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   Update: 2018.05.17 - 15:13:30
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Will Santiago de Cuba sink?
2018.05.17 - 15:33:24

Santiago de Cuba is one of the provinces of our country that most often suffers seismic events. According to research, this has happened since time immemorial: the press refers to floods, penetrations of the sea and strong earthquakes that left the region devastated. ... more >>
The bufeo colorado without a hat
2018.05.10 - 13:17:04

They say that, in the northeast of Peru, at the entrance to the city of Iquitos, an attractive sculpture of a pink dolphin receives all visitors. From there you can feel the breezes of the Amazon and in that same town there will be those who tell the legend of the "bufeo colorado". ... more >>
The Tatagua and guao plants
2018.04.30 - 14:22:16

On April 22, 1819, French settlers under the command of Luis De Clouet founded the city of Cienfuegos on the shores of the Jagua Bay. That environment charmingly grew and today shows the world an incomparable beauty, which has already been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). ... more >>
Nuremberg: beer, castles and celestial shows
2018.04.28 - 13:27:30

During the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was the capital of the Sacred Roman Germanic Empire. There the imperial insignia were sheltered and official events were held with the emperor. ... more >>
Havana, all the answers
2018.04.15 - 12:26:28

Approximately one hundred meters from the National Capitol of Cuba, passers-by can appreciate the Fountain of India or the Noble Havana, an emblematic sculpture that summarizes part of the history of the city. ... more >>
A ghost, lover and mother
2018.04.11 - 16:32:25

One of the best known legends in Japan is the one corresponding to Yuki-onna or Lady of the Snow: a beautiful woman with very pale white skin. They say that thanks to these characteristics she wanders like a ghost through the snowy fields and takes advantage of the solitude of the walkers. ... more >>
The alligator man: love or witchcraft?
2018.04.06 - 15:49:23

The legend of the alligator man belongs to the Colombian folklore and has served as inspiration to several generations of artists and inhabitants of the Magdalena river basin. ... more >>
A well for a lady
2018.03.23 - 16:28:38

The geographical situation of Candelaria offers the most beautiful perspective that you can iamgine; however, beyond its landscapes, a legend attracts attention on this municipality of western Cuba. ... more >>
Legends in a cup, cheers!
2018.03.16 - 16:48:10

Year after year, history after history, many legends are drunk every day in the world, when someone raises a glass of wine and tastes it. It can be a festive element, the protagonist of a religious ceremony, a medicine or a simple antiseptic. The truth is that it is a symbol of rejoicing, of good moments. So, for its history and its permanence, Cheers! ... more >>
The pirate William Hasting and the foundation of Punta Salina
2018.02.23 - 15:48:02

In one of those wanderings the pirate William Hastings was persecuted and attacked by several ships. During the combat, Hastings and his men fought bravely, but they were defeated and their boat sank near the coasts of what is today the municipality of Antilla. ... more >>
Cayo Brujas and the irresistible charms
2018.02.13 - 17:08:19

In the Jardines del Rey archipelago, north of the central region of Cuba, an island of 6.69 square kilometers reserves incredible landscapes. There we will find lagoons, mangrove forests and four paradisiacal beaches of blue-green waters: Las Brujas, La Salina, Caracol (also known as Manteca) and Punta San Agustín. The largest of them measures just over two kilometers in length, the smallest, only a dozen meters. ... more >>
Love without regrets in the tunnel of La Periquera
2018.02.09 - 16:28:12

Ana Sánchez Roblejo and Serafín Irioste lived an intense, but short, love story. According to the legend, their furtive encounters took place in the tunnel of La Periquera, the water tank of the San José and San Isidoro Churches, the Military Hospital, the Spanish Army Barracks and the forts located on the Loma de la Cruz. ... more >>

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