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Leandro Soto: to live to create
2018.04.28 - 13:01:46

Open to the public from this Friday until May 14 in the Transitory Room of the Cuban Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition transgresses the canons of a purely decorative work and intends to interact with the viewer to reinterpret itself. ... more >>
Piano and fantasy, in the style of Fábrica de Arte
2018.04.15 - 12:20:06

Good work always surprises, but if the execution is daring, then the artist falls in love. You rarely attend a classical music concert with the conviction of attending a contemporary show as happened on Thursday night in Nave 4 of Fábrica de Arte Cubano. ... more >>
The death of an inclaudicable patriot
2018.04.15 - 11:55:44

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was the first to raise the Homeland on that memorable October 10, 1868 at La Demajagua, when he called brothers and sisters to the men and women whom he freed from their condition as slaves and made it possible for his own intelligence and courage to reach his place, his positions and ranks in the fight against Spanish colonialism. ... more >>
Elena Burke: talent, modesty and dedication
2018.04.11 - 16:26:07

Her real name: Romana Elena; her stage name: Elena Burke; the praise of her people: Señora Sentimiento. A lot of talent, modesty and dedication were found in that Cuban woman who was born on February 28, 1928. ... more >>
Che, a man who loved deeply
2018.04.11 - 16:21:21

When one turns to the life of a full man of undeniable virtues, one always thinks of that known human and loving side, because many times the experience of everything that his life and work contributed to the revolutionary cause of Cuba and the world, reaches us with more strength. ... more >>
What demons!
2018.04.05 - 18:39:23

Getting to discover the essence of this film is the challenge of the viewer, who will sometimes laugh and others will be waiting for more answers. ... more >>
Ana Betancourt, an example of an emancipating woman
2018.04.05 - 18:25:09

The name of Ana Betancourt de Mora has transcended in time and she is remembered among those outstanding Cuban women of the nineteenth century, who showed undeniable signs of all their value and greatness, in the midst of the emancipatory struggles. ... more >>
Camilo is born in every dawn
2018.03.22 - 18:56:14

Among the new reasons of the Cuban homeland, as a soldier of the first rank, Camilo Cienfuegos is still present, the guerrilla man of the thousand battles, the Lord of the Vanguard, the Hero of Yaguajay. ... more >>
A worthy patriot full of courage
2018.03.16 - 17:09:22

According to the baptism book of black people of the Church of San Nicolás de Morón, on February 2, 1849, 169 years ago, José Marcelino Maceo y Grajales was born - who over the years became the greatest general of the Liberation Army of Cuba -, also known in history as General José or El León de Oriente. ... more >>
Collective exhibition commemorates two centuries of the San Alejandro Academy
2018.03.16 - 17:04:07

The Picabia Gallery, which is part of the French Alliance of Havana, located in Prado and Trocadero, exhibits these days the collective exhibition entitled Hommage (Homage in English). This exhibition is dedicated to the bicentennial of the San Alejandro Visual Arts Academy, which is one of the first institutions in Latin America dedicated to the teaching of fine arts. ... more >>
José Martí: a great humanist and savior
2018.03.02 - 15:37:34

A pedagogue and philosopher by profession, an illustrious Martí follower in scholarly oratory, the National Martí Program Advisor, Jorge Juan Lozano Ros, had the courtesy to respond to professionals from different media, in a press conference convened to publicize the prizes of the ‘Leer a Martí’ contest. ... more >>
The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Martí Theater
2018.02.23 - 16:19:59

Musical Theater is a genre, if not underestimated, sometimes overlooked in the Cuban art scene. Beyond memorable scenes sung in the buffo theater, and reproduced in popular films such as La Bella del Alhambra, few works of this genre have transcended the actual moment of their staging, to be embedded in the history or memory of the people. ... more >>

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