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Cuba and Panama united in art
2017.03.15 - 16:12:17

The artists Rafael Villares and Miguel Lombardo, from Cuba and Panama, respectively, started the first stage of the project Programa de conexión internacional 01, a theoretical and practical research whereby both creators stayed until February 22 in the mountainous area of Panama, in direct contact with nature. ... more >>
Sacred music is twinned with American, German and Cuban people
2017.03.06 - 17:58:21

With a diverse repertoire of sacred choir and important Cuban and foreign personalities, the 4th Week of Sacred Music of Havana was held, in which liturgy and religious music converge from ceremonial and concert areas. ... more >>
Delight in the gentle sound of the oboe and the baroque bassoon
2017.03.02 - 10:59:49

The performance of the Zefiro Ensemble, conducted by Italian Maestro-oboe player Alfredo Bernardini, closed the XII Annual Esteban Salas Early Music Festival. ... more >>
Tribute is paid to Fidel s thoughts at the International Book Fair
2017.02.21 - 11:50:42

The discussion entitled "Fidel, politics and culture" was held at the Nicolás Guillén Hall of San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress and culminated in a keynote speech by Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler titled "Humanism in Fidel and his legacy." ... more >>
Canadian writer Margaret Atwood presents books in Cuba
2017.02.17 - 16:49:59

This famous author participated in the XXVI International Book Fair Cuba 2017 and shared three of her texts with Cuban readers. ... more >>
Diana, Diosa de la Caza y el Deseo in Decorative Arts
2017.02.13 - 16:41:11

A new invitation is offered by the National Museum of Decorative Arts of Havana with its title Diana – Diosa de la Caza y el Deseo (Goddess of Hunting and Desire), in its exhibition of the month of January. ... more >>
An unforgettable zarzuela returns to the Cuban stage: Cecilia Valdés
2017.02.01 - 15:56:43

The Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso is soon to host the revival of "Cecilia Valdés", a piece based on the homonymous novel by Cirilo Villaverde and music by Gonzalo Roig. ... more >>
Caribe Nostrum: a record to unravel the mystery of Guido López-Gavilán
2017.01.30 - 16:36:54

The album "Caribe Nostrum" is a tour through the creations of Guido López-Gavilán seen from different times; it has been produced and performed jointly by the La Ceiba and Colibrí Record Companies, and it stands out for the excellence in its recording and the aesthetic beauty of its proposal as a whole. ... more >>
Revisiting Pablo Neruda through Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín
2017.01.27 - 15:26:56

The greatest success of this feature film is to return to a life widely revisited by film and literature through a fresh and innovative look, qualities that make us realize that the issues are not exhausted when there is ingenuity and talent. ... more >>
Julio Travieso Serrano, special guest to Páginas Inéditas
2017.01.23 - 13:05:22

The first meeting of Páginas Inéditas in 2017, which is a monthly program led by journalist and critic Fernando Rodríguez Sosa, opened its agenda on Thursday, January 12 with a special guest: the narrator and translator Julio Travieso Serrano. ... more >>
The Trio Alter Ego prepares a new record production
2016.12.30 - 13:04:27

The trio of strings Alter Ego - a single small format compilation of its kind in Cuba - recently recorded its fourth album under the EGREM record company, and according to the director of the group, Diego Santiago, it will be entitled ’Vuelta atrás’. ... more >>
Exhibition by Moisés Finalé: an invitation to levitate in Havana
2016.12.28 - 14:23:43

Moisés Finalé proposes a look at the near past and the present of his work, with his most recent exhibition entitled ‘Levitation’ that is exhibited at the Orígenes Galería, which is part of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property, and that will be open to the public until Sunday, January 23. ... more >>

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