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The exhibition Color en blanco y negro is displayed at Radio Enciclopedia

Published: 2017.09.05 - 15:25:29   /  /  Alina Iglesias Regueyra  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

The exhibition Color en blanco y negro by Ana Gladys Falcón is displayed these days at the gallery of Radio Enciclopedia, as a tribute to the nine and a half decades of radio in Cuba and the 57th anniversary of the organization that groups women (FMC).

The exhibition consists of eleven pieces dedicated to tenderness and devotion produced by love, paraphrasing the author's own words, whose works are in private collections in Spain, the United States, Portugal, Italy, Singapore, Chile, Ecuador, Canada, Switzerland and Costa Rica.

This Matanzas resident, who has a solid career as a visual artist, combines the oil and acrylic in her canvases; the first to accentuate the depth of the layout, and the second to give greater brightness to the colors and a faster drying.

Graduated from the Escuela Elemental de Arte of her native province and then from the National School of Art, in Havana in 1983, she chose painting as a specialty, and on this occasion she releases a new series where she combines continuities and ruptures.

Undeniable are the influences of her professors, who were already accomplished artists in the time when she enjoyed their teachings. Great professors such as Nelson Domínguez, Ernesto García Peña, Eduardo Roca Salazar (Choco), Gilberto Frómeta and Jacqueline Maggi are referred to in strokes, silhouettes, details and ways of approaching the themes.

Other giants of the Cuban artistic avant-garde impress the creator, such as Victor Manuel García, Eduardo Abela, Raúl Martínez and René Portocarrero, especially in the approach to the human figure.

The artist considers herself to be equally indebted to the color and the strong, thick and black line of Amelia Peláez, Wifredo Lam and Alfredo Sosabravo. In contrast to previous series, the author leaves pastels, orange and green tones and gradations to focus on strong primary nuances in red, yellow and mainly blue.

She uses a nuance in each painting, and she allows it to prevail. In addition, she incorporates the white between the combination of lines marked by a tendency to Picasso’s cubism, in angles and curves contrasted with soft and tender expression, with intentions of transmitting the purity of the love couple. Each work, through the distribution of light and divided spaces like tesserae, refers us to mosaics or stained glass, which are so typical of more traditional Cuban art.

It also presents women in their context as being loved and lovers, in the midst of everyday life, understood as part of a total beauty.

The work of Ana Gladys is characterized by elegance, cleanliness in the finish, its sensuality and warmth given in the curved line despite the cubist intention and its human figure stylized and compact at the same time. There is perhaps a breath of the solidity of Mexican muralism in its strong lines and massive figures. Its compositions transmit calmness, according to the balanced design of its creations.

Thus, from the walls of Radio Enciclopedia, an art that, like the radio station, is shining for all moments of life.

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