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Deciphering the Anthem of the 26
2013.02.01 - 13:20:39

If someone had told me four years ago that because of the 60th anniversary of the actions of July 26, I would have the opportunity to interview the musician, poet and combatant from Havana, Agustin Diaz Cartaya, the surprise wouldn´t have been so colossal. ... more >>
The journey and the anchor of the Pogolottis in Cuba
2013.01.31 - 09:39:36

There Graziella Pogolotti, the granddaughter of the builder of the first working-class neighborhood in Cuba and Latin America, was waiting for me. ... more >>
We are still celebrating our 50th anniversary (+ photos)
2013.01.24 - 14:46:47

A huge party took place in January last year at Radio Encyclopedia. Since then that celebration has occupied every minute in the life of the familiar group of workers inhabiting this radio station. ... more >>
Guillermo Tuzzio: Radio Enciclopedia is my second home
2013.01.24 - 14:33:54

Cuban famous pianist Guillermo Tuzzio shared with us a few minutes of confessions, laughter, memories, hopes and gratitude to mark this 50th anniversary of Radio Enciclopedia. ... more >>
Marti: internationalist
2013.01.23 - 13:27:59

"We are men, besides being Cubans, who fight on behalf of every man’s decency and happiness". The words José Marti said in 1889, during a ceremony in Hardman Hall, New York, on the occasion of October 10th Anniversary, showed our national hero’s internationalist thought. ... more >>
A musical look to 2012
2013.01.22 - 20:25:40

Different art forms were enriched through the awards ceremonies, the presence in Cuban scenarios of outstanding personalities of other countries as well as the proven quality of art education in Cuba, ensuring the prevalence of our cultural traditions. ... more >>
In memory of the centenary of exceptional Creole mulatto Candida Quintana
2012.11.20 - 11:58:17

I’d like to speak about Candita Quintana, one of the undisputed legends of Cuban theatre; because the opinion of a child about this woman, despite his innocence, is more reliable than any other I would listen to. ... more >>
Yolexis Martinez: the Dream Maker
2012.11.19 - 21:25:08

Today, as I read the title of this article, I’d like to introduce my guess whom I did not meet by chance. ... more >>
Enciclopedia’s faces
2012.11.05 - 14:27:19

Radio Enciclopedia’s website proposes you an approach to the workers of this station, who are responsible, everyday, and without interruption, for a cultural- programming-transmission , delighting thus the radio audience.This will be one of our proposals to mark the half a century of existence of our station, a faithful company at all times. ... more >>
Art Exhibition Inaugurated for 50th Anniversary of Radio Encyclopaedia
2012.10.30 - 22:11:49

Radio Encyclopaedia, a classic music station in Cuba, will celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 7. As part of the activities being carried out, an art exhibition was inaugurated at this station. Radio Encyclopaedia is the only station in the world in which all its radio announcers are women and broadcasts under slogan: "For every moment of life". ... more >>
The responsibility of a letter
2012.10.22 - 15:34:00

The answer to what a whole people felt while listening to Fidel; will remain in the memories and hearts of those who lived in that moment. For those who came after, just our parents’ and grandparents’ anecdotes will remain, as well as the patriotic feeling we experience while reading its lines. ... more >>
Grito de la Demajagua to be remembered in the Historic Center
2012.10.09 - 20:31:41

On October 10, 18868, the sugar mill “La Demajagua”, owned by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes in the Western part of the country, was a witness of the most important fact that have taken place up to that moment in Cuba: the opening call to the war of independence. ... more >>

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