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The legend of the most beautiful snail in Cuba
2016.07.02 - 09:35:17

Its radiant colors light up the Cuban fields that, together with the morning dew, seem to give the illusion of a spectacle that is very similar to the rainbow. ... more >>
The legend of love that involves the Cotopaxi volcano
2016.06.21 - 16:41:59

There are many legends about volcanoes, but to relate one of them to love is something unusual. Located on the Eastern mountain range of the Republic of Ecuador, the Cotopaxi volcano stands out as one of the most feared in the world, not only for its fierceness when burning, but also for the frequency of its eruptions, and especially owing to the number of people who are annually affected by this volcano. ... more >>
The first woman who dared to wear pants
2016.06.03 - 12:26:30

The first woman who dared to wear a pair of pants in her daily life was Coco Chanel. She always criticized the strict fashion, which imprisoned comfort with eccentric hats that were loaded with animal furs, flowers and tight corsets. ... more >>
The woman who turned into a condor
2016.05.20 - 15:22:16

Legend has it that, very close to the Quilotoa volcano in Ecuador, there lived a woman who was turned into a condor by the spell of a love that seemed impossible. ... more >>
The mysteries of Chichén Itzá
2016.05.16 - 18:09:09

Those who travel through the ancient city of Chichén Itzá are struck by a unique Mayan legend, which narrates the events that left it in ruins up to the present time. ... more >>
Macorina: the first woman who drove in Cuba
2016.04.11 - 15:16:10

Watching a lady driving today may seem so normal, and you do not even notice how splendid and daring is to see them in front of a wheel. I wonder how shocking it would have been to see that young lady who drove a car for the first time in Cuba. ... more >>
Hidden in history
2016.03.17 - 06:42:07

Women are complex, fascinating and irresistible creatures. Although for centuries they were oppressed by machismo, many of them took a step forward and forged a new path. ... more >>
The sad ending of the lovers of Teruel
2016.02.11 - 14:18:19

They say that this story, which occurred in Teruel, is very similar to that of Romeo and Juliet. There are even those who think that perhaps Shakespeare was inspired by this Aragonese legend, dating from the thirteenth century, to write his play later. ... more >>

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