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Do We Cubans Speak Correctly?

Published: 2012.07.27 - 19:12:18   /  /  Ana Elizabeth Rodríguez

Do We Cubans Speak Correctly?
When I asked people on the street about the way we Cubans speak, they all made reference to several issues like regions, education, social strata, and the family

In the Spanish speaking world, April 23 has been set as the day to celebrate our language. Spanish is spoken by more than 400 million people around the World.

One of the interviewees, Vladimir Mendoza (Medical Doctor) said that, in general, educated people speak correctly; but, that there are others who make a bad use of the language. He said that one factor may be that people are loosing their reading habit, they would rather watch TV or sit in front of a computer. He says less reading is detrimental to communication. He downplays regionalism; he says that in every province there are people who speak well and people who don’t.

Meanwhile, pharmacists Adis Ribeaux mentioned some of the problems: too many Ls, the omission of the S, in the eastern part of the country; and the omission of Ls and Rs in the capital. She says that some of these problems arise from trying to speak too fast.

Manuel Florales, from the province of Camaguey, says that some errors in pronunciation have to do with regional variants, and that other issues depend on social strata. He says that some words that were considered rude or taboo are more frequently used now. He says that many people considered that the vocabulary of the average person has shrunk over the past few years.

Curiosities in the Spanish Language

• In the written language the vowel that repeats the most is E; and the consonant most repeated is the R

• The longest words in Spanish are “esternocleidooccipitomastoideo” “anticonstitucionalmente”, “electroencefalografista” and “otorrinolaringológicamente”.

• The words “arquitecto”, “eucalipto”, “murciélago” y “orquídea” contain all the vowels; as in the proper names “Aurelio”, “Aureliano” and “Eustaquio”.

• In “guineoecuatoriano”, all the vowels are repeated twice.

(Daynelis Rodríguez Peña)

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