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How to capture the nothing?
2017.09.15 - 13:29:02

The individual exhibition of Spanish artist Jaime de la Jara, under the suggestive title La anatomía del cero, is displayed at the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center. ... more >>
Monumento Tijeras para Cuba
2017.09.05 - 16:36:32

A new call is made by the Arte Corte Project to hairdressers and barbers from the largest Antillean archipelago and the world with the initiative Monumento Tijeras para Cuba. ... more >>
Presentation of the book El puente de coral by Hugo Luis Sánchez
2017.08.26 - 11:54:44

The book El puente de coral, a novel by Hugo Luis Sánchez, awarded with the 2008 Prize of Literary Criticism, and which was recently published by Ediciones Matanzas, was presented at the Fayad Jamís Bookstore in Old Havana. ... more >>
The children’s project La Colmenita inspires new documentary by an Argentine director
2017.08.17 - 15:05:05

The material of more than an hour delves into the history of La Colmenita and how it paradoxically arose in the context of the difficult decade of 90 in Cuba, a stage known as the special period. ... more >>
Excellent public reception obtained by Rutas y Andares app called the adolescent Martí
2017.08.03 - 17:14:18

This special tour, created jointly by the Office of the Historian of Havana and the Proyecto de Desarrollo Integral y Participativo de los Adolescentes en La Habana Vieja called ¨A más espacios adolescentes¨, has sought to bring this social sector closer to get to know historical areas in Old Havana that the young José Martí frequented. ... more >>
A route to unveil the mysteries of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica
2017.07.26 - 09:57:28

Questions like these can be answered if you attend one of the offerings of "Rutas y Andares 2017. Para descubrir en familia", which in this edition to mark the 80th anniversary of the emblematic Guernica, created by the painter Pablo Picasso, suggests an approach to one of the most famous works of Cubism. ... more >>
Superbandaclown: a hilarious play not to be missed
2017.07.14 - 13:57:52

With the purpose of connecting multiple creative, investigative, training and management experiences through the theme axis "Transits: individuals, speeches and social scenarios", inspired by the idea of theater and coexistence, the Laboratorio Internacional de Verano Traspasos Escénicos, at the University of the Arts, was held a few days ago. ... more >>
The exhibition entitled Mendive: obras del Museo Nacional opens in Mayabeque
2017.07.04 - 12:43:51

Six pieces in oils and two graphic works make up the offering of the renowned painter who, as is characteristic of his work, delves into African iconography, especially the Yoruba pantheon, which is appropriated by the artist to display new pieces that narrate pictorial myths of Cuban culture. ... more >>
The musical Cats returns with great success to the Anfiteatro of Havana
2017.06.28 - 11:39:17

This version, which is directed by Alfonso Menéndez, includes the 14 musical numbers of the original, and it is on the billboard every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ... more >>
The Belén Observatory Museum: to enter the fascinating universe of meteorology
2017.06.14 - 14:28:34

A notable urban exponent, which is distinguished in the urban landscape of Havana by its interesting baroque façade, with its various components framed by ledges and pilasters, will soon host a new institution that will capture the attention of all age groups: the Observatory Museum of the Belén Convent. ... more >>
The captivating poetic prose of Versiones by Eliseo Diego
2017.06.08 - 11:41:43

A short, captivating and poetic style characterizes the book Versiones by Eliseo Diego, published under the label Ediciones Extramuros in 2015. ... more >>
Imaginarios para la danza, a kaleidoscopic exhibition on Ricardo Reymena
2017.06.06 - 14:05:08

The exhibition Imaginarios para la danza can be cataloged as a rediscovery to a prolific designer of costume and scenery of the Cuban and universal scene, which is exhibited until July 31 at the Raúl Oliva Gallery, located in the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Complex. ... more >>

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