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Legends of the rise of Japan
2017.01.19 - 13:38:17

Undoubtedly, Japan is, like Cuba, an archipelago full of charm for those who like history, its myths and legends. ... more >>
The Legend of Doña Beatriz
2017.01.06 - 15:36:14

In past centuries, a beautiful young woman named Beatriz lived in Mexico City, her beauty was considered by all, simply unsurpassed. ... more >>
The legend about the origin of a paradisiac island: East Timor
2016.12.23 - 13:29:43

The legend about the origin of the island of Timor has much similarity with fantasies and myths of another island: Cuba, because it narrates its past of a traveling crocodile before being a firm territory. The story goes that long ago, in a very distant place, a small crocodile lived in a swamp, dreaming of becoming an imposing animal. ... more >>
Cobalt blue, a legendary color
2016.11.14 - 17:48:09

The mineral called cobalt was used for thousands of years to bring the blue color into ceramic glazing processes. Contrary to what some scholars think today, blue crystals, enamels and cobalt paintings were already used in Ancient Egypt, as has been detected in its statuary, as well as in Persian neck beads from the third millennium BC. ... more >>
The legend of the love between a sculptor and his work
2016.10.24 - 16:37:44

Art gives us beautiful love stories, and this is one of them. This takes place in Cyprus, a beautiful island in the eastern Mediterranean, the third largest after Italian Sicily and Sardinia. It is located very close to Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, in Asia Minor. ... more >>
The legend of the God of Porcelain
2016.10.17 - 18:02:43

This is the story of an artist and his work, a love story like many others. It is also the story of a quirk of power: that of a Chinese emperor who thought to be the "son of heaven", and therefore it was mandatory for his subjects to please him in all his ravings, as happened for many more centuries, millennia, in the history of that legendary country of the former Far East. ... more >>
Walking down Calle Enramadas
2016.09.26 - 17:34:09

This stanza of a popular song of the Cuban group called Son 14 is the hallmark of a beautiful avenue in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba; it is a corner of declarations of love, history, leisure and why not, sometimes, a shelter from the everyday house chores. In its nearly three centuries of existence, it has always been a faithful reflection of life of the traditional city. ... more >>
Freddie Mercury: 70 years of a legend
2016.09.19 - 09:23:20

Described by many as the best performer of all time, considered by others as the most spectacular rock singer in history or as the British Newspaper the Sun that sought to find the "ultimate rock god", and placed him at number one. Freddie Mercury, undoubtedly, is one of the most talented artists in music worldwide. ... more >>
The curse of the Pelú of Baracoa
2016.09.16 - 16:19:02

Baracoa, the first city of Cuba, has turned 505 years and even today continues to dazzle locals and visitors, not only for its natural and heritage charms, but also for its surprising treasures and ancient legends that defy the inexorable passage of time. ... more >>
The magic of Arsenio Rodríguez, the wonderful blind
2016.09.12 - 16:15:28

Arsenio intensely cultivated his musical ability and rose to become one of the greatest exponents of music in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the 50’s many of the big bands stopped being popular, but the music defended by Arsenio was brighter than ever, thanks to the unmistakable Son. ... more >>
Carlos Enríquez and the mysticism of transparencies
2016.08.24 - 18:04:56

Carlos Enríquez, who is the pride of Cuban art, is part of the so-called movement of avant-garde painters of the twentieth century, which revolutionized the aesthetic-artistic patterns of their time from the academies. ... more >>
The Yayabo Bridge, a colonial jewel that defies time
2016.08.01 - 17:02:53

The beautiful bridge that stands on the banks of the Yayabo River is the oldest of Cuba, and its years of vitality have many legends about its solid construction. ... more >>

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