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Ricardo Reymena: 70 years of a creator of worlds
2016.04.14 - 17:40:22

Through the work of genius Ricardo Reymena we visited the town of Verona and noted the magic of a moonlit night, while swans were dancing on a lake. We also enjoyed the majesty of a medieval castle. ... more >>
Clever visual arts exhibition might satisfy Karl Marx
2016.04.11 - 15:06:28

Do not miss this exhibition! A friend told me enthusiastically, and I decided to see it in the last days of March. Such fervor came from the most recent curatorial project of Lázaro Saavedra, which was shown at the Wifredo Lam Center on the occasion of the award of the National Visual Arts Prize that this creator honorably won in 2014. ... more >>
Treasures of history and Cuban musical heritage
2016.04.06 - 14:53:28

It is really a great pleasure to have a dialogue with cultivated people who love what they do such as Jorge Luis Montesinos, who graduated at the Enrique Varona Pedagogical Institute in the specialty of Visual Arts in 1991. ... more >>
Voices without guilt or fear
2016.04.03 - 08:43:55

The documentary entitled Estoy viva…lo voy a contar was filmed by the Casa Productora de Audiovisuales for the Social Activism Project Palomas, and this production will shock and sensitize us again through life stories whose main characters are women, ... more >>
I International Danzón Encounter Miguel Faílde in Memoriam to hold in Matanzas
2016.04.01 - 17:38:15

The newest generations of Cubans have stopped dancing the danzón, which is our national dance, and this rhythmic cadence has become something typical of grandparents. However, in order to revitalize it as a contemporary genre, the First International Encounter Miguel Faílde in Memoriam will be held in the city of Matanzas from March 30 to April 3. ... more >>
Cuba, our values
2016.03.31 - 14:58:31

One of the most important values of the inhabitants of the largest Antillean island is their human condition, which is coupled with the ability to feel the healthy pride of being Cuban, dignified, and independent. ... more >>
Historical Center of Havana: an essential place to get to know Cuba
2016.03.30 - 17:37:48

The Historical Center of Old Havana, which was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1982, has unique attractions that have become a place of choice for both Cubans and foreign visitors. ... more >>
A spring with all human colors
2016.03.29 - 15:37:31

It is known at this stage of the XXI century of our era, that all human beings without exception are different right from the moment we are formed in the maternal womb. After we are born we differentiate much more, even identical twins are not totally the same, but sometimes even their parents confuse them. ... more >>
Rolling Stones Concert in Cuba, Unprecedented Show
2016.03.28 - 10:36:43

The The Rolling Stones dazzled a crowd of over half a million persons in Havana, an unprecedented show in this country, that still today celebrates the free concert of the mythical British band. dazzled a crowd of over half a million persons in Havana, an unprecedented show in this country, that still today celebrates the free concert of the mythical British band. ... more >>
The beauty and charm of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso
2016.03.25 - 18:21:45

On a busy corner across from Central Park, which is next to the Hotel Inglaterra and San Rafael Boulevard, is the eminent Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso. ... more >>
The Catedral de La Habana: a jewel of Cuban architecture
2016.03.25 - 14:39:10

In the heart of the historic center of Havana, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Catedral de La Havana stands imposingly, and is one of the most symbolic sites of great architectural value in the Caribbean region. ... more >>
The book Fidel and Malcolm X: Memories of a Meeting was recently presented in Havana.
2016.03.16 - 15:26:32

The first Spanish version of the book Fidel and Malcom X: Memories of a Meeting by American journalist Rosemari Mealy was recently presented in Havana as part of the activities of the XXV International Book Fair Cuba 2016. ... more >>

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