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Santa Clara hosts naïve art exhibition

Published: 2020.08.03 - 10:36:56  /  /  Redacción Digital

Santa Clara hosts naïve art exhibition

Outstanding Cuban naïve art painters participate in Santa Clara of the 26th Territorial Hall of Popular Art, with works that portray the landscapes and folkloric traditions of the nation.

Most of the authors come from the central Cuban provinces of Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus and Villa Clara, a geographic strip of great roots in this type of visual manifestation, developed by figures such as Samuel Feijóo (1914-1992), one of the most renowned cultivators of the genre at a world level.

The gallery, in the Provincial Center of Visual Arts, in Santa Clara, capital of the Cuban province of Villa Clara, houses more than 100 works from the imagination of 45 painters of national and international importance.

Naïve art prevails in the exhibitions, characterized by the naivety, spontaneity and self-learning of its creators.

A panel of judges presided by Yamirka Rodríguez, awarded the first prize to the work El Burro Perico, by Pedro Luis Ramírez, for the richness, complexity and synthesis of chromatic resources with which it brilliantly treats a subject that seems already exhausted.

Second and third places went to the works Al triptico: Y volvieron los abrazos, by the painter Susana Trueba, and the set of two-dimensional works by Kevin Gálvez, entitled: Cuando la rana crie pelos, La llorona errante del palmar de Amaro and La venus de la yagua.

Mention was also made of painters recognized in Popular Art such as Noel Guzmán Bofill, Jorge Luis Sanfiel, Alexei Gómez, Gabriela Díaz, Félix Rafael Ortiz, and Elena Echavarría; while the popularity award went to Mariela Moreno, vocalist and director of the Cuban band Aceituna sin huesos.

The director of the provincial center of visual arts, Daneisy Garcia, said that the exhibition could be exhibited in the traditional way because Villa Clara province is going through the third stage of recovery from COVID-19.

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