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Cuban Science at the Service of its People

Published: 2021.01.19 - 12:39:14  /  /  Ana Rosa Perdomo Sangermés

Cuban Science at the Service of its People
The Cuban scientific community is celebrating its day on January 15, together with the people who recognize and know it is a part of the achievements of a social process that goes beyond national boundaries and whose advances in science, technology and innovation are at the level of world development in many areas.

The creation of a highly prepared human capital, a genuine work of the strategic thinking of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the undisputed leader of the Cuban Revolution, led to Cuba being placed in a leading position at world level in the science sector, mainly in public health, on the basis of qualified personnel who are highly devoted to work and research, as well as to the development of their own technological systems.

The response capacity to the emergency situation caused by the entry of the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus into the country, in March 2020, was the result of the priority given by the Cuban state since the triumph of the Revolution to the development of national science, construction of an infrastructure and the insertion, 30 years later, of the biotechnological industry.

From an integral and multisectoral conception, the pandemic was faced with more than 20 medicines applied in the treatment and prevention protocols, the development of new diagnostics, a little bit more than 80 research projects finished or in execution, as well as the clinical trials of the four vaccine candidates by the names of Soberanas 1 and 2, Mambisa and Abdala.

It is unquestionable that the country has a scientific potential concentrated in important entities, which, thanks to Fidel's political will and unstoppable impulse, provide valuable results as a contribution to the economic and social development of the nation.

Since the first half of the 1980s, there was already an important network of scientific centers and a considerable number of researchers in order to make Cuban science advance at a dizzying rate, with a view to achieving the generation and creative assimilation of each new knowledge and the technologies needed to implement solutions suitable to Cuba's conditions.

Cuban Science at the Service of its People
In the case of the largest archipelago of the Antilles, the scientific and technological development has never been only in the hands of scientists, it is not exclusive of researchers with scientific categories and other professionals, but it is a stimulating occasion that also compels and commits many specialists, technicians, innovators, workers and groups full of initiatives and desire to contribute to the development in their respective sectors, as unconditional participants of their own and better solutions.

It is difficult to find a sphere that can grow and be efficient today without incorporating the most advanced technology, science and technology into its production results and without facing problems with the scientific will to transform. The Youth Technical Brigades (BTJ), the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR) and the Science and Technology Forum also contribute to this, with a wide participation of young people, consolidating and expanding the work, with the introduction and generalization of the most relevant experiences in each area.

When reflecting about the role of science in Cuba, it is undeniable all the work carried out regarding the appropriate and creative use of the world's science and technology advances for the benefit of its people and environment, of being able to show a group of original scientific results and also having its own successful model of development in that branch.

Cuban Science at the Service of its People

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