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Impact of the US blockade on the IT and Communications sector in Cuba
2017.11.06 - 14:53:31

This November 1st will be the presentation and voting of the draft resolution needd to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba, in the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, in New York. ... more >>
Fidel Castro: The first thing to save is culture
2017.10.27 - 16:14:09

It was 1998 and in a Cuba that received the influence of the collapse of the former Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the leader of the revolution Commander in Chief Fidel Castro expressed: "The first thing to save is culture." Thus he reflected on the VI Congress of the National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), in which he further argued that cultural heritage is a national coat of arms. ... more >>
Abel, the chosen one
2017.10.27 - 15:52:58

Abel Santamaría Cuadrado was born on October 20, 1927 in the municipality of Encrucijada, Villa Clara, and he was the third son of the marriage of Benigno Santamaría Pérez and Joaquina Cuadrado Alonso. ... more >>
Inspirations bequeathed by Céspedes
2017.10.23 - 11:36:17

With the rise of Demajagua, on October 10, 1868, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes began a decade of national-liberating, democratic and anti-slavery war that provided a place for every Cuban, regardless of their skin color and social position. "Cuba needs all its children to achieve independence!" He said with the certainty of men who know how to be faithful to the future. ... more >>
Cuba and the horrendous crime of Barbados: history cannot be forgotten
2017.10.23 - 11:28:42

It is ironic and even cynical to suggest to Cubans any thesis related to the forgetting of their history, more if it houses events that have left a colossal mark of pain in their lives, as did those that occurred on October 6, 1976. ... more >>
The archaic blockade
2017.10.09 - 16:29:22

The latest news from the UN headquarters in New York are revealing: presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers are calling for an end to the US blockade against Cuba. ... more >>
Teatro El Público to perform in Havana in October
2017.10.09 - 16:23:40

The play Así que pasen cinco años (1931) by the Spanish playwright and poet Federico García Lorca could be described as premonitory (1898-1936); Lorca wrote it five years before his death and since then, for its surrealist vocation and metaphorical density, it integrates the so-called "impossible theater" of the author. ... more >>
Eduard Encina, the voice that remains
2017.09.27 - 16:18:13

Eduard Encina Ramírez died at the age of 44 on September 8 during a passage through his homeland in eastern Cuba of a hurricane that left suffering and destruction amongst Cubans. Just as painful was the poet’s early death for those who know his life and work. Testimonies from various archipelago and world sites honor his memory. ... more >>
The prodigious image of Che Guevara in the eyes of Lezama Lima
2017.09.27 - 16:07:20

The very brief prose text that the Cuban poet and essayist José Lezama Lima writes about Che Guevara gives rise to various analysis and multiple readings according to each recipient. Under the name "Ernesto Guevara, Comandante Nuestro," the work is recorded in the context of the death of the Commander of the Revolution in La Higuera, on October 9, 1967, and in him Lezama reiterates the idea of his participation in history. ... more >>
When the course 2017-2018 begins in Cuba
2017.09.19 - 13:57:06

Day by day, the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro fulfilled: "I believe, I have always believed, and I think that, logically, you also believe that education is the most powerful weapon a man has to create an ethic, a conscience, and a sense of duty, a sense of organization, discipline, and responsibility." ... more >>
Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba, 25 years on the scene and much more
2017.09.15 - 14:25:36

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC), the well-known company led by the renowned Cuban professor, has been deeply involved in a long period of work since the beginning of January. ... more >>
Danzón for all time
2017.09.15 - 13:45:09

Las alturas de Simpson was the name of the first Cuban danzón, one of the pieces of his authorship. They say its premiere was held at the Matanzas Club, which is now the Sala Hall, although several researchers agree that the subject had been performed and rehearsed for a year in a building known as La Quinta Luna. ... more >>

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