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The 55th Anniversary of the Experimental Workshop on Graphics is held in Havana

Published: 2017.08.03 - 17:03:12   /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

The 55th anniversary of the Experimental Workshop on Graphics (TEGH) is held these days in Havana, with the tetralogy of exhibitions titled “Canto y llanto de la gloria”, “Haciendo camino largo”, “Sin fines de la estampa” y “Los hitos no hacen frontera”, which is a retrospective of the Cuban graphic tradition to date.

The exhibition brings together 190 artists and is a panoramic tour through more than 200 works representative of the various techniques and supports that the graphics have experienced over the years.

According to curators Susana García Pino and Alexis García: "This celebration project is held only as an opening of the doors and windows of the TEGH to allow entry of new air and celebrate with them our most established visual traditions in the field of stamping and engraving."

For the creation of this offering the works were placed in five cultural institutions, an integration that happens for the first time and the specialists emphasize: "it is on display in the whole of the Plaza de la Catedral, because it takes place in all the galleries of the Palacio de Lombillo, the Marqués de Arcos House, the room of the Poetry House, the transitional room of the Museum of Colonial Art and, of course, the Experimental Workshop on Graphics."

The Marqués de Arcos House, where the workshop was founded in 1962, exhibits works by creators who influenced the graphics of the 60's of the last century, including a well-known list that consists of Víctor Manuel, Antonia Eiriz, Alfredo Sosabravo, Leonel López-Nussa, Armando Pose, Humberto Peña and Isabel Gimeno.

On the other hand, the Palacio de Lombillo combines the creations of artists who have remained attached to the techniques of engraving and others who, affiliated to various manifestations of the visual arts, have sporadically turned to this form of expression.

In contrast, the Museum of Colonial Art houses a series of modalities that have taken the speech of print such as art books, newspapers, magazines and also works made on non-editable media, for example, those with edible character were included in this part of the exhibition.

In the Experimental Workshop on Graphics in Havana, those interested can appreciate works of those who have been its directors, of its specialists and of twelve of our National Prizes of Visual Arts that have found there an ideal place to give free rein to their creative anxieties.

In total, there are 190 artists represented in this project that will be open to the public until mid-August. The project provides a fairly complete overview of what has been the Cuban graphics in the last half century under the curatorship of the team made up of Alexis García Núñez, Susana García Pino and Daniel Alberto Rodríguez García.

The Experimental Workshop on Graphics in Havana has been - since its creation in 1962 -, a center of experimentation and forging of several generations of engravers in the country.

For several decades the institution has offered educational services based on the experience it has in the training of talent in the field of engraving, and in addition to the courses that are taught at its headquarters, it has an exhibition space where the works are promoted and marketed of the teachers who have carried out their works in the workshop and those of the graduates of its courses.

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