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Dancer: a documentary on the controversial dancer Sergei Polunin
2017.04.11 - 16:09:34

If you like dance you will like this documentary. If you marvel at what the human body can do physically, you will enjoy this film creation. If you want a human story on sacrifice in the quest for perfection, you will rejoice with this visual work. ... more >>
Jorge Anckermann: prolific creator marked by Cuban essences
2017.04.11 - 16:03:36

Jorge Anckermann Rafart was born in the neighborhood of Santo Ángel in Havana. When he was 8 years old, he undertook his musical studies with his father Carlos Anckermann, who was a violinist, clarinetist and Majorcan pedagogue. ... more >>
En cuerpo y alma: a three-dimensional tour through the painting of Pedro Pablo Oliva
2017.04.07 - 16:43:08

For these pieces, as the entire work of Pedro Pablo Oliva, there is no accurate adjective that qualifies them, since it is somehow the qualifier and much more - it can be intelligent, magisterial, unsettling, and magical - because his work is categorically unusual and genuine. ... more >>
Nabucco, an opera by Giuseppe Verdi on his 175th birth anniversary
2017.04.05 - 15:56:28

This is the third opera of the Italian composer and was released on March 9, 1842, exactly 175 years ago, at La Scala in Milan, with Giuseppina Strepponi in the role of Abigail. ... more >>
José Martí: There is no better scepter than a good newspaper
2017.04.05 - 15:42:21

The National Hero of Cuba, José Martí, left his vivid prose in articles, chronicles, reports, releases, articles, notes and editorials. "Only those who know about journalism, and the cost of disinterest, can truly appreciate the energy, tenacity, sacrifices, prudence, strength of character that reveals the appearance of an honest and free newspaper", he would write when printing the Patria newspaper ... more >>
March 13, 1957: the commitment of José Antonio with the Homeland
2017.04.05 - 15:34:55

So many and important were the events that took place in Havana on March 13, 1957, and that day could well be one of the most glorious in the Homeland. ... more >>
Toward the tradition of a jewel of the Cuban nation, Havana cigars
2017.04.03 - 14:56:45

The intense week dedicated to Havana Cigar, between February 27 and March 3, exceeded expectations with the assistance of national and foreign experts and exhibitors, who showed their excellent offers of gastronomy, crafts, fashion and culture, and the whole universe related to the Puro Premium. ... more >>
Great and difficult narration by Sergio Pitol: Domar a la divina garza
2017.04.03 - 14:50:45

Sergio Pitol (Mexico, 1933) is one of the most important contemporary Latin American writers and an excellent translator of Witold Gombrowicz, Joseph Conrad, Henry James, amongst others. ... more >>
Ya no es antes: a film about the persistence of love
2017.03.28 - 12:54:14

This is one of the speeches between the only two characters involved in the film Ya no es antes by Cuban director Lester Hamlet, which began its official premiere in the main cinemas in Cuba on March 1st. ... more >>
José Zorrilla, 200 years of the poet of Valladolid
2017.03.28 - 12:40:35

His biographers tell us that he was an elusive, disobedient, pretentious, seductive, bustling, controversial, and bohemian man who had to survive a hostile political and family environment; nevertheless, in spite of his vital craving we find a generous person, with no profit motive in mind nor material attachments. ... more >>
Fidel’s imprint on Caricom
2017.03.22 - 14:54:12

On December 8, 2005, Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro said at the Second Caribbean-CARICOM Summit in Barbados, "We support the efforts of our Caribbean brothers to consolidate their regional integration and, as always, Cuba is ready to provide modest cooperation in areas where this is possible. The people of the Caribbean Community will always be able to count on the respect and friendship of Cuba." ... more >>
Havana cigars and art in perfect communion
2017.03.22 - 14:27:31

Like lovers united by time, arts and cigars have been linked for many centuries. Once again, this alliance of excellence is shown at the XIX Havana Cigar Festival, which runs from last February 27 at the Havana Convention Center. ... more >>

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