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X Cuba: young talents based on the Cuban political and electoral system

Published: 2017.06.28 - 11:49:52   /  /  Daynelis Rodríguez Peña  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Although the news of its launch has already occupied the main headlines in the national press, the application X Cuba - created by a multidisciplinary team of the Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas -, is an essential tool to fully comprehend the political and electoral system of the largest Antillean archipelago, in times where we have already been called to general elections by the Council of State.

Both the Electoral Law and the Constitution are consulted in the application, which aimed from the outset at training users on important issues linked also to the organization of our State and the history of People's Power.

In that respect, the new offer combines photos, graphics, audio and texts related to the different stages of the electoral process, whose national, provincial and municipal commissions have already been constituted to date.

Quick searches and the option of sharing content on Internet platforms is another of the benefits of "X Cuba", which accompanies since this year the next elections, where delegates to municipal assemblies (AMPP) will be elected, and the delegates to the provincial assemblies (APPP) and deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP).

According to the scheduled timetable, the elections to define for the term of two and a half years the delegates to the MPAs will be held on October 22, 2017 in the first round, and on October 29, in the second round, in those constituencies where none of the candidates has obtained more than fifty percent of the valid votes cast.

While the date is to be chosen for the term of five years, the delegates to the APPP and the deputies to the ANPP, will be arranged at the appropriate time.

More than four decades of massive attendance at the polls, without a mandatory vote or demagogy, distinguish electoral processes in revolutionary Cuba, which finds its legitimate antecedents in its own history of wars of independence, when in the middle of the countryside patriots would elect their delegates in the constituent assemblies in arms.

We have never validated election campaigns; that is why, instead, we are betting on a contest of merits and abilities that lead us in community to vote for the best and most operative, whose main function is to represent the interests of the people without receiving any personal benefit in return.

In order to maintain the conquests and ensure the future that we have proposed as a nation, a few days ago Ana Maria Mari Machado, vice president of the parliament, when the 17 members of the National Electoral Commission (CEN) took office, "it is convenient for us, as Fidel Castro once said, a united country, a strong country, a solid process that inspires respect for the enemies of the Revolution, and who see the people united and always determined to succeed.

In the transition to that future that we want, "X Cuba" and its creators, play an essential role, evidencing the active role of the new generations who have their talent at the service of the country's sovereignty and self-determination.

As an app available only for devices with Android contains more than 170 questions and answers on the Cuban political and electoral system, as well as significant annexes such as "History will absolve me."

To date, regarding the new election period, the members of the different Electoral Commissions have sworn to maintain loyalty to the country and observe, in the exercise of their functions, the Constitution, the Electoral Law and other norms that govern the process, where the impartiality, transparency and veracity of the information offered should prevail.

As the vice president of the ANPP also points out, these will be the first elections in which Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz (1926-2016) is not physically present, "... but both he and José Martí will guide us with their principles and revolutionary ethics, "to begin the seventeenth mandate of the municipal assemblies, the thirteenth of the provincial assemblies and the IX Legislature of the National Assembly of People's Power.

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