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Echoes of the 5th Sacred Music Week in Havana
2018.05.10 - 14:54:43

The Sacred Music Week (SMW) in Havana has celebrated its fifth edition at the beginning of March in the Historic Center of the city, with a positive effect for the Cuban culture and the heritage of the nation, since it is a necessary space where it deepens in the sonorous mysteries of all times. ... more >>
More than six million Cubans march island-wide this May Day
2018.05.01 - 17:26:45

In Havana, nearly marched in the Plaza de la Revolucion, and it is estimated that more than six million people nation-wide took part in labor-related marches and functions. ... more >>
Jazz lands in St. Petersburg to celebrate with the highest caliber
2018.04.30 - 14:06:45

The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) announced that the world celebration for the International Jazz Day in 2018 will have its headquarters in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, and it will take its collateral activities to more than 190 countries in the world. ... more >>
Premiere of the film Club de jazz by Esteban Insausti
2018.04.28 - 13:11:38

The Cuban filmmaker Esteban Insausti chose "Club de jazz", a film based on music that has as a backdrop universal and old conflicts such as envy, to return to movie theaters after eight years. ... more >>
Guitars of the world in Havana
2018.04.23 - 15:59:00

Guitars from the world over will be played April 22/29 as the 25th International Guitar Festival and Competition get underway in the Cuban capital. ... more >>
Miguel Díaz-Canel: I assume this responsibility with the conviction that all we revolutionaries will be faithful to Fidel and Raúl
2018.04.19 - 14:40:21

On the morning of April 19, a historic date on which not only is the first defeat of Yankee imperialism in the Americas commemorated, but Cuba also sees the inauguration of a new government that makes evident the continuity of the new generations with the legacy of the historic generation that founded the Cuban Revolution in the highest leadership positions of the country ... more >>
The Palomas Project: Mujeres, de la basura al bienestar
2018.04.15 - 12:33:36

The presentation of the most recent documentary of the Palomas Project, at the Fresa y Chocolate Cultural Center, became a space for reflection. Mujeres, de la basura al bienestar is an audiovisual production directed by Lizette Vila and Ingrid León, which delves into multiple problems of our feminine, collective and environmental reality. ... more >>
The opera La serva padrona was premiered in Havana
2018.04.11 - 16:44:11

The opera buffa “La serva padrona”, by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, was premiered at the Hispano-American Cultural Center in Havana. ... more >>
Mexican Embassy recognizes Cuban creators
2018.04.05 - 18:47:05

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, and with the initiative of the Embassy of Mexico in Cuba at the San Gerónimo University College in Havana, several awards were given to women of Cuban culture whose artistic, cultural and social activism production have translated into benefits for their country, transcending the borders of their homeland as well. ... more >>
“La serva padrona”, a fun opera at the Festival Invierno Barroco in Matanzas
2018.03.22 - 19:09:19

As part of the Festival Invierno Barroco that was held in the city of Matanzas, the opera "La serva padrona" by the Italian composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was presented. ... more >>
Che Guevara, Cubans welcomed him as a son
2018.03.22 - 18:57:54

On February 7, 1959, Ernesto Che Guevara was declared a Cuban citizen by birth, a condition that had only been granted to Generalísimo Máximo Gómez Báez, born in Baní, Dominican Republic, in 1836. ... more >>
Significant literary offers about music at the Havana Book Fair
2018.03.16 - 16:58:58

The Center for Research and Development of Cuban Music (CIDMUC), which is part of the Institute of Music, reserves an important catalog for the XXVII annual edition of the International Book Fair. ... more >>

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