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Foreign choreographers will premier pieces at the XXV International Ballet Festival of Havana
2016.10.13 - 15:38:32

The Belgian-Colombian choreographer Annabelle López Ochoa is one of the creators who will premiere the piece ‘Oscurio’ at the Alicia Alonso XXV International Ballet Festival of Havana. ... more >>
Rebelión, an attractive book on the history of Cuba
2016.10.04 - 09:36:16

The book entitled ‘Rebelión’ has been published by the Editorial Abril Publishing House, and it is a story where the reader discovers, in a very precise and amusing way, the epic lived by rebels from the Granma Yacht landing up to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. ... more >>
Fidel at the United Nations in 1960: cease colonialism
2016.10.03 - 12:57:10

The leader of the Cuban Revolution said that while this trend is not reversed "the world must constantly live under the nightmare of being involved in any crisis, in an atomic conflagration. Why? Because there are those who are interested in maintaining the plunder, there are those who are interested in maintaining the exploitation." He also declared that Cuba would always be "against colonialism, against exploitation, against monopolies, against militarism, against the arms race, and against the war game. We will always be against all that, and that will be our position." ... more >>
Mexican photographer in Cuba reflects on the intentions of objects
2016.10.03 - 12:06:13

The experienced Mexican photographer and master Francisco Mata Rosas returns to Havana with an exhibition, which is the result of the cooperation between the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico and the Havana Historian Officer. ... more >>
Septiembre Barroco: a program for instruction on the early sonorities
2016.09.29 - 10:32:25

Septiembre Barroco can be described as one of the most important programs of the so-called early music in Cuba. This program is sponsored by the The Ars Longa Early Music Ensemble and is held these days in Havana. ... more >>
Opus Habana: 20 years of a creative, oneiric and admirable work
2016.09.26 - 16:51:37

In an amusing meeting the day before, the 50th edition of the Opus Habana magazine was presented at the Aula Magna of the Colegio San Gerónimo by the Historian of Havana, Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler. ... more >>
Fernando González Castro: I always write for an edifying ending
2016.09.19 - 09:34:22

Villa Clara director, screenwriter and radio programs director Fernando González Castro officially received the 2016 National Radio Award last Monday, along with Antonio Moltó Martorell from Santiago de Cuba, who is the current President of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC). ... more >>
Cuba in the heart of women
2016.09.16 - 16:10:01

Jose Martí, Cuba’s national hero, said, "The self-sacrifice of women compels man to virtue" and their essence has transcended the future. In addition, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz believed in their strength and courage, and as clever statesman made them protagonists of their Revolution. ... more >>
Pedro Pablo Oliva or the pictorial lyricism of anoverwhelmed traveler
2016.09.12 - 16:28:29

True to the creative possibilities offered by paper, Pedro Pablo Oliva, who is one of the most important artists of the contemporary Cuban art scene, is revealed as a debtor of this support in his latest exhibition Apuntes de viaje, which is shown until next September at the Gallery of the Ruben Martínez Villena Public Library. ... more >>
A muse based on paradigmatic reflection
2016.09.12 - 15:47:43

It is beyond argument that José Martí was one of those people. His talent, perseverance and creation have no equal, as well as all authentic and unique works that humanity has known. Nevertheless, that provision is not free. It has its germ in the pattern that his mother sowed. His mother learned to read and write by herself at a time when the female mind was subdued and conditioned ad nauseam. Leonor Cabrera Pérez felt the need to expand her horizons and her child inherited it. ... more >>
The wonder of grandparenting in
2016.08.25 - 15:16:39

With a letter full of tenderness, Excilia Saldaña Molina (Havana, 1946 -1999) begins her book entitled "La Noche" (Gente Nueva, 2014), which is a literary piece full of charms, fantasies and wonders. ... more >>
Federico García Lorca: an unforgettable poet and deep imprint
2016.08.25 - 14:56:09

Lorca’s work is one of the greatest poetry of the Generation of ’27 and of all Spanish literature. His lyrical voice captures the tragic sense of life - obsessions, love, desire, frustration or sterility. ... more >>

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