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Master talk: intimacies with pianist Frank Fernández
2013.07.03 - 15:30:26

Although it came from a delicate woman, the order was clear and precise when granting me the privilege of interviewing Cuban pianist Frank Fernández. I had the mission, along with two colleagues, of going to the house of the maestro and, in addition to updating songs from his authorship; a professional exchange was more than evident to learn about his recent work. ... more >>
Emilia Morales, member of FMC and lover of good music
2013.06.26 - 15:06:41

I have coincided with the prestigious Cuban singer Emilia Morales in dissimilar cultural events where she has displayed her sweet and tender voice and her high proficiency as a teacher in singing competitions where she has served as a juror. ... more >>
José Martí: "Friendship is sure cure for all the sorrows"
2013.06.21 - 12:49:00

Aphorisms are the most valuable treasure of humanity, they mean experience and knowledge. Aphorisms, sayings, proverbs, thoughts, depending on location and / or person, provide lessons of wisdom. In recent when reading about values, family and friendship, I remembered that brief and popular statement: "Your nearest neighbor is your best brother." ... more >>
Mikowsky and the world’s largest piano
2013.06.13 - 16:05:23

When describing it as the world’s largest piano I used a metaphorical ingenuity that helped me to express the colossal idea the renowned Cuban pianist and Professor Salomon Gadles Mikoswky had by gathering in Old Havana important pianists of the world who share the privilege of being instructed by him. ... more >>
Close up to the third issue of Ania Pino in Memoriam contest
2013.06.07 - 15:08:07

I remember her when she was a student of Journalism, with her semi-long hair: sometimes she wore it done up and other times it was loose. ... more >>
Anabel Acosta: Cuban-born and peasant show presenter
2013.05.29 - 12:51:39

Every Sunday night Cubans play the ¨double seven¨ with her and Fernando Guardado, by talking about Cuban traditions, to enjoy ¨Palmas y Cañas¨-the best peasant show produced today by our TV. ... more >>
Talking with a young Cuban triplet player
2013.05.22 - 13:13:18

Concerning the new edition of Cubadisco 2013 we spoke with a young talent of Cuban music, whose album "Enifrasiando" has been nominated in this festival in the category of vocal-instrumental music. ... more >>
Carnations and violets: in tribute to Sara Montiel
2013.05.20 - 14:40:22

Men showed great devotion to her, and many women around the world sang her beautiful songs for generations, which came to be very popular by means of her outstanding voice. ... more >>
Cuban Cra ftsmanship and its imminent hazards
2013.05.15 - 12:37:20

The first image of a commercial product is always the best. Moreover, if that initial glance is supported by an excellent utility value. ... more >>
Cuba is a woman, just like me
2013.05.07 - 16:39:58

The first question is none other than the place of women in the professional and personal life of Lizette Vila. ... more >>
The Moncada Barracks and its vast humanity
2013.04.26 - 17:24:35

"Everyone had instructions of being, above all, humane in the struggle," confessed Fidel Castro, when he went from accused to accuser in the unfair and cruel trial of the young men who, sixty years ago, assaulted the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks on July 26, 1953. ... more >>
The land and the Moncada Barracks are issues that will survive
2013.04.25 - 14:31:18

When young lawyer Fidel Castro Ruz assumed his self-defense in 1953, after the events of the Moncada Barracks, one of the points addressed in his submission ¨History will absolve me¨ was the problem of land and landlordism. ... more >>

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