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Havana cigars and art in perfect communion
2017.03.22 - 14:27:31

Like lovers united by time, arts and cigars have been linked for many centuries. Once again, this alliance of excellence is shown at the XIX Havana Cigar Festival, which runs from last February 27 at the Havana Convention Center. ... more >>
Who reads more: men or women?
2017.03.15 - 16:02:24

At present, it is indisputable that the act of reading has lost its hierarchy. The factors are multiple: from the competition and originality of other means of entertainment and knowledge up to the poor diffusion and defense of a book. ... more >>
Gabriel García Márquez: 90th birthday anniversary of the father of magical realism
2017.03.15 - 15:46:25

"Gabriel García Márquez earned his full name and last name when he finished Cien años de soledad, which took him out of his solitude to accompany the admiration of two continents," said Cuban poet Fina García Marruz on the father of magical realism. ... more >>
Ireland and Cuba: a literary encounter between two islands
2017.03.06 - 17:52:00

The famous Irish writer Joseph O Connor presented his novel El crimen de la Estrella del mar at the Nicolás Guillén Hall of the San Carlos of La Cabaña Fortress, as part of the proceedings of the XXVI International Book Fair of Havana. ... more >>
Salvador Bueno and his passion for literature
2017.03.06 - 17:22:26

On the centenary of this famous intellectual, during the XXVI International Book Fair in Havana in 2017, a panel was held to evoke his imprint on Cuban and Hispanic American Literature, with the participation of Professor Ana Cairo Ballester, essayist Cira Romero and the librarian Tomás Fernández Robaina. ... more >>
Best Foot Forward
2017.03.02 - 11:15:06

Certainly, Cuban violinist and composer Omar Puente has gotten off on the right foot in 2017. His most recent album, Best Foot Forward, won the Lukas Award in the jazz and folklore category in the UK. ... more >>
Presentation of La novela de mi vida by Leonardo Padura
2017.03.02 - 11:06:52

The novel, published by Ediciones Matanzas Publishing House, reached the readers of the nation - the text, from an integral vision and excellent narrative, reveals the life of the Cuban romantic poet José María Heredia. ... more >>
The mythical adventure of Margarita Mateo, the 2016 National Award for Literature
2017.02.21 - 11:58:55

The ceremony, which was held in the context of the XXVI International Book Fair, was presided over by the Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto and the president of the Cuban Book Institute (ICL), Juan Rodríguez Cabrera, who presented the winner with a diploma that was the work of artist José Luis Fariñas. Relevant writers, members of the panel of judges, relatives and friends were also present. ... more >>
A text published in Havana reveals a little-known facet of Avellaneda
2017.02.21 - 11:40:22

Avellaneda reveals herself in this Devocionario, urges us to reread her work, and according to the essayist and poet Roberto Méndez, who is a member of the Cuban Academy of Language, her publication repairs a great omission in our letters and in Cuban culture in general. ... more >>
African roots, between memory and confirmation
2017.02.17 - 16:12:23

The exhibition entitled "Las muerteras y los ancestros" by Italian artist Maria Giulia Alemanno is on display in the Casa de África, from January to March. ... more >>
The tricontinental solidarity: the dream
2017.02.17 - 16:06:28

It was the first meeting of political organizations and independent governments on three continents. Havana welcomed solidarity on January 1966. ... more >>
Leonel López-Nussa Exhibition: a confident mosaic about the life of a creator
2017.02.13 - 16:59:23

Revealing the vital past of an intellectual who built an unmistakable universe from his writings and canvases is the exhibition "Ele-Nussa: su letra, su arte, su música", which is dedicated to the centenary of the painter, engraver, draftsman, narrator and art critic Leonel López-Nussa (1916-2004). ... more >>

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