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Cuban youth united for now and for the future

Published: 2018.11.12 - 18:57:01   /  /  Ana Rosa Perdomo Sangermés  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Cuban youth united for now and for the futureCuban youth united for now and for the futureA Revolution, if true, is nourished by its best youth, especially the very young, to carry out the noble actions it proposes. In Cuba, we take into account that youth is one of the most beautiful and emotional stages of life, in which ideals, objectives, personality and important knowledge are acquired, which are put at the service of society, with a lasting effect.

The linking of the Young Communist League with young people is one of the cardinal principles for their existence because they are the main reason for their creation.

This organization, which is governed by the Constitution of the Republic and by the Children and Youth Code of Care for Cuban children, adolescents and young people, as a driving force of youth policy. It has the capacity to promote actions and coordinate the activities of the different ministries and entities committed to youth. Although it is a selective organization, its activity has a mass projection that benefits the entire population of Cuban children and youth.

Everything arranged and articulated by the youth organization fits coherently with the demands that, youth has had in every historical moment, by assuming the great tasks and those that in their daily actions require their decisive presence.

Not by chance, Article 6 of Chapter I of the current Draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba provides that: "The Young Communist League, an organization of Cuban avant-garde youth, has the recognition and encouragement of the state, contributes to the training in young people of the revolutionary and ethical principles of our society, and promotes their active participation in the construction of socialism."

The article accurately defines that this political organization, through the work of its student organizations and youth movements, contributes along with other organizations, institutions and bodies within the Cuban political system to the formation of children, adolescents and young people, promoting their real, active, conscious and enthusiastic participation in society for decision making, where their tastes, preferences, and projections are taken into account as a social sector.

Cuban youth united for now and for the futureThat is why within the broad popular debate that since August 13 of this year has been taking place within various labor, educational and community spaces, Cuban youth has taken advantage of every occasion to make their words felt and to express its criteria within the standard of the Cuban state, and the decentralized and consensual institutionalism that guarantees it, also allows the system of attention to children, adolescents and young people to reach all corners of the country.

Young people, in addition to having their rights guaranteed, have a generational weight in all decision levels of Cuba, which include the Council of State and Parliament.

It has been the Revolution, of which all Cuban young people are a legitimate fruit, the one that has given them the unusual responsibility of building their own destiny, free of the evils that afflict those of other countries of the world.

In many key moments of the Homeland, the confidence of the top leadership of the Revolution in their youth has been evident, because it is known that the Revolution can count on them for present and future battles, for their capacity for dedication, sacrifice and protagonism, because they have managed to face with dignity the conflicts of their time.

In the profound debate and discussion process of the Draft Constitution, which will run until November 15, the young people of the largest Antillean archipelago endorse Martí's predictions: "With this faith we live, with this care we foresee, with those objectives we prepare ourselves, and we are all together in this time of strength and thought, together for now and for the future."

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