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MEGA or the submerged city
2018.10.03 - 20:48:12

To the northwest of Cabo de San Antonio, at the westernmost tip of Cuba, a submarine depression, approximately 700 meters deep, is a source of legends and scientific research. ... more >>
The thread of destiny
2018.09.20 - 10:26:22

Sometimes it is inevitable, said Gabriel García Márquez, that the smell of bitter almonds reminds us of the fate of the unhappy loves. ... more >>
Sweet mangoes after a kidnapping
2018.09.13 - 18:12:00

In India, the mango is much venerated. That is why it is considered to be a transformation of Prajapati, Lord of the Creatures, a deity that presides over procreation. In western culture, this fruit is also linked to myths and legends. Such is the case of Cuba and its mangoes from El Caney, in the east of the country. ... more >>
Rainbow. Mother’s love and betrayal
2018.09.06 - 20:53:08

The beautiful Iasá was the admiration of many inside and outside the Cashinahua tribe, in Brazil, thousands of years ago. ... more >>
Does anyone want a consultation with Doctor Jorrín?
2018.08.27 - 18:35:17

Manuel Delgado Jorrín came to Remedios approximately in the 20s of the last century. The house he occupied was an immense colonial house, which was located at the end of San Simón Street (today Fé del Valle). At that time, it was a gloomy, mournful building, surrounded by a stone wall and a vine that impeded the visibility of passers-by. The Doctor only left there at night, in his horse carriage, with all the silence and discretion possible. ... more >>
Ganesha, an elephant head
2018.08.20 - 16:34:27

In India, Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, is considered to be the most intelligent of all deities. Writers, merchants, entrepreneurs ... all worship his powers to grant wealth and prosperity to those who deserve them, as rewards for the work they do. ... more >>
Thanks for the fire, Tlacuache
2018.08.15 - 19:31:51

Since time immemorial, the fire has been a motivation for myths and legends. In Greece, many related it to Prometheus, Titan son of Iapetus and Clymene; the Celts believed in Brigit, goddess of fire, of art, poetry, and earth; Maori Indians designated Maui as a hero for teaching them the art of fire; while in Sudan they venerate Ture for having given this element to men. ... more >>
Kitezh, from opera to legend and vice versa
2018.08.12 - 08:28:47

The creation of this opera in four acts concluded in 1905 and its premiere was at the Mariinski Theater in St. Petersburg, in February 1907. ... more >>
Corn in American essences
2018.08.11 - 12:01:35

Corn is a food eaten in many parts of the world, but it is native to the American continent. For centuries, it has been linked to culinary culture and the legends of our lands. ... more >>
The Marquis of Guaimaro and the cursed gold
2018.08.11 - 11:08:11

In 1827, the Guáimaro sugar mill achieved the largest harvest of the year worldwide. That entire productive framework was owned by the landowner José Mariano Borrell y Lemus, a Marquis of that area. ... more >>
The cross of murder
2018.07.31 - 16:49:13

When arriving at Villa Clara, on the River Cubanicay (formerly known as Arroyo del Monte), the visitor will be able to appreciate a bridge of legend. It is not its construction itself that is the object of popular voices, but the cross that has as a standard at one end. ... more >>
What is the origin of the Nile River?
2018.07.30 - 14:20:53

The Nile River, which is over six thousand kilometers of extension, is the largest in the African continent and is an inseparable part of the history of humanity due to its influence on the development of various civilizations for centuries. ... more >>

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