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Mildre Hernández writes for a beautiful and statistically happy childhood
2018.06.26 - 16:40:07

The defense of love within the family in all its filial relationships, whatever its format, continues to be a banner in Mildre’s creation. The questioning of the root of the problems almost always connects with the lack of this feeling and the interest it arouses to favor mutual union and concern. ... more >>
Art and nature united in the genius of Núñez Jiménez
2018.06.26 - 16:33:17

The Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation of Nature and Man invites us to relive a feat that vindicates art and science as fundamental pillars in the construction of a sustainable future. ... more >>
The poem of the Cantares Gallegos
2018.06.16 - 12:36:46

The reason was the publication of “Cantares Gallegos”, the work of Rosalía de Castro, which was presented for the first time to the public on that date in 1863, exactly 155 years ago. ... more >>
Studying the work of José Martí is a vital necessity
2018.06.16 - 12:34:20

With the objective of remembering the 123rd anniversary of his fall in combat, Dr. Concepción Campa, who is the Director of the Finlay Institute, analyzed the impact of Martí’s work in creating awareness about a healthy life, during a lecture given on Radio Enciclopedia. ... more >>
Ignacio Piñeiro, a folk and popular musician
2018.06.16 - 12:17:41

According to the Dictionary of Cuban Music, written by Helio Orovio, there is an extensive list of genres that Piñeiro "frequented and largely created." They include: "son, son montuno, guaguancó-son, song-son, afro-son, conga, guaracha, guaguancó, song, guajira, villancico, danzón, rumba, son-pregón, guaracha-son, rumba-son , congo tango, prayer, lament, pregon, prelude, for a total of about 327 compositions." ... more >>
A bust of Martí in the Sierra Maestra
2018.06.16 - 12:11:40

Over 1974 meters above sea level, in the eastern Cuban Sierra Maestra, there is a bust of the national hero José Martí opened in 1953. It is a work by the Havana sculptor Lilian Jilma Valiente Wood (1915-2000) (1) and a copy of smaller size of that of the Fragua Martiana de La Habana. ... more >>
International Day of the Family
2018.06.16 - 11:58:59

The first social scenario where life goes by is the bosom of the family. The first opportunity to interact with other human beings, to measure ourselves as people, to trust and compete, occurs in close surroundings: the family. It is the environment where habits, customs, beliefs, superstitions, knowledge, fantasies, stimuli and dreams are created or banished; where virtues and educational values necessary for coexistence in society are cultivated; where the respect to the foreign and strange thing is taught, and the new that arrives is contrasted or rejected. ... more >>
Luna: a universe of sonorities
2018.06.15 - 17:41:36

The award-winning Cuban jazz pianist Rolando Luna performed in concert pieces of his new record entitled “Universo de Identidades” at the emblematic Martí Theater in Havana. ... more >>
Fina García-Marruz: an outstanding disciple of José Martí
2018.06.15 - 17:34:41

That outstanding voice of Spanish literature, with deep Martí’s roots, was recognized at the José Martí Memorial, in the Plaza de la Revolución, on her 95th birthday, on April 28. ... more >>
Julio Le Riverend, a master of Cuban historians
2018.06.15 - 17:26:21

These days the physical departure of Julio Le Riverend is remembered 20 years ago and the legacy of this pedagogue and researcher is revisited. He is a master of Cuban historians who, together with other great intellectuals of his time, knew how to create new methodological and thematic paths in Cuban historiography. ... more >>
A classic to celebrate International Dance Day
2018.06.15 - 17:12:31

Shortly before the end of April, a world celebration unites in the dance movement the beating of many hearts and the energy of millions of people who honor dance and art. Every year since 1982, International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29, as a special way to gather all those who have chosen dance as a means of expression. ... more >>
The captivating and poetic Brahms’ German Requiem
2018.06.05 - 15:58:13

With a masterful combination of intellectual perfection and overflowing romantic passion, Johannes Brahms’ German Requiem (Ein deutsches requiem) was born, and it was composed for soprano, baritone, choir and orchestra. ... more >>

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