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Guido López-Gavilán: In my music, you can always hear the Cuban root
2018.08.15 - 11:40:46

The musician, pedagogue, conductor and Cuban composer Guido López-Gavilán (Matanzas, 1944) is convinced that music is unique and, at the same time, has infinite proportions. His perception of the development of Cuban music moves away from pigeonholing and limits to reflect the most genuine of our nationality. ... more >>
El agua por todas partes, in remembrance of Martínez Pedro
2018.08.12 - 21:18:38

Always attached to the sea in his creations, there is no better way to remember Luis Martínez Pedro (Havana, 1910-1989). Paying the necessary posthumous tribute to a great creator as this 20th century Cuban is a commitment of the National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA), which has materialized in the fabulous exhibition entitled “Mar-tínez Pedro. El agua por todas partes.” ... more >>
Pablo Neruda and his soul verses
2018.08.12 - 08:31:19

Neruda, as a commitment and faith in life, wanted to "poetize" the world, to name each of its things, as if it were a lyrical encyclopedia. ... more >>
The man who drew poetry
2018.08.11 - 11:52:07

Luis Carbonell did not like interviews and it is difficult to imagine such shyness if in each verse he gives it all on stage. But the truth is that he avoided the revelations, dialogues about his life, the questions... ... more >>
More good manners, please
2018.08.11 - 11:13:49

Cubans have always been characterized by kindness, disinterest and willingness to help anyone who needs it. Even those who visit us from other countries can quickly appreciate that Cubans are very approachable, very human and perfect to start conversations with or help in any matter, if needed. ... more >>
On the new Constitutional Reform in Cuba
2018.08.09 - 15:57:24

At the close of the recently completed first regular session of the IX Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), a Preliminary Constitutional Reform was approved, which from August 13 to November 15 will focus the debates on public consultation, an important step before the realization of a final referendum. ... more >>
José de la Luz y Caballero, a silent founder of Cuban awareness
2018.07.31 - 16:40:49

What constitutes the spirit, altruism, and greatness of a human being? Do the facts of your life and the people who share your career determine your feats? Questions that are always necessary and that need to be formulated about the heroes of a country. ... more >>
Covarrubias: a symbol of typical Creole theater
2018.07.31 - 12:39:58

Since he was a young man, Francisco acted on special occasions when he met with close friends. Maybe he never did it in front of his family. His parents had made sure that he had an excellent education and did not expect such artistic inclinations from him. ... more >>
Un Día Cualquiera for good music
2018.07.30 - 14:08:27

The Cuban pianist Harold López-Nussa, collected in his second production with the United States label Mack Avenue Records. ... more >>
Ernesto Vega: Being a father touches my heart
2018.07.09 - 14:47:57

Undertaking a new record project is a challenge, even for an instrumentalist of the high caliber of Ernesto Camilo Vega,a promising name of the Cuban clarinet and a prominent exponent of the new generation of Cuban jazz musicians. However, when conversing with Radio Enciclopedia, the talented musician confessed to be on the verge of his biggest challenge: to become a father. ... more >>
A tribute to Corona, the King of Song
2018.07.09 - 14:35:12

The work of the poet Manuel Corona (Caibarién, June 17, 1880) perpetuates his life more than a century later. Although he had no more wealth in life than his incredible musical genius, the Villa Clara singer occupies a luxury seat in the annals of Cuban history and culture. ... more >>
Ode to the Father of the Homeland
2018.07.04 - 20:40:09

With such a warning sign, the lawyer Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and López del Castillo (1819-1874) would legitimize his role as a precursor in a revolutionary feat, whose strength and essence transcends until today. ... more >>

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