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Ovidio González and His Album Como Nunca Nadie

Published: 2020.06.29 - 08:18:48  /  /  Redacción Digital

Ovidio González and His Album Como Nunca Nadie

"Having worked on several productions with Ovidio González, in addition to reiterating the pleasure that comes from sharing with an excellent artist and close friend, forces us to look for "novelty and appeal" in each album, so that recording does not become the mere act of recording songs, but rather the purpose of building a sound show, capable of conquering a demanding audience," producer José Manuel García told Granma newspaper, referring to the album Como nunca nadie by Ovidio González and the Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro, recorded by Bis Music of Artex.

If we are talking about conquering a demanding audience, we can certainly say, after having listened to the record many times that this, Ovidio's most recent production, is a product that from the first of its songs to the last (12 in total) make up a record that not only conquers, but also captivates listeners. This product is well worth it, which is certainly appreciated and will be appreciated beyond the times of COVID-19.

Como nunca nadie, by Polo Montañez; Necesito un bolero and Solo para dos, by Tony Ávila; Más allá, by Carlos Varela; En la penumbra, by Pavel Urquiza; Menos mal, by Descemer Bueno and Qué distracción, by Silvio Rodríguez, are some of the songs that make up this product that seal, in addition to the voice of Ovido, that of Pancho Céspedes, Pedrito Calvo, and his fellow countryman Silvio Rodríguez.

The arrangements were made by Lino Lores, guitarist and orchestrator, who managed to bring the electronic sound of the guitar and keyboard to the style of the Septet, achieving a perfect experimental and enriching symbiosis, which makes us live "a fantastic and pleasant listening adventure". And in that fullness we must highlight, of course, the participation of the Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro, an ensemble that, despite the years of existence it has, manages to remain always active, faithful to the tradition and roots of its founder, that great poet and musician that was Ignacio Piñeiro, but at the same time assimilating new musical trends, which in the end are also theirs.

Francisco David Oropesa Fernández, director of the aforementioned septet, acknowledges that it was interesting to work on this album alongside an exceptional singer like Ovidio González, who despite having lived in Ecuador for several years, does not forget his homeland and always returns there to make many of his records.

It's definitely my advice to resort to Como nunca nadie... whenever we have a desire to enjoy pleasant company. To live that combination of "new with old", of the native with the universal, through music and an artist like Ovidio González, whose voice continues to surprise as much when he performs a bolero as a song.

By: Ricardo Alonso Venereo para Granma

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