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The Black Venus of Cienfuegos

It is recorded in the Chapter Acts that Cayo Loco has existed at least since 1813. This geographical feature, which distinguishes the central-southern part of Cuba, currently belongs to Cienfuegos province.

Trinidad et le Christ de la Vereda

Back in the 19th century, when the railway to Havana did not yet exist and navigation by sea to Batabanó was complicated, the inhabitants of Trinidad had to move, at a slow pace, along a dirt road and through the areas of Castillo de Jagua, La Milpa, Pasa Caballos, and Las Auras.

Lindwurm’s death and Kalgenfurt foundation

On the shores of Lake Wörthersee, near the border with Slovenia, we are welcomed by the Austrian city of Klagenfurt. Now it may be a more peaceful walk, but in the pre-foundation era of the city, when approaching there, anyone ran the risk of being devoured by the dragon Lindwurm.

Tunche, soul and death

Other versions explain that the Tunche does not take away its victims, because they die of fright when they see it. It is stealthy and slippery and no one can hear its footsteps.

The sunflower was born among Guaraníes

The 4,880 kilometers of the Paraná River are home to many popular stories. Its waters cross Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and flow south, east and southwest. It is precisely in this flow, the second largest in South America, that the legend of the sunflower was born.

Farol de Mandinga in Argentina and Uruguay

The legend of the bad light is one of the many riches of the orality of Argentina and Uruguay.

South America Lives the Legend of the Ucumar

They say that some time ago the ucumar came back. They say they saw it in the Argentine hills, through El Crestón, about 40 kilometers west of San José de Metán, department of Metán, in Salta province. As in the legend, the apparition showed humanoid form, with immense and sharp teeth.

The immortal green-eyed seagull

When Julia Rosa was born, everyone was amazed to see her green eyes: they were the same color as those of the master of the house. Her mother died in labor and, as if the suspicions that already existed were not enough, Don Sebastián spent the night of the wake mourning the loss of the slave.

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