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Madre de Aguas: hypnosis of sadness

Published: 2018.12.06 - 20:19:57   /  /  Laura Barrera Jerez  /  translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez  /

Madre de Aguas: hypnosis of sadness526 years ago, the Spaniards arrived in America, but that is an event that does not deserve celebrations, it deserves to relive stories, know excesses, and suffer the penance of those who were dispossessed of their customs, rituals and lives. Our ancestors were humiliated and exterminated. Legends and myths of the continent give account of it.

Nor did they escape the punishments and sorrows that had come on the side of the conquerors, and that upon arrival they were captured by the beauty and gallantry of the aborigines.

Many passions were condemned only because they united an aboriginal and a European soul. The conquerors wanted to put racial barriers to love! And they whipped and murdered their children, and denied many the most elementary right of any human being: love.

Maybe that is why, if one day you visit Colombia, listen to the nostalgia of the Madre de Aguas. Some say it is shaped like a girl, others describe her as a beautiful girl, but all agree that she lives in the depths and when she comes to the surface, she walks with her feet turned back.

According to the legend, children are the most prone to suffer their spells: they feel that a beautiful figure calls and invite them to a palace with many staircases, adorned with gold and precious stones.

It would seem that she is a castaway spirit. However, more than the sinking of her ship or disorientation in the depths, the Madre de Aguas became a legend because of her father's brutality.

The popular voices tell that, in the early days of the conquest, along the Magdalena River, a cacique stood out for his bravery and beautiful form. The soldiers came to him and tried to subdue him, but they did not get a single answer, not a bit of submission. The conqueror, indignant at such rebellious attitude, ordered that the cacique be bound and lashed until he confessed where the riches of his tribe were hidden.

However, the story had another character: the beautiful young daughter of the Spaniard who became the protagonist because love surprised her. She begged his father's subjects to leave the prisoner alone. With her innocent and youthful gaze, she managed to make the pleas take effect.

Then she took the cacique in her arms and asked him to take her away, love her, and make her his. It was an instant passion, an attraction reciprocated by someone who was not used to such delicacy and candor.

She had blue eyes, blond hair and was barely 15 years old. He thanked the invitation to be happy and took her to the other side of the river, to the hut of a friend of his.

However, their peaceful and pleasant coexistence did not last long. They were betrayed and when her father learned of her whereabouts, he went to the place to impose his will.

The son of both was thrown into the waters, and they say that the conqueror felt shame for him. Then, the cacique died decapitated and finally the young woman, exhausted by so much violence and pain, desperately threw herself into the river, as if to recover the beings she loved the most.

Thus she drowned in her own sadness and in the madness of losing the meaning of her existence. They say that since then she became the Madre de Aguas and still walks through those places, attracting children and helpless beings, who are hypnotized by her beautiful figure.

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