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Art and exquisiteness from the City Museum of the Caribbean to the Historical Center of the capital
2017.05.31 - 11:46:03

In one of the most colorful surroundings of Old Havana, very close to the bay and in front of the Basílica Menor del Convento de San Francisco de Asís is the Carmen Montilla Gallery. Today it livens up its image with the exhibition Exquisitez femenil, by the ever surprising Yudit Vidal Faife, an artist who has come from the city of Trinidad together with 20 craftsmen who make up the project Entre hilos, alas y pinceles, which is designed and directed by this remarkable creator. ... more >>
Juan Rulfo, on the centenary of a non conformist author
2017.05.31 - 11:22:03

The Mexican writer Juan Rulfo only needed two books (one story book and one novel), to become one of the major narrators of the 20th century; on the 16th of May this mythical Latin American author would have been one hundred years old. ... more >>
The girl who inspired the character of Alice in Wonderland
2017.05.24 - 18:24:29

If we talk about children’s literature, I’m sure we will not fail to mention the famous novel The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, one of the most popular books of the last century in that genre. ... more >>
Chronicles of Poor Lovers: A bold portrait of fascist Italy
2017.05.20 - 13:43:00

Chronicles of Poor Lovers (Cronache di poveri amanti) by the writer Vasco Pratolini is a masterpiece of Italian neo-realism that was released on May 4, 1947, exactly 70 years ago, and with it the author began his career as a remarkable writer, both in Italy and abroad. ... more >>
Paulo Freire and critical pedagogy
2017.05.15 - 15:59:58

Two decades later, on May 2, of his death in São Paulo, Brazil, since he died in 1997, one continues to question and rethink the educational methods that are still used in the world and Freire’s proposal in that respect. ... more >>
Rodrigo Sosa and his Andean music in Havana
2017.05.15 - 15:50:36

Before colonization the Andean people had a solid culture expressed fully in the dance, music, visual arts, literature, and religion. Although the conquest was fierce and artistic expressions, therefore, were subjugated, however there are still flashes of that work in many of their descendants. ... more >>
Carlos Enríquez, an essential creator of the visual arts
2017.05.08 - 16:50:19

It was the second day of May 1957, the month when spring began in this hemisphere, when the Cuban painter Carlos Enríquez Galope died at the age of 56. ... more >>
Dance, poetry in motion
2017.05.08 - 16:11:45

For the past 35 years, every April 29, the world celebrates International Dance Day, a special time to bring together all the styles and manifestations of this artistic expression. ... more >>
Composition Award: half a century in favor of Latin American music
2017.04.24 - 15:53:54

During the sixties the great and persevering Cuban composer Harold Gramatges, who worked for those years in the Casa de las Américas, proposed to the director of the institution, Haydée Santamaría, the idea of creating a music award that would stimulate and disseminate the musical creation of contemporary Latin America. ... more >>
An afternoon with Sindo Garay
2017.04.21 - 15:10:08

The formal ignorance of music did not prevent Sindo Garay - born in Santiago de Cuba on April 12, 1867, 150 years ago - to storm the sound world of his country, because in his modest home the charm of music was always present: "In my house there were always one, two and up to three guitars, not counting those of mom and dad" - revealed in an interview the creator of "Perla marina’’. ... more >>
Ernesto Che Guevara, a living presence of the Revolution
2017.04.19 - 12:15:22

They say that when a human being enters history, they become a statue. This idea may be very true in some cases, but in others it is categorically denied by the weight and the imprint of the personality. ... more >>
Flora Fong dialogues with Fidel s path, canvas and photography
2017.04.17 - 15:09:49

Flora Fong has been one of the sixteen privileged artists to be called in order to intervene photographs taken to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, by his son, photographer Alex Castro. Exclusive pieces that were achieved with excellence making up the exhibition named, YO CUIDO, these days open to the public in the gallery "El reino de este mundo", at the José Martí National Library of Cuba. ... more >>

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