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What is the origin of the Nile River?
2018.07.30 - 14:20:53

The Nile River, which is over six thousand kilometers of extension, is the largest in the African continent and is an inseparable part of the history of humanity due to its influence on the development of various civilizations for centuries. ... more >>
The monkeys, Rosalía and her estate in Havana
2018.07.05 - 22:48:25

The so-called Finca de Los Monos, in Havana, attracts a lot of attention today for its peculiar architecture, but perhaps few know that its name comes from legends and popular stories that spread about its owner Rosalía González-Abreu Arencibia, who inherited it when her father died. ... more >>
Caibarién and the spirits that protect nature
2018.06.26 - 16:29:12

The so-called Villa Blanca de Cuba will turn 186 years on October 26. It was in 1832 when it was founded under the name of Colonia de Vives, with only a little more than 42 hectares of land. Nevertheless, since its inception it had its peculiarities thanks to its wide streets that flow into the coast, a structure different from the traditional distribution of villages known as "plaza de indias." ... more >>
Teotihuacán between the Sun and the Moon
2018.06.16 - 11:37:03

In 1988, the mythological city of Teotihuacán received the title of Historical Heritage of Humanity granted by UNESCO, however, since the time of the European conquest of America documents that support the symbolism of this territory are preserved. ... more >>
César Portillo de la Luz: sensitivity turned into a song
2018.06.05 - 16:34:29

Nine decades lasted the admirable life of César, but after his departure on May 4, 2013, we were left with his essence, as summarized by Marta Valdés in one of the many texts that he dedicated: "His greatest pride is not having been sung and orchestrated by the most famous, but that of having been able to reach that part of the human being that does not recognize more differences than those that sensitivity can generate." ... more >>
Will Santiago de Cuba sink?
2018.05.17 - 15:33:24

Santiago de Cuba is one of the provinces of our country that most often suffers seismic events. According to research, this has happened since time immemorial: the press refers to floods, penetrations of the sea and strong earthquakes that left the region devastated. ... more >>
The bufeo colorado without a hat
2018.05.10 - 13:17:04

They say that, in the northeast of Peru, at the entrance to the city of Iquitos, an attractive sculpture of a pink dolphin receives all visitors. From there you can feel the breezes of the Amazon and in that same town there will be those who tell the legend of the "bufeo colorado". ... more >>
The Tatagua and guao plants
2018.04.30 - 14:22:16

On April 22, 1819, French settlers under the command of Luis De Clouet founded the city of Cienfuegos on the shores of the Jagua Bay. That environment charmingly grew and today shows the world an incomparable beauty, which has already been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). ... more >>
Nuremberg: beer, castles and celestial shows
2018.04.28 - 13:27:30

During the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was the capital of the Sacred Roman Germanic Empire. There the imperial insignia were sheltered and official events were held with the emperor. ... more >>
Havana, all the answers
2018.04.15 - 12:26:28

Approximately one hundred meters from the National Capitol of Cuba, passers-by can appreciate the Fountain of India or the Noble Havana, an emblematic sculpture that summarizes part of the history of the city. ... more >>
A ghost, lover and mother
2018.04.11 - 16:32:25

One of the best known legends in Japan is the one corresponding to Yuki-onna or Lady of the Snow: a beautiful woman with very pale white skin. They say that thanks to these characteristics she wanders like a ghost through the snowy fields and takes advantage of the solitude of the walkers. ... more >>
The alligator man: love or witchcraft?
2018.04.06 - 15:49:23

The legend of the alligator man belongs to the Colombian folklore and has served as inspiration to several generations of artists and inhabitants of the Magdalena river basin. ... more >>

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