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Do you want to see the face of the Veiled Lady?

Published: 2017.06.20 - 16:21:02   /  /  Laura Barrera Jerez  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Do you want to see the face of the Veiled Lady?We almost always know where ghosts come from, but not in this case. The story begins with the encounter between the living and the dead, without further ado. For the first scene there will be a dark alley, not crowded and where many dark events could happen.

When talking about the Veiled Lady only small variations in the narrative are raised, typical incongruities of popular slang. If the legend comes from 1700, no one can tell the first version of the events, let alone, if in various countries of Latin America people talk about the appearance of the same character.

However, Santiago de Guayaquil seems to be the most reliable scenario. That city is the largest and most populated of Ecuador, a center of commercial, financial, cultural and political flows.

They say that there, in the less illuminated streets and never before midnight, appears a slender woman in a glamorous suit and an umbrella. Generally, men are impressed with her, especially those who have already drunk enough to be unaware of their actions.

The Lady takes advantage of that and attracts them with a seductive scent. There will always be someone who dares to follow her because they will not be able to resist her perfume and the fragility of her feminine body wrapped in a thin, elegant black dress.

The temptation to have her will make them follow her, although they have not yet seen her face, but in short, what woman does not reserve for the most intimate moment the best profile of her beauty?

There will be those who imagine her shy. There will be those who hypnotize themselves with the pleasure of seeing her walk. There will be someone who deludes himself with her secret face.

All who have followed her were once impressed by her bearing as a brave woman who does not need to give glances to conquer anyone. The veil covers her and walks alone in those dark places. Maybe she needs company in her life, some will think. But why is she walking there, so late at night, with no more company than her sensual body and with a smell that incites them to pursue her? No one thought of that. No one understood the incoherence of her umbrella at midnight.

It is not known whether the man who accompanies her will return. The truth is that both will have a long way to tempt the most carnal desires, forget the hours, the tiredness of the journey, and the coldness of the dark night. He will feel an uncontrollable desire to possess her, she will not let him approach closer than a meter away.

They will get away from the city, from the people, from life. Thus, in slow steps, the Lady leads him to the cemetery. That man will not have the cleverness to sense the danger and the mystery of that destiny?

They will only be there face to face for the first time. But the environment does not matter, he just wants to undress her, discover her hips, and caress her slender breasts that overflow the elegance of the dress... He wants to know who she is and have her all.

The Lady will let him approach for the first time. She is ready for him to accompany her, even beyond the intimacy, but first, he must remove her veil.

Just at that moment, when their sanity concentrates on recognizing themselves, the scent of seduction will turn into an unpleasant stench. The hands that discover the woman's eyes will tremble, there is fire in them, without a glance. And the face, in a state of putrefaction, will leave the victim perplexed with panic. He will die of the fright, and he will be hypnotized after her or will return terrified to tell the story.

Back in the real world, almost nobody will believe him and everyone will end up naming him a "rogue." That is the way they call those who have gone after the Veiled Lady and have returned with the bitter story of the woman without eyes, with cadaverous odor that seduces with the mystery of her face.

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