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Cayo Brujas and the irresistible charms
2018.02.13 - 17:08:19

In the Jardines del Rey archipelago, north of the central region of Cuba, an island of 6.69 square kilometers reserves incredible landscapes. There we will find lagoons, mangrove forests and four paradisiacal beaches of blue-green waters: Las Brujas, La Salina, Caracol (also known as Manteca) and Punta San Agustín. The largest of them measures just over two kilometers in length, the smallest, only a dozen meters. ... more >>
Love without regrets in the tunnel of La Periquera
2018.02.09 - 16:28:12

Ana Sánchez Roblejo and Serafín Irioste lived an intense, but short, love story. According to the legend, their furtive encounters took place in the tunnel of La Periquera, the water tank of the San José and San Isidoro Churches, the Military Hospital, the Spanish Army Barracks and the forts located on the Loma de la Cruz. ... more >>
The Gran Piedra and Baconao
2018.01.30 - 16:41:47

The eastern region of Cuba is emblematic not only for its history, but also for the magic of its nature. There the geological whims are combined with the creations of man to surprise locals and visitors. ... more >>
Chocolate: the gift of a snake
2018.01.15 - 17:11:08

In times of pleasures forbidden to humans, when chocolate had not yet been named as such, Quetzalcoatl flouted the rules of the heavens. ... more >>
Asian spirituality at the Cortina Farm
2018.01.03 - 16:19:52

People say that in the time of its foundation, you could see allegorical tapestries of the Manchu tinsel, oxidized cauldrons between silk cushions and a Mongolian life-sized warrior from the time of Genghis Khan. ... more >>
Echoes of La Isabelica
2017.12.27 - 16:49:47

La Isabelica was the most prosperous coffee plantation of the 19th century in the eastern part of the country, and to this day dryers and mills, which worked in that period of splendor, have been preserved. The building has two stone floors: on the ground floor one can see different objects of the time such as a sundial, old furniture and various artifacts used in coffee production, including a mill used to pulp dry coffee; while, on the upper level, the atmosphere of the original dwelling is recreated: living-dining room; living room, library and bedroom. ... more >>
Where do the Sun and good wishes come from?
2017.12.20 - 12:36:01

According to the Chilam Balam book of Chumayel, the hummingbird is considered to be the father of the sun of the universe. ... more >>
The mad king and the new swan stone
2017.12.11 - 13:17:36

That is the case of the Neuschwanstein Castle, which although it does not belong to the medieval stage, has the distinction of having been built thanks to the commands of King Ludwig II of Bavaria or the Mad King, as he was known in the nineteenth century. ... more >>
The vampire, Nachito and Victoriana in the Panteón de Belén
2017.12.07 - 17:11:47

Back in 1700, a powerful pandemic struck Guadalajara, Mexico. The Panteón de Santa Paula was built on a back plot of the then Civil Hospital to bury humble people, who did not have the resources to pay for a decent burial. This was a common grave until 1848. ... more >>
Is there an ugly mermaid?
2017.12.01 - 21:07:27

According to a Latin American legend, a mermaid inhabits the Uruguay River. Many claim that they have seen it, but the fishermen of Montevideo say that it is not the splendid nymph, with fishtail and woman curves, but quite the opposite. ... more >>
Scratch a gold ring to see the “Luz de Yara”
2017.11.27 - 16:18:35

Some consider the so-called "Luz de Yara" as the oldest legend of Cuba. The truth is that it is related to one of the first rebellious symbols of our land: a Cacique from the Guahua region in Hispaniola. ... more >>
Macuiltépetl will teach you to value your poverty
2017.11.22 - 14:56:45

The Macuiltépec, Mackuiltépec or Macuiltépetl is a volcano of the city of Xalapa, in Mexico. Toponymically, its meaning is "mountain of the five cusps", although in the present time only two of them are visible. ... more >>

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