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2014 Book Fair: La calle de Rimbaud. Nuevos poetas cubanos.
2014.02.21 - 11:40:14

Several works from five publishing houses of the Hermanos Saíz Association’s system are available at the Cuban Pavilion; a venue where young people can attend and enjoy of cultural activities, which is located on the corner of 23rd and N streets, in Vedado neighbourhood. But, the one which stands out the most is the anthology: ‘‘La calle de Rimbaud. Nuevos poetas cubanos’’, and which is labelled by Matanzas Aldabón publishing house. ... more >>
Bayamo Editions: to show its letters on the International Book Fair
2014.02.18 - 16:44:50

Excellent proposals of this 23rd Edition of the international Book fair of Havana come from the other side of the island, which are much more surprising when bringing along the warm breeze of Bayamo’s lands; those Cuban eastern landscapes with a rich history of courage and tradition. ... more >>
David Álvarez to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Juego de manos
2014.02.13 - 16:18:51

The Cuban musical group ‘‘Juego de manos’’ celebrates its 20th Anniversary on this month of February, so on the occasion of its commemoration and for knowing more about his work I talked to David Álvarez. ... more >>
Your ideas will remain for ever: Madiba
2013.12.11 - 19:05:33

When I decided to write about Nelson Mandela, the undeniable leader of the world peace, I was afraid to be not worthy of such an honour, so he was a man who accomplished great deeds by means of his determined fight for freedom and equality. ... more >>
Let’s treat women nicely
2013.11.20 - 16:54:45

I have lived with great satisfaction during the last few days , since I have seen women feeling happy just for being treated nicely by men everywhere in the city, but especially on busses and at public places. ... more >>
Arturo Sotto and his Decameron: made in Cuba
2013.11.15 - 14:48:46

Giovanni Boccaccio, the great Italian writer of Renaissance, is better known in Cuba as the ‘‘Decameron’’. However, another work will connect him to our popular culture, when next December, the premiere of the movie ‘‘Boccaccerías mías’’ by prominent director Arturo Sotto takes place at the International Festival of Contemporary Latin American Cinema. ... more >>
Children’s happiness is on our hands
2013.11.07 - 18:30:15

By means of exchanging some criteria among my friends and relatives and by seeking out opinions from other Cuban citizens about the definition of the word ‘‘rights’’, I was able to gather valuable information in order to write some lines about this topic. Nevertheless, we all agreed on just one idea: Rights are not to be invented; they just exist, and they are a necessary and an indispensable part of our lives, which must be well observed by every one of us. ... more >>
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: the most faithfuland kind Don Quixote
2013.10.19 - 09:44:44

I met Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra through the indispensable approach every young Cuban, during his student life, has with the renowned author of "Don Quixote of La Mancha", iconic character whom along with his friend Sancho Panza, teach us in each reading the nice value of friendship and the importance of caring and respecting people around us. ... more >>
We only have
2013.09.26 - 14:21:18

Since entering school age we are taught that the environment is all around us. That is the name we give to the surroundings that affects and conditions especially the life circumstances of people or society, and comprises a set of natural and social values influencing the present and future. ... more >>
For a giant school
2013.09.24 - 11:02:35

Ernesto Che Guevara, in his essay “El socialismo y el hombre en Cuba” (Socialism and man in Cuba), said the society has to operate as a gigantic school. ... more >>
Who is to blame for what gone with the wind?
2013.09.20 - 10:40:23

July 1st marks in Cuba the start of a season that encloses need for knowledge, responsibility, taking measures, and paying special attention to every detail of weather forecasts. Surely you already know what I’m saying, of course; I’m talking about the hurricane season, which only gives us respite after November 30. ... more >>
Behind the name of an important Faculty
2013.09.16 - 14:39:18

The bright and colorful building of the Faculty of Odontology of Havana ‘‘Raúl González Sánchez’’, which is located on the corner of Salvador Allende Avenue and the crowded G street, was erected in the Art-Deco style in homage to the young Cuban revolutionary who was murdered on September 2nd, 1958 on the surrounding areas of such institution. ... more >>

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