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When the course 2017-2018 begins in Cuba

Published: 2017.09.19 - 13:57:06   /  /  Laura Barrera Jerez  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

This September, Cuba lived its most important cultural event. A new teaching course has begun and with it all the expectations of children, adolescents and school-age youth will come true.

The family also joins this effort, together with teachers and principals who work to fulfill all the objectives planned in terms of a central axis: fostering the formation of values, teaching our history and improving the knowledge of students, instructors and teaching assistants.

As Dr Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, Minister of Education, and her team pointed out to the press on August 24, "The educational purposes set out in the objectives of sustainable development until 2030 will be the incentive to carry out the objectives prioritized in the process of improving our educational system. Likewise, the Guidelines approved in the VII Congress of the Party and the Objectives of the First Conference will serve as guidelines in our efforts."

In this sense, more than 1,750,000 students, from early childhood to the middle level, will attend the 10,698 educational institutions distributed throughout the country (49 more in relation to the previous course).

According to what Velázquez Cobiella explained, the educational coverage of the 2017-2018 course is assured by 93 percent without the use of alternatives. According to the Minister, amongst the options to ensure the strength required - and with which 99.5% of the completion is reached - teachers are hired, retirees are reincorporated, university assistants, teachers in training, and an important number of teachers with an overload in the number of hours and the number of students, who receive a special remuneration.

On the other hand, the Cuban Higher Education receives the new school year with the culmination of the integration process of the university centers, and greater results in the accreditation of plans, programs and institutions.
The director of Employment and Labor Location of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) René Sánchez, stated in recent statements that the municipal university headquarters in 135 territories will be reopened to teach the modality of encounter courses and in 26 territories for distance education.

According to data provided to the press by the director of the MES, José Ramón Saborido Loidi, about 60.600 students enter this course at university courses, and "45,000 teachers ensure a staff of excellence, which is renewed every year with the arrival of about 700 new graduates.”

This teaching has amongst its main aims for the academic year 2017-2018, the incorporation of the students in the electoral process and the guarantee of the education of students in previous levels. They will also prioritize the strengthening of science, technology and innovation for development.

In addition, about 45 percent of university curricula will move to the Enhanced Plan E, which includes a four-year reduction in undergraduate training and rearrangement of career maps of higher education centers.

Thus, day by day, the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro fulfilled: "I believe, I have always believed, and I think that, logically, you also believe that education is the most powerful weapon a man has to create an ethic, a conscience, and a sense of duty, a sense of organization, discipline, and responsibility."

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