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Culture: center of relations between Italy and Cuba
2016.11.21 - 15:58:21

A variety of offerings are part of the broad program of the 19th Italian Culture Week, from November 21-27, which is dedicated to the great filmmaker Ettore Scola, who died last January. ... more >>
Exhibition by Jorge Luis Martínez Camilleri as a tribute to Havana
2016.11.14 - 17:33:08

Over time the capital of Cuba has been a reason for reverie and singing for national and international poets, painters, musicians and writers. ... more >>
Let the children become interested in Mozart: The Teatro El Arca
2016.11.07 - 15:15:28

Under the shadow animation technique from two overhead projectors, the staging is an attractive project for all audiences, especially for children. ... more >>
Charming Ecuadorian hats are exhibited in Havana
2016.11.04 - 14:55:06

Outstanding for their simple design, but of hard preparation, Ecuadorian straw hats are almost always pale colors and have a black ribbon on its edge. These qualities make this accessory attractive and elegant. ... more >>
Culture is a heritage of the people
2016.10.28 - 14:21:55

The extraordinary vision of Fidel surpassed the concept of culture for the masses, as an essential element to preserve the independence, sovereignty and self-determination of a nation attached to its roots, traditions, customs, which are nothing more than the intrinsic reflection of a truly national identity. ... more >>
The world supports Cuba against the blockade
2016.10.26 - 14:52:19

For the first time not a single country voted against the resolution to end the genocidal policy imposed on Cuba by the U.S. government. The result of the vote - 191 in favor and two abstentions – is a triumph of the heroic resistance of the Cuban people. ... more >>
Camerata Romeu will perform at the Heitor Villa-Lobos Festival in Brazil
2016.10.24 - 16:25:45

The 54th annual Heitor Villa-Lobos Festival - recognized as the best and longest of Brazilian music - will include the performance of a Cuban group: The Camerata Romeu, led by maestro Zenaida Romeu. ... more >>
Exhibition "La Espiral Eterna", a visual tribute to the music of Leo Brouwer
2016.10.24 - 16:15:41

As a prelude to the World Countertenor Festival, which started last September 30 up to October 8 under the auspices of the Leo Brouwer Office, the collective exhibition entitled ‘La Espiral Eterna’ is shown at the Museo de Arte Sacro of the Basílica Menor of the Convento San Francisco de Asís. ... more >>
The Danza Fragmentada Company: 23 years merging choreographic languages
2016.10.21 - 15:24:26

October will bring a new season to the Danza Fragmentada Company, which celebrates its 23 years defending a repertoire that fuses the contemporary languages of dance with the extraordinary folk tradition of its city, Guantánamo. ... more >>
The Asociación Hermanos Saiz Celebrates its 30th anniversary
2016.10.17 - 17:49:48

The Asociación Hermanos Saiz (AHS) will celebrate its 30th anniversary with great national events between October 10-23, where a homage will be paid to members of honor and their legacy will also be recognized. ... more >>
Members of the Acosta Danza perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London
2016.10.05 - 17:02:10

The duo of Cuban dancers made up of Gabriela Lugo and Luis Valle, who are members of the Acosta Danza Company, will be part of the show "Carlos Acosta: The Classical Farewell", which will perform from October 3 to 7 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Lester Vila, the press director of the Cuban company, reported to Radio Enciclopedia. ... more >>
The Cuban Academy of Language: 90 years defending our language
2016.10.05 - 16:55:25

"The Cuban Academy of Language will turn 90 years. It was founded on May 19, 1926 and began its sessions on October 2. That day its eighteen members elected intellectual Enrique José Varona as the first director," - said Dr. Rogelio Rodríguez Coronel, who is the current director of the institution. ... more >>

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