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Celebrating 40 years of the System of Culture Houses

Published: 2018.01.30 - 16:57:18   /  /  Laura Barrera Jerez  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Celebrating 40 years of the System of Culture Houses On January 24, 1978, the System of Culture Houses in Cuba was created from the Ministerial Resolution number 8 issued by Armando Hart Dávalos, who at the time was Minister of Culture.

According to its objectives, such entities were established to "apply and bring to the different sectors of the population, new cultural knowledge, thus guaranteeing its integral formation, especially that of children and young people."

Ever since, the Culture Houses have functioned as educational and recreational spaces for the Cuban family to occupy their free time in a useful way. The movement of amateur artists has grown on its premises, values and knowledge about artistic creation have been fostered fundamentally and links with other organizations and institutions that carry out similar work have been strengthened.

In this sense, Sociocultural Development Programs are implemented that stimulate the participation of different local actors in order to encourage citizen participation and the well-being of the members of the community.

All this is aimed at complying with Fidel’s key principle that defines "the concept of culture as historical memory, as the spiritual life of a people." This is the maximum expression of identity that, according to Fidel himself, is the shield and sword of a nation.

Therefore, during 2018 various activities will be carried out to celebrate the 40 years of this system. The Culture and Identity Conference to be held in February, in Lajas, Cienfuegos, will be dedicated to this anniversary; the celebration of the World Day of Cultural Diversity and the Day of Africa, from May 21 to 25; the National Workshop of Popular Festivities in Camajuaní, Villa Clara, in June; and the 51st edition of Cucalambeana, in Las Tunas, during the months of June and July.

As planned by the National Council of Culture Houses, in the framework of the Day for the Instructor of Art, on February 16, the Visual Arts Exhibition of the 2017 Escaramujo Awards will open in Havana. Three days later, the Abelardo Estorino Theater will host a discussion on the role of Instructors in Education for Art.

At the end of the year, the Special Edition of the A las Raíces Magazine will be presented, which is dedicated to this 40th anniversary, and the National Hall of Art Instructors will open on November 19 in Havana.

In addition, throughout the year there will be delivery of incentives to the Culture Houses that were founded 20, 25, 30 and 35 years ago.

Each province will celebrate a specific plan and each of them will carry out many activities that will pay homage to the event. In this sense, a Cultural Show of the José Martí Brigade is planned, which will commemorate the entrance of Maceo to Mantua, in Pinar del Río; the event "Cuba qué linda es Cuba", in Artemisa; the Meeting of Literary Workshops for Adults in Mayabeque; the simultaneous Municipal Expo-Fairs "40 years for the National Identity", in Cienfuegos; the Festival of Arts in Camajuaní; the Olga Alonso Theater Festival for Amateurs, in Sancti Spíritus; the Festival of Antillean Poetry, in Holguín; the Great Cantata with the Movement of Amateur Artists in Las Tunas; the Exchange of Experiences and Results of the Culture House System, in Santiago de Cuba; and the National Festival of Puppets and Street Theater, on Isla de la Juventud.

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