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The Asociación Hermanos Saiz Celebrates its 30th anniversary
2016.10.17 - 17:49:48

The Asociación Hermanos Saiz (AHS) will celebrate its 30th anniversary with great national events between October 10-23, where a homage will be paid to members of honor and their legacy will also be recognized. ... more >>
Members of the Acosta Danza perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London
2016.10.05 - 17:02:10

The duo of Cuban dancers made up of Gabriela Lugo and Luis Valle, who are members of the Acosta Danza Company, will be part of the show "Carlos Acosta: The Classical Farewell", which will perform from October 3 to 7 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Lester Vila, the press director of the Cuban company, reported to Radio Enciclopedia. ... more >>
The Cuban Academy of Language: 90 years defending our language
2016.10.05 - 16:55:25

"The Cuban Academy of Language will turn 90 years. It was founded on May 19, 1926 and began its sessions on October 2. That day its eighteen members elected intellectual Enrique José Varona as the first director," - said Dr. Rogelio Rodríguez Coronel, who is the current director of the institution. ... more >>
Towards the 32nd International Edition of the 2016 Jazz Plaza Festival
2016.10.04 - 09:19:19

The confluence of different generations of Cuban and foreign jazz musicians will be one of the distinctions in the 32nd International Edition of the 2016 Jazz Plaza Festival, which is amongst the most significant events of this genre in Latin America and the Caribbean. ... more >>
A formidable program of the Endedans Ballet at the Martí Theater
2016.10.04 - 09:03:01

Invited by the City Historian Office of Havana, the contemporary Endedans ballet company performed at the Martí Theater last September 16, 17 and 18 at the usual hours of the venue. The company performed a premiere program that was specially designed by the renowned Cuban choreographer Pedro Ruiz. ... more >>
A tribute to Lezama Lima from dance in Havana
2016.10.03 - 11:58:39

With this worldview, the Rosario Cárdenas Company presented the show Antología danzaria. Lezama Lima en la obra de Rosario Cárdenas at the Mella Theater. ... more >>
The Countertenor World Festival is coming soon
2016.09.29 - 10:23:52

Definitely the passion for countertenor voice determined that musicologist Isabelle Hernández carried out this festival in Havana, which promoted this type of male register in the world. ... more >>
La novela de mi vida by Leonardo Padura toreprint
2016.09.16 - 16:24:26

‘La novela de mi vida’ by Leonardo Padura will be reprinted this year. With an integral vision and excellent narration, this work reveals the romantic life of Cuban poet José María Heredia from his questions and concerns. ... more >>
Women: Light and Passion at the Radio Enciclopedia Gallery
2016.09.12 - 16:01:46

Femininity is one of the characteristics that distinguishes Radio Enciclopedia within the Cuban and universal radio spectrum. Perhaps for this reason, visual artist Jesús Álvarez Ferrer (Jealfe) decided to exhibit his works at the gallery of our radio station. ... more >>
The Castillo de Atarés: an excellent overlook of the oldest area of Havana
2016.08.24 - 15:44:15

The City Historian Office of Havana has recently began the process of restoration of the Castillo de Atarés, which is a military fortress that integrates the defensive system of Havana, built by the Spanish to protect the city in the eighteenth century. ... more >>
The exhibition entitled Cardinales: a reflection on the roots
2016.08.22 - 15:30:53

This solo exhibition will be open until August 29 in the transient room on level 3 at the Cuban Art Building. The curatorship is by art critic Hortensia Montero. ... more >>
After the intimate face of the exhibition Cuba iluminada
2016.07.28 - 15:09:47

These days the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, located in the Plaza Vieja, displays the exhibition Cuba iluminada by Spanish photographer Héctor Garrido, in which the artist captures the spirit of some of the most important figures of culture, arts, society, science and sport on the island. ... more >>

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