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If you want to return to Camagüey
2017.07.26 - 10:12:55

One of the most iconic elements of Camagüey contains in itself several enigmas. What happens to the person who drinks water from a tinajón (an earthenware jar)? ... more >>
Carlos Gardel is waiting for you at La Chacarita
2017.07.10 - 15:35:02

Although Carlos Gardel died when he was only 45 years old, his lifetime and tangos were enough to create great privileges: in Argentina he is considered to be one of the two most famous deceased miracles of the cemetery to the west of the City of Buenos Aires, a place known as La Chacarita. ... more >>
A woman cries without consolation in Latin America
2017.07.04 - 12:04:23

The popular voices will tell the misfortune of a woman who, feeling cheated or mistreated by her husband, killed her children as revenge. How much sorrow will accompany her spirit? How much pity and shame of herself...? ... more >>
Guanahacabibes, where the treasure of Mérida is hidden
2017.06.28 - 11:33:54

The life-size gold crucifix, five barrels of jewels, and jars full of coins must be hidden somewhere... Maybe in a cave or more to the west ... Maybe you have to walk south of the peninsula or go north, by the Cajon cove. People look for the treasure on the mainland and others say that riches were shipwrecked in the very ships that moved them, centuries ago. ... more >>
Do you want to see the face of the Veiled Lady?
2017.06.20 - 16:21:02

In the less illuminated streets and never before midnight, appears a slender woman in a glamorous suit and an umbrella. Generally, men are impressed with her, especially those who have already drunk enough to be unaware of their actions. ... more >>
Casilda: the port with the name of a girl
2017.06.06 - 14:22:31

the legend of the town of Casilda, with its port of loading, its bay, and the characteristic environment of fishermen’s lives, on the northwest shore of the Gulf of Ana María. ... more >>
Horacio Quiroga: the ghost of his elephant
2017.05.08 - 16:59:45

When Horacio Quiroga committed suicide he did not know that Vicente Batistessa would accompany him throughout his death. At the Hospital de Clínicas in Buenos Aires they sealed the pact, but their ghosts would go to Uruguay, to Salto, where the writer was born and to where he promised never to return. ... more >>
The Penitencia, Antoñica and the powers of water
2017.05.03 - 11:57:07

Amongst the dense vegetation of the Sierra del Infierno voices still tell the story of Los Acuáticos and many arrive to those hills, not to cure themselves with water, but rather to know its story. ... more >>
The coca: a story that Kjana-chuyma did not predict
2017.04.12 - 11:20:34

Kjana-chuyma was very old when the Spaniards arrived to American lands. They say that he was a fortune-teller and that, by order of the Inca and despite his age, he was at the service of the temple of the Island of the Sun. Perhaps Kjana-chuyma never knew, but the courage that ran through his veins was more glorious than his supposed gift to predict the future. ... more >>
The lady in blue of the Castillo de Jagua Fortress
2017.02.01 - 16:02:09

From then on, during the darkest nights, a huge bird of prey of strange and frightening appearance, began to fly over the Castillo de Jagua whirling in spirals, while it squawked. At its call, the silhouette of a tall, elegant woman, dressed in blue, jeweled and covered with a transparent veil of the same color fluttered in the air, and passed through the walls of the chapel of the castle. ... more >>
Legends of the rise of Japan
2017.01.19 - 13:38:17

Undoubtedly, Japan is, like Cuba, an archipelago full of charm for those who like history, its myths and legends. ... more >>
The Legend of Doña Beatriz
2017.01.06 - 15:36:14

In past centuries, a beautiful young woman named Beatriz lived in Mexico City, her beauty was considered by all, simply unsurpassed. ... more >>

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