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Cuba Warrants the Right of Children to Happiness

Published: 2012.07.23 - 21:54:38   /  /  Ana Elizabeth Rodríguez

Vacationing Cuban Children. Photo: Raúl PupoOnce upon a time, there was an orphan child born in the eastern Cuban province of Holguin in 1931. Since he was 6 years old, he had to work in order to be able to study. He worked in an open field burning lime stone. With the money he earned he was able to buy notebooks for school. Later on, this boy became an engineer in telecommunications thanks to the opportunities created by the Revolution.

Once upon a similar time, there was another Cuban boy, born in Havana in 1930, whose parents became very ill. At the age of seven he started washing bottles at a distillery to apiece his hunger. But thanks to the Cuban revolution, this boy was able to study at prestigious music academies and became a professional musician.

These are true stories that lay in the pass.

Despite the many shortages that Cubans face in their everyday life, the nation continues to endure the economic and financial sanctions imposed by the US since the early 1960s; a blockade that has been condemned internationally at the UN General Assembly.

Notwithstanding, every Cuban citizen has the right to access medical services and education free of charge.

Some Cubans who have traveled abroad say that they could not get used to living in those countries where people do not look other people in the eye, no one says hello, and nobody gives you a hand on the street even you pass out.

And I have seen in other countries young children who do not laugh or play; they work hard, even at the expense of their health.

Nowadays, in Cuba, children are a priority of the state. They are provided with free health services and education. Their only job is to study; and there are many parks for them to play around safely. (MSc. Nora Rodríguez Calzadilla)

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