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Much love in the work by Michel Pérez Pollo

Published: 2018.12.06 - 11:46:35   /  /  Olga Díaz Ruiz  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Much love in the work by Michel Pérez Pollo

A total of ten works signed by Cuban contemporary visual artist Michel Pérez Pollo, in this case unpublished paintings made expressly for the recently inaugurated exhibition at the Universal Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts, are those that make up his most recent exhibition entitled “Marmor”.

Through the prism of the codes of contemporary art, the artist celebrates on this occasion with his painting the glory of Greco-Roman art, its evolution and the contributions made by this millenarian civilization to history and world culture.

When it comes to love, Marmor seems indisputable and the visit to this exhibition is essential. It will be on display at the fourth level of the Permanent Hall of Greek and Roman Art of the building until February 14, Day of Love and Friendship. An unusual fact that represents for the artist a great commitment and responsibility with his work.

Michel Pérez "Pollo" (Manzanillo, 1981) "sets the dialogue" with the works that make up Marmor, with one of the most valuable collections of the Universal Art Building, and of course the Museum, in general, as is the Greek art collection.

But the privilege of exhibiting together with incalculable treasures for its symbolic and transcendental value is not coincidence, but just a reward for this young artist from Cuba, with a solid career inside and outside of Cuba, and was inspired precisely by these pieces to make his more recent work.

Within the canvases of Pérez Pollo, the main theme is the treatment of heads, which are common pieces in Greek art, worked by the artist in a brilliant way to take them to the canvas in a kind of portrait in 3D, with a marked contemporary nuance.

As published by the press, the artist comments that the creation of Marmor "has been a slower process, because in this case, I could not work directly on the sculpture, as I usually do with objects, I had to reproduce them in 3D (third dimensions), and from there make some geometric cuts, usually on its back.''

"That is why almost all the paintings refer to a specific sculpture. Some are repeated because I found interesting variants. And, although it is not the main objective, I imagine that the public will look for relations between paintings and sculptures."

Much love in the work by Michel Pérez Pollo

The works displayed in the pavilions of the Museum were conceived in large format, as is usual in the artist, and preserve their intentional form of expression, which seeks or proposes to disassemble the original pieces as we know them to build from their essence new works, with a powerful visual and meaning load.

This exhibition is undoubtedly a fortunate show, as in addition to sharing space with jewels of Greco-Roman culture, it will be discussed temporarily with the pieces of the exhibition “Ofrendas”, by Athar Jaber, which is open until January 13 in the Permanent Room of the Collection of Flamenco and Dutch Art.

His most prominent previous exhibitions inside and outside of Cuba include “Siete días de suerte”, in United Kingdom in 2016; two years earlier “Trabajos recientes”, in Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland; “Para quebrar los muros”, in the National Museum of Fine Arts and “Agua salada”, in the Hispano-American Center of Culture, both in Havana; In 2013, he exhibited “Pintura de todas las excusas, together with Raúl Cordero in the United States, among others of great importance and scope.

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