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The Gruta del Palacio and the buried legend
2017.10.13 - 15:36:55

In Uruguay, 236 kilometers away from Montevideo, the capital of the country, there is an emblematic site of Latin American culture and history. Those who arrive to the Departamento de Flores can visit the Gruta del Palacio de los Indios, a rock formation that impresses with its composition: a cavern of approximately 400 square meters, of which only forty are accessible. ... more >>
The Holy Sepulcher: vestige of love
2017.10.09 - 16:14:50

The Holy Sepulcher of Camagüey originated from a love story. Two young people had fallen in love with the same woman and life made sure that only one of them survived to tell and suffer. Nevertheless, the vestige of that painful passage would be carved in silver forever. ... more >>
How does a cimarrón become a güije?
2017.09.27 - 16:01:49

For centuries these beings have disturbed the peace of the Cuban countryside and have been protagonists of entertaining stories that survive, mainly in the rural areas of the country, thanks to the oral tradition. In this sense, the journalist, writer and researcher, Samuel Feijoo, in his book Mitología cubana (1914) states that the legends of the güijes are the most abundant in the largest Antillean archipelago, and that in many parts of the country they are often called chichiricús. ... more >>
Legends from the depths of Lake Titicaca
2017.09.15 - 13:49:52

Several legends hide in the depths of Titicaca. This lake is located on the border between Bolivia and Peru, and it is the largest of both countries and the highest in the world: at 3812 meters high. ... more >>
The French tarasca returns again and again
2017.09.05 - 16:47:35

Since the 14th century, the people of the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in France have told the story of an ox-beast, six-legged bear, turtle carapace, lion’s head, and a tail with scales and sting, all in large dimensions up to twenty feet long. They called it the Tarasca and they say it was Santa Marta who confronted it. ... more >>
Senbazuru tradition: a thousand cranes that fulfill wishes
2017.08.26 - 12:14:04

Sadako Sasaki only lived 12 years. She was born on January 7, 1943 and died on October 25, 1955. Her home was near the Misasa Bridge in Hiroshima, Japan, just over a kilometer from the so-called Ground Zero: the place where the atomic bomb exploded on August 6, 1945. ... more >>
From Canimao to Guacumao: the inheritance of love
2017.08.17 - 15:11:10

The stories of many aborigines cemented the passion that characterizes Cubans to this day. Before and after the fifteenth century, the archipelago had romantic protagonists who, despite the incipient and rustic life, assumed with unequaled commitment the designs of the soul and the commandments of their gods. ... more >>
Legendary women in western Cuba
2017.08.03 - 17:21:19

Many of these legends of Guanahacabibes are linked to brave women, who suffered punishment from others or simply had the misfortune to come to the world to please male desires. ... more >>
If you want to return to Camagüey
2017.07.26 - 10:12:55

One of the most iconic elements of Camagüey contains in itself several enigmas. What happens to the person who drinks water from a tinajón (an earthenware jar)? ... more >>
Carlos Gardel is waiting for you at La Chacarita
2017.07.10 - 15:35:02

Although Carlos Gardel died when he was only 45 years old, his lifetime and tangos were enough to create great privileges: in Argentina he is considered to be one of the two most famous deceased miracles of the cemetery to the west of the City of Buenos Aires, a place known as La Chacarita. ... more >>
A woman cries without consolation in Latin America
2017.07.04 - 12:04:23

The popular voices will tell the misfortune of a woman who, feeling cheated or mistreated by her husband, killed her children as revenge. How much sorrow will accompany her spirit? How much pity and shame of herself...? ... more >>
Guanahacabibes, where the treasure of Mérida is hidden
2017.06.28 - 11:33:54

The life-size gold crucifix, five barrels of jewels, and jars full of coins must be hidden somewhere... Maybe in a cave or more to the west ... Maybe you have to walk south of the peninsula or go north, by the Cajon cove. People look for the treasure on the mainland and others say that riches were shipwrecked in the very ships that moved them, centuries ago. ... more >>

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