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Join the Rutas y Andares Program to celebrate Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday
2016.07.27 - 11:26:40

This summer the Rutas y Andares Program returns with renewed vigor and a series of offerings you can enjoy withyour whole family. TheOffice of the City Historian, in its 16th annual edition, offers a number of visits and tours amongst which stand out: the special tour of sites linked to the life of President Fidel Castro, and with which this program will celebrate the 90th birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution. ... more >>
Notable presence of the Genesis Gallery in Feria Arte en La Rampa
2016.07.25 - 09:54:49

The offerings of Feria Arte en La Rampa become an excellent choice for the Cuban family every summer, because the audience does not only enjoy cultural activities, but also buy products that are distinguished by their good quality. ... more >>
Presentation of English edition of the book “Hemingway, ese desconocido”
2016.07.20 - 15:25:58

From a thorough research marked by a genuine literary spirit the book ‘Hemingway, ese desconocido’, by Enrique Cirules, unravels unpublished passages of the presence of the author of The Old Man and the Sea in Cuba. ... more >>
Cuban Folklore Company to perform in international events
2016.07.18 - 14:48:24

A renowned dance group - the Camagua Folklore Company, which will perform these days in Havana, takes a tour through several significant international folklore festivals in Europe this week. ... more >>
Exhibition by American photographer captures the energy and dedication of Cuban musicians
2016.07.16 - 18:46:17

The exhibition entitled ‘Una noche: imágenes de la vanguardia musical cubana’, by documentary photographer and journalist American Mike Magers, is a possibility to get into one of those approaches to the music map. This will be open at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) throughout the month of July. ... more >>
Popular traditions and contemporaneity in the IV Annual Peruvian Culture Week in Havana
2016.07.12 - 14:40:00

Peruvian literature and art have much to offer in the panorama of Latin America and the Caribbean, and within it in the biggest archipelago of the Antilles. ... more >>
First International Congress of Esthetics, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine held in Cuba
2016.07.02 - 09:23:22

The First International Congress of Esthetics, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine will be held at the International Conference Center in Havana from June 30 to July 3. ... more >>
Exhibition on Cuba to open in Rome
2016.06.23 - 17:59:14

Inspired by Exhibition on Cuba, the idiosyncrasies of its people and the revolutionary process, Italian journalist and photographer Luciano del Castillo drew his itinerary from Rome to travel to Havana, aiming to share, feel and reflect a reality through his lens. Everyday scenes, feelings and the spirit of a nation are shown in a visual dialogue as a result of his recent visit. ... more >>
The charm and beauty of Czech porcelains at a Havana institution
2016.06.21 - 16:51:37

These days the Museo de Artes Decorativas displays a beautiful exhibition entitled ’’Royal Dutch: una cerámica con estilo propio’’, which brings together a set of Czech porcelains. ... more >>
A workshop in Cuba to train dance critics
2016.06.16 - 14:49:31

Looking for similar qualities for future practitioners of criticism in Cuba, the Taller Danza, they write about it, is held in recent weeks at the Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura, which is taught by the journalist and cultural critic Mayté Madruga Hernandez. ... more >>
Announcement of
2016.06.12 - 09:12:56

The Community Service BiblioSIDA of the National Medical Library of Cuba invites all Cubans to participate in the Contest of Drawing and Comic entitled "Una esperanza de vida". ... more >>
For citizen security and internal order
2016.06.08 - 11:24:02

When the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) in Cuba is celebrated, we not only remember those men who from their workplaces ensure safety and order in the country, but also all those - who even without revealing their identity, give their lives in defense of our people. ... more >>

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