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Rosa María: a paradigm of the Cuban woman
2013.04.02 - 10:12:55

Rosa Maria Pérez Aguilar dreamed of serving others since her childhood in her native Manzanillo. Her love for people was the result of her parents’ and relatives’ education, who met revolutionary figures such as Celia Sánchez, Crescencio Pérez and Guillermo García, and told her anecdotes about other revolutionaries such as Piti Fajardo and Che. ... more >>
The art of binding hearts through words
2013.03.30 - 14:26:32

On Wednesday, when citizens of the world commemorate the International Theatre Day, the most important thing of this date is the message read each year by a personality of renowned scenic prestige. ... more >>
José White: A great among musicians
2013.03.28 - 14:02:38

José White: Cuban violinist and composer, considered one of the most famous musicians of his age, died in Paris, France, leaving behind him a trail of dreams turned into these tunes we make available to the public from this Cuban radio station. ... more >>
Lázaro Peña is multiplied in millions
2013.03.26 - 14:12:41

The 33rd anniversary of the death of Lázaro Peña González, the leader of the Cuban working class, was commemorated in early hours of the morning on every workplace in our island. There were made poems, songs and words of commitment to remember and honor this great Cuban. ... more >>
ALBA: A Cultural dawn for our people
2013.03.21 - 13:13:03

The ALBA is commonly known as the dawn, and thus it came on its new definition or Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA, an acronym for its original name) symbolizing a sunrise to countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Commonwealth of Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. ... more >>
I was close to Chavez, an unforgettable experience
2013.03.18 - 10:23:30

One of the most touching memories I have of my college is having witnessed-some years ago, the visit of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro to the Havana’s University Hill. ... more >>
Those who die for life do not deserve being called dead
2013.03.18 - 10:17:27

I got very worried and sad when on Tuesday I heard about the death of President Hugo Chavez. An immense pain stayed in my heart, and I could not avoid crying, but I imagine the same happened to the millions of people who learned to love the Bolivarian leader. ... more >>
Chávez: An universal citizen
2013.03.15 - 09:31:12

His light came to us from Sabaneta de Barinas... Blessed be Elena Chavez among women by giving the fruit of her womb to the masses. ... more >>
Will the radio disappear with the arrival of Internet?
2013.03.11 - 13:28:18

The World Radio Day is on February 13th and I see it very favorably because it is a massive, generous and flexible means, which is beyond time, does not get older, nor expires due to Internet. ... more >>
Cuban education: 60 years after the Moncada
2013.03.08 - 15:10:44

And of course I agree with him, but half a century is an excellent chronometer for taking the pulse of the Cuban educational development in these 50, and ten years more, an area that at six decades of the Moncada Program (History Will Absolve Me ), shows significant gains that guarantee its quality. ... more >>
The Proper Use of the Spanish Language
2013.03.04 - 16:01:34

Let me clarify I asked for permission to do so, because on Feb. 21st people around the world celebrated the International Mother Language Day and precisely I have the pleasure of interviewing a great popularizer of its proper use. ... more >>
Half a century of a blockade policy
2013.02.25 - 14:08:24

The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy was who formalized the economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba, fulfilling the mandate entrusted to him by the Congress of the United States through the Section 620 of the Foreign Assistance Act of September 1961, declaring the total blockade against Cuba from 12:01 AM on February 6, 1962, although since 1959 they had been applying isolationist policies against Cuba. ... more >>

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