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Jorge Amado Molina: The Artist is a Performer of the Times

Published: 2020.10.14 - 10:11:52  /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto

Jorge Amado Molina: The Artist is a Performer of the Times

Who imagined that the world would change from one moment to the next: many places closed, work is different, routines are different; we stopped seeing loved ones, holding hands, hugging, kissing?

No one knows if things will ever be the same again, but it is certain that after COVID-19 we humans will appreciate the little things more: a warm kiss, an effusive handshake, a pleasant conversation, a new birthday celebrated with the family.

Since mid-March, Cuba has been facing the pandemic and has adopted rigorous measures to isolate its population from society. During this period hundreds of families have had to postpone many anniversary celebrations, celebrations for the completion of studies, and even stop sharing other special moments, due to the hygienic-epidemiological situation in the country.

Such need is understood by the young Cuban composer and violinist Jorge Amado Molina, who assures that "we must be responsible and sacrifice the visits to the loved ones for a while. It is difficult to maintain a healthy distance from our own family, but at this time it is better to be at an indefinite distance than to put them at risk of not being able to see them anymore or that their lives may be in danger because of it."

According to the artist, it is essential to have a mature civic attitude in which we do not lose our sanity or enter into a state of paranoia in the face of illness, but rather take preventive measures responsibly.

From his own experience he recommends (because it has worked very well for him) a routine that he maintains and rigorously complies with: "when we need to make a purchase, when we return from it the most important thing is to carry out a process of disinfection of your hands, the face mask, clothes and shoes. It seems to me that this way you protect yourself and your family effectively."

Another aspect that he considers essential in the current situation is to act collectively and leave aside individualism because "we must unify and think that everything that surrounds us is our common home, not only our home, but the streets, the building, our community, we must conceive the environment as our own and take care of the safe sanitation of those public spaces.

For the young artist, as part of this situation of lockdown in our homes, initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Culture of Cuba have been very beneficial; a palliative measure for this time with pleasant and interesting cultural options.

"The offerings have been very successful, very innovative and useful in times of COVID-19. In the case of music, online concerts are a very good option for the public to enjoy their favorite artists.’’

Jorge Amado Molina considers that this work should remain when the new normal is over because families have enjoyed moments of great joy with the offerings of high artistic value. "Artists are the translators of the moment and if we are facing a pandemic like this it is natural that issues or contents referring to the disease come up because the creator is an individual inserted in society, and his works are small footprints of what happens."

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