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142nd Anniversary of the Death in Combat of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
2016.03.01 - 16:03:30

Under the title Jornada patriótica Hombre de Mármol, the Casa Natal Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Museum in Bayamo, Granma province, commemorated the 142nd anniversary of the death in combat of the Father of the Homeland, between February 25-27. ... more >>
February 24, a day of commemorations
2016.03.01 - 14:18:18

It is amazing that one day includes so many commemorations together: the anniversary of the Socialist Constitution, the foundation of Radio Rebelde and the anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence. ... more >>
The book entitled "Raúl Castro: un hombre en Revolución" is the essential biography of a revolutionary
2016.02.26 - 17:25:01

This volume was presented at the Nicolás Guillén Hall of the Fortaleza de San Carlos de La Cabaña, within the context of the XXV International Book Fair of Havana. ... more >>
Painting, eroticism, medicine? Crispin Sarrá exhibits his art at Radio Enciclopedia
2016.02.23 - 15:35:37

The exhibition entitled Enciclopedia Crispiniana en el Éter, which consists of a total of fifteen pieces that offer a touch of joy and color to our radio station, was inaugurated in the gallery of Radio Enciclopedia, the seat of our station on February 11th. ... more >>
January is Martí ’s month
2016.02.09 - 09:43:11

January receives the influences of Cuban National Hero José Julián Martí Pérez. Martí was born on January 28, 1853 on Paula in Havana. ... more >>
The Americas and Martí
2016.02.07 - 08:46:10

In times of harsh storm, the pages of "Nuestra América" provide the necessary warning in the context of regional changes and overlapping wars. ... more >>
A permanent homage to Holocaust victims
2016.02.04 - 15:28:35

His name is Simón Goldsztein Rosenfeld and because of the memories, which he has taken on the responsibility for the care and attention of the permanent exhibition at the Centro Sefaradí de Cuba, entitled Recordamos. ... more >>
José Martí and science, at the service of human advancement
2016.01.28 - 18:04:00

When researching on the thinking of José Martí his ethical sense of unity, uniqueness and originality stand out. ... more >>
200th anniversary of the birth of our senior engineer Francisco de Albear
2016.01.15 - 15:00:26

A man is known by his work, says an old saying. Moreover, when the work is long lasting, so does the memory of its author. ... more >>
Cohabitation, solo exhibition by Vizcaíno Sarría
2016.01.14 - 09:22:24

Lino Félix Vizcaíno Sarría presents fourteen works in remarkable aesthetics and concepts in his solo exhibition titled ¨Cohabitation¨, which is currently on show at Teodoro Ramos Gallery in the Cuban capital. ... more >>
The facets of a unique artist, Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal
2016.01.11 - 17:16:27

With rather complex approaches between the conceptual formulation of his busy artistic productions and the excellence of his drawings, Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal has been characterized within the panorama of contemporary Cuban art for the exaltation of certain edges of syncretic religion, but from a deep, anthropological, critical and sociological angle, he distances himself quite a bit from clichés of folklorism. ... more >>
Carlos Acosta: one of the greatest dancers in the world
2016.01.08 - 10:56:17

Carlos Acosta, aged 42, retired as a classical ballet dancer, but will continue as a dancer and choreographer in contemporary works with his own company in Cuba. He plans to develop a line of neoclassical and contemporary performances that reveal the dance traditions of our nation and also latest trends in art. ... more >>

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