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Macuiltépetl will teach you to value your poverty

Published: 2017.11.22 - 14:56:45   /  /  Laura Barrera Jerez  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Macuiltépetl will teach you to value your povertyThe Macuiltépec, Mackuiltépec or Macuiltépetl is a volcano of the city of Xalapa, in Mexico. Toponymically, its meaning is "mountain of the five cusps", although in the present time only two of them are visible. The geological structure has a conical shape and a slope that reaches approximately 20 degrees and dates from the Upper Pleistocene period, 30 thousand years ago. The 31 hectares around it constitute an ecological park that currently attracts many people interested in enjoying nature and knowing the secrets of the place.

In the War of Independence, the Hill of Macuiltépetl served as a refuge during the Perote-Puerto de Veracruz journey. The starting point of the first telegraph line of the state was installed there. As early as 1886, it was erected as a military fort and in 1922, the benefactor of the city and president of the Chamber of Commerce of the area built a road for cars.

Due to the diversity of its flora and fauna, in 1978, Governor Rafael Hernández Ochoa proposed to Congress that Macuiltépetl be named Ecological Park. Eleven years later, following the discovery of archaeological remains on the hill, the National Institute of Anthropology and History, together with the Universidad Veracruzana, undertook research on such findings. Back in 2010, the Macuiltépetl Ecological Park was named Natural Protected Area.

According to scientific studies, 45 species of striking shrub flowers grow in this place, and amongst the predominant fruits are avocado, orange, guava and medlar.

Precisely these gifts of the nature have originated diverse stories. Therefore, it is with one of the caves of the place: access to that rocky formation is only visible once a year, every June 24 and whoever gets in and out of it will increase their fortune with the treasures they will find there.

To make the legend more interesting, they say that years ago a poor mother visited the area and took her daughter in her arms. For hours, they had been walking in those places and the woman was carrying the anguish of not having the resources to feed her offspring.

When the woman sat at the foot of a tree to rest a little, she saw the entrance to a cave and decided to go in there. It was then that she discovered lots of gold coins and hidden riches in that place.

Of course, she began to pick up some of the treasure, and when there was nothing more in her arms, she decided to leave the girl to take her on a second trip.

She carried some of her find, ran through the mountains, and believed that her strength would be enough to return repeatedly until there was no abandoned coin; she had the faith that from that moment on she would be a rich and powerful person...

However, upon returning on her second attempt, she did not find the entrance to the cave. They say that since then, the woman went daily in search of her daughter.

However, she had to wait until next June 24. The following year, the woman was able to enter the grotto again and there she saw her little girl playing quietly. She took her in her arms along with other riches that she had not been able to carry in her first and only attempt. When she was already happy, she went out and faced the sun, the girl turned to dust. Her mother was apparently destined to suffer infinite poverty, even with her hands full of gold.

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