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Dracula: a novel with more than a century captivating readers

Published: 2017.08.03 - 16:58:58   /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

With praise from Arthur Conan Doyle, and also from his contemporaries such as the Irish writer Oscar Wilde who said - without hesitation - it is "the most beautiful novel ever written." Bram Stoker perhaps did not suspect the repercussion that his name would have for the work that immortalized him forever: "Dracula".

Published in London on May 26, 1897, exactly 120 years ago, the novel inspired by the real character of Vlad Drăculea, also known as "Vlad the son of the demon / dragon" or "Vlad the Impaler", required the author an exhaustive research work on the historical figure for which he based on conversations that maintained with a Hungarian scholar and orientalist named Arminius Vámbéry, who spoke to him of the personage for the first time.

It is worth noting that although Bram Stoker did not invent the myth of the vampire, he did, with the character of Dracula, give a resonance to this fable that would influence not only literature but also the cinema, theater and television.

The novel that is marked by the epistolary literature addresses several topics that are integrated into the major account of good and evil, love, the position of women in Victorian times, travel issues, folklore, ancestry, youth , death, and life.

Through the diaries written by the main characters, except Dracula himself, letters being exchanged, telegrams, news reports and bills, Stoker develops a story, with well-managed small jumps in time. Thus revealing Dracula’s inordinate ambition for power, who travels to London and moves armies of rats, fog, wolves, bats and storms to achieve his objective: to settle down in London and create a retinue of vampires.

Bram Stoker in presenting the manuscript suppressed some passages and enriched the so-called Gothic literature, which never denied the possible references of his time and writers of the past that motivated to conform his Dracula.

A sample of this is John William Polidori's ¨The Vampire Story¨ in 1816 and we could also include in the list the publication of ¨Good Lady Ducayne¨ in 1896, a year before the publication of Dracula. Also noteworthy is the success of the myth of the vampire in circus shows, plays, melodramas, operas, novels, short stories and pamphlets throughout Europe, but this does not detract from the high degree reached by Bram Stoker both literally as aesthetically in the Gothic genre.

As a curious fact about the work we can add that Bram Stoker's great-nephew, Drace Stoker, published the novel ¨Dracula the Undead¨ in 2009, a sequel based on some brief notes by the Irish author.

Also as a good news I tell you that for the upcoming XVII International Book Fair of Havana - scheduled for February 2018 - we will have a new edition of Dracula, by the Editorial Art and Literature, an invitation that you should not miss.

13 famous quotes by Bram Stoker in his book ¨Dracula¨

1. Welcome to my home. Come freely, go safe, and leave something of the joy that comes with it.

2. Remember my friend, knowledge is stronger than memory and we should not rely on the weak.

3. I vehemently desire to walk through the crowded streets of your mighty London; in the midst of the turmoil and haste of humanity, to share its life, changes and death, and everything that makes it what it is.

4. The children of the night. What a song do they sing!

5. Do you believe in destiny? That even the powers of time can be altered by a purpose? That the luckiest man in this world is the one who finds true love?

6. There are bad dreams for those who sleep recklessly.

7. You reason well, and your mind is cunning, but you have too many prejudices. You do not let your eyes see what your ears hear.

8. In life there is darkness, my child, but there are also lights. And you are the light of all light.

9. I have crossed oceans of time to find you.

10. There is a reason why all things are as they are.

11. Despair has its own calm.

12. How blessed are the people, whose lives do not fear, for whom sleep is a blessing that comes every night, and brings nothing but sweet dreams!

13. The solitude will sit on our roofs with wings spread.

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