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La Piscina, a Risky Proposal with an Unusual Language

Published: 2012.06.13 - 11:59:26   /  /  ACN

La Piscina, a Risky Proposal with an Unusual Language
Most Cuban moviegoers, being accustomed to the fast pace of Hollywood films and irreverent work of Cuban filmmakers, may feel that “La Piscina” (the pool) is one of those films where nothing happens.

The debut feature film by young director Carlos Machado Quintela was described by specialists and critics as a bold and unusual proposal that moves away from the common language of the national film industry.

Three children, one with Down syndrome, one with walking difficulties, a third party that for unknown reasons refuses to talk, and a teenager with only one leg, along with a apathetic coach, spend a summer day in a pool, an excuse to tell that story which is much more focused on the emotions than on a linear description of events.

Rodrigo (Felipe Garcia), Diana (Monica Molinet), Oscar (Carlos Javier Martinez), Dany (Marcos Costa) and Esteban (Raul Capote) interact in a film that does not care about winning over the audience with simplistic formulas, but shows how human interactions are: raw, questionable and with no makeup.

It was spontaneous, says Abel Arcos, writer and founder of the project, which won the Film Making Award of the Seventh Exhibition of Young Filmmakers in 2008.

The director agreed that was a team effort, where each one provided its views to enrich the story and introduced ideas and dialogues while the shooting was moving ahead.

“The film takes place in an unconventional tempo, because I was much more interested in showing the natural relationship between actors thatn winning over the public,” he said.

Referring to the casting, the filmmaker insisted that they were chosen not by experience or training, but for what they were able to do in front of the camera, if it is convincing or not.

“If you take a good look, Machado Quintela said, people themselves are there, there are no roles to play, because I really tried that each of them resembles his/her character and I hope that is reflected in the film.

La Piscina, with awards such as the distinction of Risk and Artistic Search in the Eleventh Exhibition of Young Filmmakers and Cuban Association of Writers and Artists in the 33 International Festival New Latin American Cinema is exhibited from Wednesday at the Chaplin movie theatre in Havana and in the national premiere circuit from week next.

By Yeneily Garcia Garcia

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