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Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba, 25 years on the scene and much more
2017.09.15 - 14:25:36

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC), the well-known company led by the renowned Cuban professor, has been deeply involved in a long period of work since the beginning of January. ... more >>
Danzón for all time
2017.09.15 - 13:45:09

Las alturas de Simpson was the name of the first Cuban danzón, one of the pieces of his authorship. They say its premiere was held at the Matanzas Club, which is now the Sala Hall, although several researchers agree that the subject had been performed and rehearsed for a year in a building known as La Quinta Luna. ... more >>
The exhibition Color en blanco y negro is displayed at Radio Enciclopedia
2017.09.05 - 15:25:29

The exhibition Color en blanco y negro by Ana Gladys Falcón is displayed these days at the gallery of Radio Enciclopedia, as a tribute to the nine and a half decades of radio in Cuba and the 57th anniversary of the organization that groups women (FMC). ... more >>
The Cuban electoral system: socialist democracy
2017.09.05 - 15:19:22

A new institution took shape in Cuba in 1976, with which the current electoral system that promotes popular participation was implemented through which citizens can choose, nominate, elect, control and revoke their representatives. ... more >>
Radio Cubana: a history of generations
2017.08.26 - 12:19:15

At only 15 years Luis Casas Romero went to war. He had decided to join the Mambí Army: he, his patriotism, all his knowledge about solfeggio and flute, and his ability to perform concert works. Take to the hills! ... more >>
Poe and the garden children: the ghost team chases light
2017.08.26 - 12:02:25

Edgar Allan Poe has many museums in his honor. One of them is in Baltimore, United States, in the house where he lived the first years of the 30’s of the nineteenth century. At 203 Amity Street (originally number 3), at the intersection with West Lexington, stands a building adorned with sober bricks, then nestled in a rural setting. There the poet lived with his wife Virginia, his cousin, whom he had married when she was 13 and he 27. ... more >>
A US university develops translation project in Cuba
2017.08.17 - 15:29:05

A cultural exchange between Matanzas and the United States has taken place during these last 15 days, with a project that fructified in the translation of works of nine poets in that Cuban province. ... more >>
In Cuba, literature by Mexican Juan José Arreola
2017.08.17 - 14:58:54

They say that in 1942 the Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda, visited Zapotlán el Grande in Mexico, and they also say that the dinner offered in tribute to him was attended by young Mexican Juan José Arreola. In those days the Chilean poet dedicated to him a copy of Veinte poemas y una canción desesperada, where he predicted: "To Juan José Arreola with faith in his destiny." ... more >>
The 55th Anniversary of the Experimental Workshop on Graphics is held in Havana
2017.08.03 - 17:03:12

The 55th anniversary of the Experimental Workshop on Graphics (TEGH) is held these days in Havana, with the tetralogy of exhibitions titled “Canto y llanto de la gloria”, “Haciendo camino largo”, “Sin fines de la estampa” y “Los hitos no hacen frontera”, which is a retrospective of the Cuban graphic tradition to date. ... more >>
Dracula: a novel with more than a century captivating readers
2017.08.03 - 16:58:58

With praise from Arthur Conan Doyle, and also from his contemporaries such as the Irish writer Oscar Wilde who said - without hesitation - it is "the most beautiful novel ever written." Bram Stoker perhaps did not suspect the repercussion that his name would have for the work that immortalized him forever: "Dracula". ... more >>
The infinite pain, the Fragua Martiana and glory
2017.07.26 - 10:42:38

La Fragua Martiana was declared a National Monument on May 8, 1996, both for the objects exhibited there and for the constant defense of history, the ideals of independence, the life and work of the Apostle. ... more >>
Nicolás Guillén, an indispensable creator of the verse
2017.07.26 - 10:33:43

The stature of the poet Nicolás Guillén grows with the years in the eyes of the world. ... more >>

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