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The Cuban Film Habanastation Receives Prize in Argentinean Festival
2012.09.13 - 15:35:40

The Cuban film Habanastation (2011) received the prize “Barrilete de Oro” given to the best feature film at the “Nueva Mirada” International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Argentina. ... more >>
Cubans commemorate 30th anniversary of Lam’s death
2012.09.12 - 14:29:19

One of the most universal artists of the 20th century died 30 years ago, but Cubans and the world still remember him dearly for his arts, Cuban spirit and universality. ... more >>
French-Cuban and Caribbean Studies Chair is Created in Santiago de Cuba
2012.09.10 - 19:51:10

Jean Lamore, professor emeritus of the Bordeaux University in France and honorary president of the cathedra, stated that this is a tool to bring together the work of Cuban, Caribbean, French-Canadian and European researchers enthusiastic about this subject. ... more >>
Tribute in Nicaragua to Cuban Troubadour Sara Gonzalez
2012.09.10 - 19:49:16

Cuban singer-songwriter Marta Campos began a tour of Nicaragua, with a first concert at the Ranchon Tropical in Managua, in honor of troubadour Sara Gonzalez (1951-2012), an emblematic figure of the island’s New Song Movement. ... more >>
Books by Fidel Castro on Exhibit at Moscow’s Book Fair
2012.09.09 - 10:54:04

Books published in Russian language by Revolution leader Fidel Castro, on his life and work, are exhibited at the 25th International Book Exhibition and Fair in Moscow. ... more >>
Che Guevara’s Snapshots to be Exhibited in China
2012.09.07 - 14:57:05

A collection of more than 200 snapshots captured by Che Guevara´s lens entitled “Che Fotógrafo” will be exhibited from tomorrow on in the Three Shadows Photographic Arts Center of Beijing. ... more >>
Alicia Alonso in Rome to Receive Prize
2012.09.06 - 19:32:55

Prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, director of Cuba’s National Ballet Company, was received on Wednesday by authorities of Italy, where she will be given on Saturday the 2012 Leonide Massine Prize for her artistic career. ... more >>
La Voz de Cabaiguan Station Celebrates its 8th Anniversary
2012.09.06 - 19:26:15

The station broadcasts everyday events in this municipality and constitutes a cultural and educational institution forming human values in the territory. ... more >>
Cuban Visually Impaired Youths back to their Classrooms
2012.09.04 - 15:26:53

Over 2 000 visually impaired students in Cuba returned to their classrooms for the new school year in different educational levels, including university. ... more >>
Japanese Director to Conduct Cuban National Symphony Orchestra
2012.09.02 - 20:55:13

Renowned Japanese director Yoshikazu Fukumura will conduct the National Symphony Orchestra for five consecutive Sundays, starting on September 9th, in the Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater in Havana City. ... more >>
Liuba María Hevia: the other name of tango
2012.08.31 - 20:55:12

The latest album by famous Cuban singer songwriter Liuba María Hevia entitled Naranjo en Flor will be presented next 1st of September at Havana´s Mella Theatre. This record has been produced by the City Historian Office record label La Ceiba. ... more >>
Paulito FG will celebrate his artistic life 25 anniversary at the Karl Marx
2012.08.31 - 20:51:46

The summer came to an end and the Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (EGREM) tries to give a long lasting memory of this summer end. Is there anything better to give a farewell to the summer than Paulo FG?. I think only a few options can exceed this. ... more >>

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