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José Martí: a great humanist and savior

Published: 2018.03.02 - 15:37:34   /  /  MSc. Nora Rodríguez Calzadilla  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

"The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart"
Chinese proverb.

A pedagogue and philosopher by profession, an illustrious Martí follower in scholarly oratory, the National Martí Program Advisor, Jorge Juan Lozano Ros, had the courtesy to respond to professionals from different media, in a press conference convened to publicize the prizes of the ‘Leer a Martí’ contest.

For more than eight years, Lozano has been the President of the Panel of Judges of the important contest of which he recognizes for essence and person: "My stay on this panel of the ‘Leer a Martí’ contest has made me a child again, because I had an enormous luck to come from a mother and my father who followed Martí’s ideas. My luck was that, in pre-school age, before entering for the first time as a primary school student, I visited the University of Havana, and before entering a primary school for the first time, I visited the National Library of Cuba."

He thanks his father, Carlos Manuel Lozano Valdés, for having learned to read before beginning primary school. It is remarkable his infinite gratitude and admiration towards the father who since then took him to the National Library, which today bears the name of the Apostle and said to him since he was a child: "Son, this is the house of the books."

Lozano recognizes and thanks the National Library for being a member of the panel of judges of the ‘Leer a Martí’ contest because he perceives again the hand of his father, and at the same time, feels in the other, that of the great friend of all the children who he is the man of The Golden Age.

He recalls that his father - "... a great speaker, teacher and patriot ..." - taught him to read using The Golden Age, and evokes: "... I can tell you the first story that taught me: ‘The enchanted shrimp’, which is not of the more publicized and I remember that he taught me to read in the story, so that nobility of the soul is always united with integrity of the character, because the nobility perishes, if you do not possess an entire character. I mean, you have to have a whole character to defend the nobility of the soul."... It is Martí’s message in that story.

José Martí: a great humanist and saviorA current issue is taken up by the expert and it is very interesting from my point of view because we live in times, where knowledge first captures the images and then the concepts ... an outstanding Martí’s reflection of Lozano to recognize that "... we should not fear the images , because José Martí, with poetic images, managed to capture the emotions, - today called "Emotional Intelligence" -, so we should not fear the audiovisual world of modern technologies, - insists the expert - if long before Martí prepared us to use the images for knowledge, even for politics. In other words, I try to show how valuable Martí is in these moments of history with Cuba ..."

Martí is our humanist guide. Martí is a great savior, said the speaker, who referred other stories and brought us to verses of the Apostle and to some Arabic and Chinese proverbs, like Cathedrals of universal wisdom. He evoked Martí’s message and his lessons in one of the letters to the girl María Mantilla where he says: "Remember that the Chinese were right" ... Martí referred to the wise Chinese aphorism: "the great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart."


- The words by Jorge Juan Lozano Ros, who is the Advisor to the National Martí Program, a member of the José Martí Cultural Society and President of the Panel of Judges of the ‘Leer a Martí’ Contest, which we present here with the title "José Martí; a great humanist and savior "were offered at a press conference held on Friday, January 26, 2018, in the Meeting Room of the José Martí National Library of Cuba, (BNCJM), where the winners of the contest were informed in its edition number twenty, among other topics on the agenda, the call to the next XXI edition and details of the award ceremony in April. The meeting was attended by Lozano Ros, MSc. Margarita Bellas Vilariño, an assistant director of Attention to the System of Public Libraries, director of the ‘Leer a Martí’ contest; MSc. Maribel Duarte González, a Public Relations Specialist of the institution; Mr. Eddy Rodríguez Garcet, a BNCJM Specialist and Secretary of the contest panel of judges and journalists Lucía Sanz Araújo, the director of the Pioneros Magazine; Maggie Marín Gallarde, from Radio Metropolitana and the author of this material and photography, on behalf of Radio Enciclopedia, where we will offer a follow-up on the subject due to its importance.

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