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Art also transforms lives
2015.02.27 - 20:48:03

The José Fowler wood sculpture community project, in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality, is an important space for persons detached from society and a great alternative for those who want to give free rein to the creation ... more >>
Italy: from the Numismatics point of view
2014.09.09 - 13:47:48

More than 55 pieces, among coins and bills, will be exhibited since September the 9th at the Numismatic Museum of the Historical Centre of Havana City, as part of an exhibition about the History and Culture of Italy, narrated through Numismatics. ... more >>
September: to start a new school year
2014.09.01 - 13:04:59

This Monday dawned bright and sunny, spreading different colors such as white, red, yellow, brown and blue, or any combination of colors that the uniforms of the different education levels in the nation may be established, because holidays are over and the new school year gets started today. ... more >>
Attractive Japanese ships embellish Havana Bay
2014.07.07 - 14:47:37

If we go back ten or twenty years ago, perhaps thinking that a self-defense Japanese fleet anchors at a Cuban port would be unbelievable. However, in this 2014, the crossing became reality, becoming the main attraction of this weekend in the Bay of Havana. ... more >>
Cuba: to pay homage to Titón
2014.04.21 - 15:35:06

When moviegoers are confronted with the historical legacy of films such as "La muerte de un burócrata", ‘‘Memorias del Subdesarrollo’’, "Historias de la Revolución" and "Fresa y Chocolate", they realize that the talent of a creator emerges behind each piece of history, who understand very well the role culture plays in the foundation of a revolutionary process. ... more >>
3D films: to be screened soon
2014.04.15 - 16:03:47

In addition to its regular services, as a film venue of the 23rd project of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC for its Spanish acronyms), a new mode stands out at the capital cinema Patria, located in Calzada del Cerro, because now it is also defined as the 3D Cinema. ... more >>
When I grow up I want to be like Tin.
2014.04.11 - 16:20:03

Perhaps, this is the desire of many children who today are members of the Children Theatre Company La Colmenita, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary this month. ... more >>
Amigas: to move hearts
2014.04.10 - 15:05:28

Moving the hearts of those attending the show Amigas is the purpose of Litz Alfonso Ballet Company, which aims to attract the attention of a larger audience by means of this new cultural proposal. ... more >>
The International Children Book Day
2014.04.07 - 16:13:56

In my continuous search for data I found a story closely related to this date. Now, I will explain you why. ... more >>
Lets recall Electo Rosell Horrutiner (Chepin)
2014.04.04 - 18:11:46

Electo Rosell Horrutiner, better known as Chepin, is recalled for his invitation to enjoy in El platanal de Bartolo, Murmullo and Elba, or Bodas de Oro; he was a prominent composer, violinist and conductor, exponent of popular genres as jazz, son, danzon, the guarachas and classical music. ... more >>
2014 Book Fair: La calle de Rimbaud. Nuevos poetas cubanos.
2014.02.21 - 11:40:14

Several works from five publishing houses of the Hermanos Saíz Association’s system are available at the Cuban Pavilion; a venue where young people can attend and enjoy of cultural activities, which is located on the corner of 23rd and N streets, in Vedado neighbourhood. But, the one which stands out the most is the anthology: ‘‘La calle de Rimbaud. Nuevos poetas cubanos’’, and which is labelled by Matanzas Aldabón publishing house. ... more >>
Bayamo Editions: to show its letters on the International Book Fair
2014.02.18 - 16:44:50

Excellent proposals of this 23rd Edition of the international Book fair of Havana come from the other side of the island, which are much more surprising when bringing along the warm breeze of Bayamo’s lands; those Cuban eastern landscapes with a rich history of courage and tradition. ... more >>

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