Cuba. In addition, there are surprising and unusual stories that most of the time bring us in a special way to that common witness of many voices and adventures, which preceded us and shaped largely a living will that is history. ... more >>
The Liberator Cigar, a melting pot of independence
2016.06.01 - 11:51:39

Behind this idea is the work of a genius. There was a need to outsmart the enemy’s intelligence and the Delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party decided to send to the Homeland the Decree of Uprising against Spanish colonialism, rolled into a cigar. ... more >>
Erik Satie: 150th anniversary of an irreverent creator
2016.05.31 - 16:07:13

Eccentricity, a peripatetic life and Dadaist attitude are the ingredients that make up the life and music of French creator Erik Satie, who was born on May 17, 1866, exactly 150 years ago. ... more >>
Los Fantasmas de un lugar de La Habana
2016.05.26 - 15:42:30

Los Fantasmas de un lugar de la Habana is the exhibition that was presented until May 16 at the Sala Transitoria of the Jose Martí Memorial in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana. ... more >>
Family, responsibility and respect beyond love
2016.05.23 - 14:48:18

From all corners of knowledge, the family (singular or plural) is a sovereign issue. From scientific, cultural, philosophical, biological and psychosocial readings we understand that it is the core and backbone of society. ... more >>
Exhibition by Emory Douglas was presented at the Casa de las Américas
2016.05.17 - 16:40:37

"I feel satisfaction and gratitude to exhibit my work in Cuba", said the graphic designer Emory Douglas as part of the Poster Festival, which was presented in Havana. ... more >>
A significant award for Cuban ballet school
2016.05.16 - 15:59:48

The Fernando Alonso National Ballet School of Cuba won an excellent prize a few days ago, which adds another outstanding participation in international competitions. Although the news was disclosed late it was warmly received by the faithful followers of the Cuban ballet. ... more >>
A tribute from the tessitura of a violin to Maestro José Alberto Sánchez
2016.05.13 - 17:07:17

With a select repertoire to please the most demanding audiences, the Dúo Promúsica, which is made up of violinist Alfredo Muñoz and pianist María Victoria del Collado, will perform a concert on May 15 at the Ignacio Cervantes Hall of the Old Spanish Casino in Havana. ... more >>
When it comes to matters of the heart
2016.05.11 - 18:01:26

There is good and bad in the plot and various subplots of the Cuban Soap Opera "Latidos compartidos", under the general direction of Consuelo Ramírez and the co-direction of Felo Ruíz. This soap displays an excellent presentation through its visual and musical appeal. ... more >>
130th anniversary of May Day: A current history
2016.05.05 - 16:39:28

Many people are unaware that, out of the five workers sentenced to death by the events of the first days of May in 1886, three of them were journalists. It is rightly said that this is one of the riskiest and most daring world professions. ... more >>

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