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Captain, an inspiring ghost
2019.07.19 - 06:40:30

Such is the case of the story of a dog called Captain, belonging to Doña Ramoncita Oramas in 1770, when she suffered the loneliness of her widowhood, almost in poverty, in her house away from the Plaza de Armas. ... more >>
Yayael and the sea
2019.07.11 - 16:31:47

The sea could have been born in so many corners and in so many different ways that it is almost impossible to decipher its origin. Such immensity mutes even the most incredulous. Its infinite blue comes with waves, the smell of saltpeter and that incomparable and addictive breeze. ... more >>
The Mexican legend of the bat
2019.07.01 - 16:46:50

In China, the bat is a symbol of happiness, however, in the western world, its image has always been related to pejorative meanings. Being a mammal that lives in dark places and flies especially at night, its somber appearance has defined it as a negative character in stories, fables, and oral narratives. ... more >>
Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo: love butterflies in China
2019.06.22 - 18:00:24

Hangzhou, the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in the People’s Republic of China, is the setting for one of the most famous legends of the Asian giant. The protagonists were Zhejiang ( her name was Zhu Yingtai) and Liang Shanbo, whose love story was stronger than death. ... more >>
The reporter from the Bellamar Cave
2019.06.12 - 09:09:57

One of the main attractions of Matanzas province, in Cuba, is the Bellamar Cave, a group of caves with more than 23 kilometers of galleries. It is so imposing that it was called the eighth wonder of the world. ... more >>
Etna, the volcano of fire and fury
2019.06.05 - 10:34:09

Catania is the second largest city in Sicily (Italy). It is included as one of the places declared by Unesco (in 2002) as a World Heritage Site because it is one of the Late Baroque Cities of Val di Noto. ... more >>
Petra, the Fassbinder legend in Havana
2019.05.22 - 15:27:01

Petra von Kant has always suffered. She cries for unrequited love, opportunistic passions, and interested caresses. She despises those who really love her. She lives the sad cycle of beings with blind spirits. ... more >>
The Witch: legends in Thomasin
2019.05.11 - 13:31:46

There is only Thomasin left. Only her. It lives in the body of the actress Anya Taylor-Joy. The sobriety of the whole film is condensed in its slow steps, in its own look that seems to suffocate it, in its face of almost innocent disturbance, in a candle, in an impulse ... more >>
Bear and beer in Freising
2019.05.03 - 14:38:50

Frisinga or Freising is a German city, located north of Munich. It is one of the oldest cities in Bavaria and was an important religious and cultural center since the eighth century. ... more >>
Tivoli, symbolism and tragedy
2019.04.24 - 20:32:58

In Cuba, Emilio Bacardí is not only famous for the history of rum. In 1899, as mayor of Santiago de Cuba, he ordered the construction of the neighborhood of Tivolí, in the east of the country. ... more >>
Legends in Cuban Music
2019.04.15 - 15:15:53

From the Areítos, our aborigines laid the foundations of a diverse culture. Those rites already contained sung lyrics and... ... more >>
A white rose for the Zamarrilla bandit
2019.04.09 - 17:35:13

Since the 18th century, in the Spanish city of Málaga, on Mármoles Street, we can find the Zamarrilla Hermitage. It is said that in 1750 Antonio Barranquero began to request donations from his countrymen and seven years later he managed to get the construction started. ... more >>

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