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A great renovator of poetic language in Spanish America: Rubén Darío
2017.02.13 - 16:49:44

Last January 18 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rubén Darío, and the whole world remembered this universal figure with multiple celebrations. In Nicaragua (his native country), Mexico, Spain, and throughout the American continent, different activities were carried out during the day in commemoration of the legacy of one of the great innovators of poetic language in Hispanic literature. ... more >>
Nuestra América, Martí and Fidel
2017.02.01 - 16:10:49

"Nuestra América" is a philosophical-political essay written by Cuban National Hero José Martí in 1891, where he defines with absolutely clarity and certainty the fundamental challenges of Latin America. In its paragraphs, he calls for the union of nations, for the defense of the sovereignty and for the independence of the metropolis. ... more >>
Firm commitment of Cuban youth to historical demands
2017.02.01 - 16:07:12

This January 27th the 64th anniversary was commemorated of the historic march proposed by young revolutionaries, who are members of the University Student Federation to not let the ideas of the Cuban National Hero, José Martí, die in the year of his centenary. It was a pilgrimage that happened from the Main Staircase of the University of Havana to the Fragua Martiana Museum. ... more >>
Celia Esther de los Desamparados
2017.01.30 - 16:58:32

Already from her first name that which would give coherence to the life of this woman was predicted, who was baptized in dissimilar ways, although for a big town, the family that already found in her guardian - not very different from those angels who, it is said, accompany us all our lives to give us their grace and protect us - was the most tenacious flower, without renouncing its lightness. ... more >>
Kcho: Fidel turned Cuba into an inextinguishable beacon
2017.01.30 - 16:43:13

"To be always with Fidel and his ideals is my premise as has been that of all the just Cubans of this land," said renowned visual artist Alexis Leyva Machado, known as Kcho, a few months after the Commander In Chief’s death. ... more >>
Ravenet: an essential book for Cuban art
2017.01.27 - 14:25:30

Critics describe the Cuban painter Domingo Ravenet as an artist in love with color and an educator of the anti-academic avant-garde, a figure that is rescued through a rich material entitled "Ravenet". ... more >>
Cheers of Yo soy Fidel for the victory and freedom caravan
2017.01.27 - 14:17:09

The Freedom Caravan arrived victorious in Havana on January 8, 1959, in which Fidel Castro and the rebels arrived triumphant after touring the largest Antillean archipelago, and leaving to all its settlers the message of the Revolution, its unshakable faith in the future. ... more >>
Pedro de Oraá presents his new exhibition entitled Abstractivos
2017.01.23 - 13:17:44

These days this great Cuban artist displays an exhibition entitled "Abstractivos", in the Cuban Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts, as part of the actions that take place when being awarded the 2015 National Prize of Visual Arts. ... more >>
A colonial house revives in Havana
2017.01.23 - 13:09:49

The majestic and stately home of Francisco de Arango y Parreño, now the current headquarters of Havana Historian’s Office, is erected in the historic center of the city. The building received the 2016 National Monument Restoration Award for the completeness of its studies and the restoration of its original elements. ... more >>
Fidel Castro: the future, necessarily of men of science
2017.01.19 - 13:08:28

"The future of Cuba must necessarily be a future of men of science," said Revolution leader Fidel Castro Ruz on January 15, 1960. And his vision of the scientific future of the nation marked these revolutionary years. ... more >>
Fidel, the greatest statesman
2017.01.06 - 15:44:53

Italian journalist Fabrizio Casari recently qualified Fidel Castro as the greatest statesman of the twentieth century and early XXI, he also confessed to the Prensa Latina Agency that it is very difficult to find another leader with his qualities anywhere in the world. ... more >>
58 years of a revolution
2017.01.06 - 15:18:07

On that first day of January 1959, the Rebel Army forces led by Fidel Castro were victorious in Santiago de Cuba. A week later, on January 8, a general strike would defeat the maneuvers of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and the Rebel Army was received in Havana by a large crowd. ... more >>

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