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Nicolás Guillén, an indispensable creator of the verse
2017.07.26 - 10:33:43

The stature of the poet Nicolás Guillén grows with the years in the eyes of the world. ... more >>
General elections in Cuba 2017-2018: the people involved in electoral activity
2017.07.14 - 13:51:42

As part of the general elections held in Cuba, more than five thousand electoral commissions were constituted, just over 47% of the total, according to a press conference. ... more >>
Exhibition reveals deep Hispanic roots shared by Cuba and Mexico
2017.07.14 - 13:50:58

"I think bullfighting is the most cultured party in the world," said the great Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, a genuine defender of this popular expression and who would be very pleased to be able to attend the exhibition "Cuba brava: el toreo en la memoria histórica de Cuba”, which opened at the Casa de México in Havana’s Historic Center. ... more >>
A television series project on Cuban slavery is awarded in Spain
2017.07.10 - 15:22:55

Una casa en Amargura, the new series by Ficción Producciones, of Galicia, won the award for Best Series television project, as reported in Conecta Fiction, the first international event dedicated to the co-production of television fiction series between Europe, Latin America and the Spanish-speaking United States, recently held in Santiago de Compostela. ... more >>
The handkerchief and fidelity in Che’s ashes
2017.07.04 - 12:12:26

In Bolivia On November 7, 1966, Commander Ernesto Guevara started writing his diary: Today a new stage begins. At night we arrived at the farm. The trip was pretty good. After arriving, conveniently disguised, at Cochabamba, Pachungo and I made contact and traveled by jeep, for two days and in two vehicles. ... more >>
X Cuba: young talents based on the Cuban political and electoral system
2017.06.28 - 11:49:52

Although the news of its launch has already occupied the main headlines in the national press, the application X Cuba - created by a multidisciplinary team of the Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas -, is an essential tool to fully comprehend the political and electoral system of the largest Antillean archipelago, in times where we have already been called to general elections by the Council of State. ... more >>
Héctor Gutiérrez: a distinction for culture and professionalism
2017.06.20 - 16:39:08

Convinced that improvisation was always at the heart of the rostrum, Cuban poet and improviser Héctor Gutiérrez Jiménez proudly received the Distinction for National Culture last May. ... more >>
Rita Longa: the art of keeping lucidity
2017.06.20 - 16:31:55

She began to exhibit in 1932 and did so constantly until the very year of her death. "Diana" was her first exhibition, a work in platinum plaster that suggested a start full of future. ... more >>
The emotional and reflective poetry of Alfonsina Storni
2017.06.14 - 14:18:14

Of that literary group, the Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni stands out for ithers modern expression; she was born on May, 1892 in Sala Capriasca, Switzerland, exactly 125 years ago. ... more >>
José Martí, a teacher and guide
2017.06.08 - 11:48:48

Through the words and thoughts of personalities of politics and culture, Martí has been remembered for centuries. Today his legacy remains, especially in times of imperial fury. ... more >>
Alberto Alonso, a centenary of the Cuban choreographer
2017.06.08 - 11:33:49

Recognized as the first Cuban dancer and choreographer with a syncretic work that combined national and foreign elements, Alberto Alonso is undoubtedly a leading figure in the history of dance on the Caribbean island, as well as one of its most outstanding personalities of international renown. ... more >>
José Martí, that mystery that accompanies us
2017.06.06 - 13:54:28

From the earliest childhood he envelops and surrounds us, not from the stony figure or the official homage, but in every glimpse of his life and work we have understood the mysterious body of the Fatherland or our own soul. ... more >>

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