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Freddie Mercury: 70 years of a legend

Published: 2016.09.19 - 09:23:20   /  /  Miguel Darío García Porto  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Freddie Mercury: 70 years of a legendDescribed by many as the best performer of all time, considered by others as the most spectacular rock singer in history or as the British Newspaper the Sun that sought to find the "ultimate rock god", and placed him at number one. Freddie Mercury, undoubtedly, is one of the most talented artists in music worldwide.

This September 5 the legendary rock star would have turned 70 years and his legacy and imprint continue to attract great passions, for the lead singer of the group Queen captivated several generations with his unusual dynamism, charisma, energy and overflowing wit prone to sensuality, and these qualities made him an unprecedented showman.

According to his biographers, despite having cultivated a flamboyant personality, Mercury was a shy and reserved person, especially with those who did not know well. On one occasion he revealed in an interview about his personality: "When I'm on stage I'm very outgoing, but inside I am completely different."

This outstanding artist was also a great composer, and his style includes a wide range of genres including, among others, progressive rock, heavy metal, gospel and disco music, because as he explained in an interview in 1986: "I hate doing the same all the time. I like to see what is happening right now in music, cinema and theater and try to incorporate it."

Amongst his works are some of the most beloved songs of all time; let us remember passionately one of the rock anthems "We Are the Champions", a work that has been become an ode to sports victories.

Also related to sport is his formidable creation "Barcelona", a piece that combines elements of pop music with opera and he performed with Montserrat Caballé. This was the official anthem of the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona, one year after Mercury's death.

Another important work is "Somebody to Love"; this song has a very strong influence of gospel, and his voice registers very complicated tessitura, while the choirs move the audience through its harmonious beauty. This piece was influenced by blues and jazz bands’ choirs, where a combination of voices predominates.

Likewise, for many the song "Do not stop me now" has a special place; Freddie Mercury plays the piano accompanied by Roger Taylor and John Deacon, with the drums and bass respectively.

It is particularly noteworthy that this work was chosen in 2005 by viewers of the TV program BBC "Top Gear" as "the best song to drive in history", and in 2011 it was selected by Google for its special logo (or doodle), which was created in homage to Mercury's 65th birthday.

However, many of the consulted views go beyond the lyrics, orchestration or composition itself, the famous live performances by Freddie Mercury, in which his characteristic theatrical style stands out. And he has been described by critics as "a singer who excites and charms his audience, with various extravagant versions of himself."

Perhaps one of the most remarkable live performances of Queen took place at Live Aid concert in 1985, during which the entire audience (approximately 72,000 people) cheered and sang in unison. Music experts rightly described the performance: "Those who are dedicated to creating lists of the best leading rock bands and reserve the first places to Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, amongst others, are making a terrible mistake. Freddie, for his performance at Live Aid, is the best of them."

However, the above presentation does not have the record for most audience, but this possesses the last live performance of Mercury with Queen held on August 9, 1986 at Knebworth. Four hundred fifty-seven thousand people (awesome!) attended that concert, being, even today, the "open" most massive concert in the history of music.

At the 70th birthday of Freddie Mercury, the world celebrates the life and work of this extraordinary musician by listening to his records, because the gift of freshness, talent and grace of a legend are still pounding in them.

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